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Download File (771.42 KB)
771.42 KB
Great SP Campaign
Great SP Campaign
by Korolek
- 8 0 5
Download File (428.83 KB)
428.83 KB
SP campaign
You have to build a temple complex in the name of the Buddha! / Вам предстоит построить храмовый комплекс во имя Будды!
by Korolek
- 33 0 0
Download File (391.51 KB)
391.51 KB
The Shaman of Yin Oasis - Singleplayer Campaign
In the waning years of the Tang dynasty, your mission is to build a new city at a desert oasis. You must tread lightly to appease the feared Shaman who already dwells there! A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
5.0 (2)
307 0 6
Download File (14.1 KB)
14.1 KB
Emperor of China (Rise of The Dragon)
2 scenarios in 1 campaign (1. Rise of The Dragon, 2.Emperor of China), very heavy in military and building. Enemy armies have heroes! Build all the Grand Monuments. No time limit, humid enormous map with all resources available.
by barge_3
- 186 0 1
Download File (186.51 KB)
186.51 KB
A single map campaign. Fend off the nomads long enough to complete construction of the Great Wall. This map features 4 Monuments and periodic requests (food, weapons, military) by your allies.
by barge_3
- 125 0 0
Download File (1.9 MB)
1.9 MB
A Xia's Diary IV - Singleplayer Campaign
Your own diary entries will chronicle your adventures as a Xia in 13th century Annam (ancient Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos). Embark on an epic journey of 10 missions and 5 custom maps. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
- 684 0 1
Download File (878.83 KB)
878.83 KB
Ewok Overloads take China
highly modded campaign with many game mechanics changes
by user3
- 123 0 0
Download File (300.83 KB)
300.83 KB
bronze to iron transition experiment
The campaign is an experimental look at transitional buildings.
by user3
- 85 0 0
Download File (407.96 KB)
407.96 KB
Tale of the Kitchen God - Singleplayer Campaign
Your fate will become entwined with the origin of the Kitchen God in this campaign set during the early Han dynasty. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
- 351 0 2
Download File (2.88 MB)
2.88 MB
Chronicles of Wei
Japan mod v2.1
by Armel
- 280 0 21
Download File (218.39 KB)
218.39 KB
Sun Tzu - The Art of War - Singleplayer Campaign
Learn the Art of War from Sun Tzu himself, in this military-oriented campaign set during the late Spring and Autumn period. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
- 417 0 0
Download File (2.7 MB)
2.7 MB
A Xia's Diary III - Singleplayer Campaign
Your own diary entries will chronicle your adventures as a Xia during the Three Kingdoms period. Embark on an epic journey of 10 missions and 8 custom maps. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
- 579 0 0
Download File (433.63 KB)
433.63 KB
Hero of Wudang Mountain - Singleplayer Campaign
Wudang monastery is caught in the path of Kublai Khan's final destruction of the Song dynasty in the late 13th century CE. Can you ensure the monastery's survival? Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
- 771 0 0
Download File (1.05 MB)
1.05 MB
Enemies of the North
A hard military campaign focusing on the reunification of China under the Song.
by Sajuuk
4.2 (1)
703 0 2
Download File (404.46 KB)
404.46 KB
Legend of the Xiong Lovers - Singleplayer Campaign
Amid the chaos of the An Lushan rebellion comes a tragic love story told in the style of the great Chinese romantic legends. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
4.3 (2)
581 0 10
Download File (148.99 KB)
148.99 KB
My Water Trade Test pak
Just for fun Campaign
by user3
- 281 0 0
Download File (300.03 KB)
300.03 KB
The Imperial Forbidden City - Singleplayer Campaign
Undertake the construction of the famous Forbidden City! A fun campaign for builders of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
- 1144 1 4
Download File (1.04 MB)
1.04 MB
Power of the Tang
A custom campaign with 5 missions, covering a fictitional period of time of the Tang Dynasty. Current version: 1.0.3
by Sajuuk
4.0 (1)
704 0 26
Download File (392.53 KB)
392.53 KB
The Golden Era
This is a fictitious story. It is a Golden Era of peace and prosperity. You will build Songzhou, the ultimate "elite" city. Perfect Feng Shui possible.
by Niels Dutka
- 1415 0 0
Download File (4.34 MB)
4.34 MB
The Path
"The Path" is a fictitious story in which you develop the nation of China by following the path dictated by the gods/heroes. Perfect Feng Shui possible in most missions.
by nielsdutka
2.6 (1)
957 0 7

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