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The Destiny of Cao V2- Singleplayer Campaign

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File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 8
# of Cities: 5
Difficulty: Hard
Custom Maps: Yes
"A bad subject in time of peace, a hero in time of trouble".
-- a description of General Cao Cao.

Strap on your armor, then drape your ministerial robes over it. You'll need both as you immerse yourself in the turbulent Three Kingdoms period. A player relives the career of the famous Cao Cao and his generals. Designed by a history buff (and R3K junkie) who strived for as much accuracy as possible. Be sure to read the text file 'CaoV2Readme.txt' that comes in the download package. It contains installation instructions, background information, campaign designer notes, and mission hints (warning: contains spoilers).

An advanced knowledge of Emperor is not required to successfully complete this campaign, but experience in the military aspect will help. If you played
the original version of this campaign, this version 2 is a step up in challenge.

A player will build at 5 different locations - each with its own custom-made map. A total of 14 cities are available for interaction.

Missions Teasers: (Note: The first 7 missions use a 'time limit' goal, which is given in years below)

Mission 1 - 'The Fugitive' - 1 year, the year 189 CE

Mission 2 - 'The Pillars of Power' - 6 years, from 190 CE to the end of 195 CE.

Mission 3 - 'The Puppetmaster' - 3 years, from 196 CE to the end of 198 CE.

Mission 4 - 'The Battle of Guandu' - 2 years, from 199 CE to the end of 200 CE.

Mission 5 - 'Pacification of the North' - 4 years, from 201 CE to the end of 204 CE.

Mission 6 - 'Pursuit Into the Sand' - 3 years, from 205 CE to the end of 207 CE.

Mission 7 - 'Temple of the Bronze Bird' - 9 years, from 208 CE to the end of 216 CE.

Mission 8 - 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms' - no time limit, starts in 217 CE.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
there is alot different options u can use every mission. very enjoyable and replayable.

Balance: 4
all the military strength and the commonities avaidable are very well balanced. except im having a hard time in conquering 6 shield cities.

Creativity: 5
survival missions are very fun. nicely done.

Map Design: 3
too many empty space, lack of build chalenge, unlike campaigns from h711, which is quest for perfection.

Story/Instructions: 4
historically correct i think, except caocao never made it that far. and i never read anything about him fighting xiongnu, prolly just mine lack of knowledge.

Additional Comments:
military events are definately ur strongest points. there is no other campaign around that can have soo much fun with the combats.
File Author
This campaign has been here for download for over 7 months and you are the first person to take the time to rate it. Thank you, Sharog! Judging from the number and pace of its downloads I thought it might have some merit, but a designer never KNOWS for sure until someone posts feedback.

Here is some clarification to the points you made.

No rival city in this campaign is set to 6 shields on the Empire map. However, the 'military buildup' scripted event can push a city to the 6 shield level, and this occurs during the campaign. This means the cities will be hard to conquer, but not impossible. You probably noticed that you can send spies to sabotage the enemy military in this campaign, and that is VERY powerful to lower a rival cities shields before invading. When I tested this at 'very hard' I used that tactic before invading and I conquered every city in 1 or 2 attacks. (Note: designing and testing this campaign convinced me that sabotage by spies is very unbalanced; it's simply too powerful and I have disallowed it in all my custom campaigns since this one.)

I'm very glad you liked the two 'survival' missions. I was worried they would be the biggest complaint in this campaign, since they don't emphasize building. I probably spent the most time playtesting and balancing these two missions and your rating of them makes it worth it!

Sometimes players don't like the time-limit mission goal, but you seem to have had no problem with it. Interesting.

[Edited on 11/07/03 @ 11:31 AM]

Sharog the survival mission should be made even harder in my opinion :P, the one "battle of Guan Du is pretty hard cuz invasion come from 2 spot. and all i have is bunch plain cottages and 2 fort with some lame built city gate, but since in this one, invasion force has Catapult, it was kinda hard to fight. i only survived cuz i ran away with my calvary fort to the end of the map, and let their force screw around with my city till the time ran out.

and trust me, i do have probleem with time limit, sometimes i get quite anoyed :D and the idea for the first mission is very interesting, and creative.

having 1 allied city as mission goal and limit of 1 year, and this is the only mission i had to restart lol. actually, cuz that mission i have to restart the entire campaign :D.
i didnt even bother to do anything else in that one, i though it was a joke, so i sent 5000 gold to chang-an, and allied them before july, so i basicly accomplished the mission in like 3 months. but then i noticed i will comeback to that city in the last mission. "BAH" !!!, maybe add another mission goal in that mission will help, like : population of 1500 or something.

how ever the second survival mission was too soft. invasion without catapult can be turn off way too easy with fortifications. especially when they dont have enough infantry.

and i never use spies sabotage, that is bugged like hell. u can kill someone 6 shield to 1 shield with 1 spy sabotaging military, i mean seriously, there is definately something wrong with this.

