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Download File (433.32 KB)
433.32 KB
Birth of the Trieu Dynasty - Singleplayer Campaign
Relive the career of general Zhao Tuo, who founded the Trieu Dynasty of Nanyue (ancient Vietnam).
by Gweilo2
4.1 (4)
3760 1 9
Download File (1.05 MB)
1.05 MB
Enemies of the North
A hard military campaign focusing on the reunification of China under the Song.
by Sajuuk
4.2 (1)
849 0 2
Download File (6.44 MB)
6.44 MB
The Ming Dynasty (complete)
Fictitious history of the Ming Dynasty. 5 campaigns, each with 4-5 missions. Perfect Feng Shui possible.
by Niels Dutka
4.2 (2)
3333 0 6
Download File (1.21 MB)
1.21 MB
Defending Bing
Build all the monuments in 6 missions. Unique custom Great Walls and Empire Map.
by RJ66
4.2 (2)
2409 0 5
Download File (475.46 KB)
475.46 KB
Shaolin Monastery - Singleplayer Campaign
Experience the Enlightenment of Chan (Zen) Buddhism as you build the famous Shaolin Monastery, in this campaign that combines history and legends.
by Gweilo2
4.2 (6)
6829 0 8
Download File (190.45 KB)
190.45 KB
The legend of Lake Tai
General, you will lead a resistance force to Lake Tai after Mongolian force took over China. Never surrender; never give up!
by h711
4.2 (2)
2291 0 6
Download File (1.54 MB)
1.54 MB
The Destiny of Cao V2- Singleplayer Campaign
Version 2 now has 8 missions and 5 custom maps. Relive the career of General Cao Cao taken from 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'.
by Gweilo2
4.2 (5)
6171 0 12
Download File (404.46 KB)
404.46 KB
Legend of the Xiong Lovers - Singleplayer Campaign
Amid the chaos of the An Lushan rebellion comes a tragic love story told in the style of the great Chinese romantic legends. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
4.3 (2)
700 0 10
Download File (415.19 KB)
415.19 KB
The Wayward Sun Wu Kong - Singleplayer Campaign
Wuxing Mountain is a place of mystery and ancient secrets. Do you dare build upon it? History meets legends in this campaign set during the early Tang dynasty. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
4.4 (2)
4059 0 6
Download File (783.41 KB)
783.41 KB
Ming General - The Annam Campaign - Singleplayer Campaign
This historical campaign recreates the Ming Dynasty's attempt to annex Annam (ancient Vietnam) in the early 15th century CE. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
4.5 (2)
4100 0 4
Download File (869.64 KB)
869.64 KB
Builder for the Great Khans - Singleplayer Campaign
This historical campaign is the sequel to "Trader for the Great Khan". Will you follow in your father's footsteps and win fame in the service of the Mongols? Adventure awaits you amid the events of 13th century China. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
4.6 (3)
4861 0 10
Download File (0.99 MB)
0.99 MB
The Warlords of Koguryo - Singleplayer Campaign
Relive the history of the Gongsun clan, who arose as feared warlords in Koguryo during the turbulent Three Kingdoms period.
by Gweilo2
4.7 (4)
5396 0 9
Download File (430.47 KB)
430.47 KB
The Legend of Xingshan - Singleplayer Campaign
You are invited to become part of the Legend of Xingshan, an original mythical tale told in the style of the great Chinese legends. A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
4.8 (1)
192 0 1
Download File (2.94 MB)
2.94 MB
A Xia's Diary II - Singleplayer Campaign
Your own diary entries will chronicle your adventures as a Xia during the "Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms" period. Embark on an epic journey of 10 missions and 9 custom maps. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
4.8 (2)
4196 0 11
Download File (908.52 KB)
908.52 KB
Servant of the White Lotus - Singleplayer Campaign
Relive the historic events of the Red Turban rebellion against the Yuan dynasty in 14th century China. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
4.9 (3)
3731 0 13
Download File (606.08 KB)
606.08 KB
Voices of the Pinfei - Singleplayer Campaign
We are the "Ladies of the Dream Chamber". We are the "Pinfei", the imperial concubines. From our own voices you will hear the story of our fate in Emperor Yongle's harem. A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
4.9 (2)
746 0 13
Download File (815.57 KB)
815.57 KB
Bandit Lord's Destiny - Singleplayer Campaign
Step back into China's bronze age and take command of a bandit gang struggling to survive during the historic final years of the Western Zhou dynasty. If you are cunning enough, you might become the Most Wanted Villian in all the Zhou lands!
by Gweilo2
4.9 (2)
3665 1 4
Download File (1.44 MB)
1.44 MB
A Xia's Diary - Singleplayer Campaign
Your own diary entries will chronicle your career as a Xia embroiled in the historic events of the late 3rd and early 2nd centuries BCE. Embark on an epic journey of 10 missions and 7 custom maps.
by Gweilo2
4.9 (3)
7372 0 14
Download File (404.43 KB)
404.43 KB
The Outcasts of Wu - Singleplayer campaign
The Black Death is ravaging the land, and the Yuan Dynasty has blamed you for it! Can you lead your outcasts to survival while being feared and hated by the entire Middle Kingdom? A sobering campaign inspired by current 21st century events.
by Gweilo2
5.0 (1)
335 0 3
Download File (391.51 KB)
391.51 KB
The Shaman of Yin Oasis - Singleplayer Campaign
In the waning years of the Tang dynasty, your mission is to build a new city at a desert oasis. You must tread lightly to appease the feared Shaman who already dwells there! A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
5.0 (2)
796 1 8

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