nice distraction event with that GuanZhou become vulnerable event. but at that time i have spy gather info all over the place, so they told me i will get attacked with in one years time before the vulnerable event pop up, maybe u should reschedule the event abit to make it more deadly :D. how ever,
this is how i conquer a 6 shield cities. i launch invasion with Suntzu 4 infant 3 calva 1 cata. then it will get crushed for sure. depend on your luck, but i often lose half of those troops when they get back, but it will reduce rival city strength to 3 shield, then i will relaunch the invasion with 4 fresh fort army and suntzu + 4 of incomplete fort that just returned. and it will definately get Crushed as well. but it will lower rival city strength to 1 shield, and then i will be able to conquer it with 5 fort or something. but how ever there is worse cases, i launched 8 fort(i have to keep 4 fort at home to make sure they dont rebel)+ suntzu against a rival city with 6 shield, as usual i got crushed, but lost 4/3 of the troops i sent, and rival city only lost 1 shield, and he immediately become HOSTILE and triggerd 2 AI invasion, first one is actually more than 9 fort (3 chariots, 1 calvary, 3catapult, 2 infantry, 1 crossbow.) i had very difficult time to defeat this invasion with my 8 scatterd fort and 4 fresh ones even when all my army are elites. im not sure this happend in this campaign or in Yin Zheng's Vow. but it toke me 8 tries with the same save game till i finaly found a way to defeat those invasions. (i dont bribe, bribe is sign of weakness).

but hey, atleast it was fun ^^. oh yes, plz remove all the possible natural disaster event, except Drought, which does not hurt, and about the earth quake thing(not in this campaign but....), i have 5 upgraded watchtower patroling over all the things but a simple earthquake of lowest intensity even when i have nu wa summonend, it is still possible that it kills all my housing in just couple second. is that a BUG or something? i reload the same save game couple times. it looks more like Random destructive to me, sometimes it only destroy 4 houses, sometimes my entire housing block.
Sharog oh yes another thing i forgot to mention, i think it is a bug, why the hell would Cao cao's Army travel all up to Bo Hai Sea and then all his way down passing the china Coast when he tries to attack GuanZHou? shouldnt he just walk his way tru the Yellow of Yang Zi riverS? it takes more than half year even with SUNTZU. that is really tiresome cuz it takes 3-4 attempt before u can conquer it. it was really like ZZzzZZzzZZzzz, there should be an option with game speed of 200% next patch. 100% is just not fast enough :D.
File Author
Hi Sharog, thanks for the additional feedback. Let me answer your further questions about this campaign:

1. The game forces a player's armies to use the trade routes as invasion routes. I don't like it either, but that's the way it works. Since Louyang trades by sea with Guangzhou, Cao Cao's armies from Louyang must invade Guangzhou by sea (and yes I know it takes a long time!)

2. A player must use special tactics when defending against an invading army that has catapults. The best way to win is to manuever a cavalry unit behind the line of advance of the invaders, because the catapults move slow and will always be at the rear of their march. Move the flag of your cavalry unit so it outflanks the main enemy troops, then swoop in on the catapults (while they are still far from your city). Go to the 'completed cities' download link here at EH and look for 'The Fortress City of Dun'. I submitted this to illustrate this tactic in 'The Battle of Guandu' mission.

3. The earthquake in mission 8 is only intensity 2-4. The problem you are having is related to the 'very hard' difficulty level you are playing at. At the higher difficulty levels, the safety coverage of your buildings degrades very rapidly. This causes the earthquake to be much more devastating (too devastating, I think in hindsight). If you replayed that mission at the 'normal' difficulty level, you would find most of your structures did not collapse when the earthquake strikes.

4. In the mission 1 goals splash-screen text, I hint that Yuan Shao in Jinyang is also fighting against Dong Zhou. I thought that was a pretty strong hint that Jinyang might be the city most receptive to allying with Cao Cao (and it is, Jinyang has a high favor rating at the start and will accept alliance without any gifts).

5. I don't think I will be revising anything in this campaign. I have a new one I'm working on now!

Sharog any chance u can send me the campaign to "betatesT" before u release it ? ^^ i cant wait to see it.
File Author
As a matter of fact I am currently looking for playtesters for it. Send me an email at reblDOTswbell.net I will contact you when I'm ready to send out the Beta1 version of it (probably within 2 weeks). Thanks for volunteering.

BTW, you can visit another forum for Emperor discussion where I am known as 'rebl'. It's here:


[Edited on 11/22/03 @ 11:04 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This was really an enjoyable game. I had very much fun with this. I found all aspects here where it is all about in Emperor.

Balance: 4
Very good balance between the military and the building aspects!

Creativity: 5
The survival games was a very nice and creative part of the campaign.

Map Design: 4
The maps were not so difficult for the buidling aspect; but this a aspect i like because i don't like too much(sometimes nearly impossible) exploring to get the perfect harmony in Feng Shui.

Story/Instructions: 5

It is very clear that Gweilo made a very nice link to the historical aspects of that time.

Additional Comments:

Congratulations! It is very clear that you put a lot of time and effort to make this campaign. I really had a very nice time playing this campaign! Thank you for that.

File Author
Allain, thank you for taking the time to give your feedback for this campaign! I'm really glad you had fun playing it.
KnightWhoSezKnee When playing the last city the silk weavers suddenly stop receiving raw silk. This occurs about the time of the big invasion.

Is this a scripted event or some sort of game bug?
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