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Warlords of Koguryo Missions 1 & 2

Author File Description
File Details
Origin: Custom
Score: 1200
Population: 3530
Difficulty: Very Hard
Mission 1 (finished 2 years +1 month)

I choose to have 55 common housing in two blocks with a third small block for 8 elite units. The housing and supporting industries were restricted to the southeast cliffs.
Irrigated farms (1 hemp and 2 food) were placed along the river.
Military Walls were used to block the elevation change ramps to restricted invasion force movements. I know that any elevation change will prevent troop movements (not just cliffs- no offense Gweilo).
Additionally the patch "fixed" the rampaging invasion force preoccupation with farms - they ignored all farms. Not to say they would not attack if other targets were blocked-off behind gates and towers. I did not block a lot of the city off only sections that I felt were tactically required.
During the second year I started the wood/steel/weapons industries shortly before the Chang-an request for wood. 3 timber initially started with 3 steel. Placed 4 weaponsmiths and added 2 more timber (5 total).
Chang-an favor was unaffected (sympathetic/apathetic) because I finished the mission the month before getting the "thank you" message.

Mission 2 (finished 1 year + 10 months [save from August not Nov as I wasn't thinking well])

Unemployment was a concern so I started 7 stoneworks which I used for gifts and homage. Anyone wants some stone because I have WAY too much.
Added a food farm at the end of the previous mission so I started with 3 food farms and a hemp farm. I added an additional 2 hemp farms (3 total) and 2 food farms(5 total) on the northeast cliffs in the beginning of the second year.
Steel and weapons industries mission requirements were fulfilled at the end of the first year.
Somehow, I managed to get Lo-lang to accept me as an ally right after they ceased contact (same month bug?). They counted as an ally, which is why {in part} I finished the mission too soon.
I wanted my cabbage harvest before moving onto the next mission. I had planned to ally Yangzhou, Jinyang or Chang-an and was working on getting their favor up. I had opened trade and later allied with Yangzhou in November after they were "conquered" which caused the premature mission complete.

In Summary: Its possible to finish the missions too quickly :{
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Shaun, you obviously play waaaay too fast for your own good :) You are really pushing this campaign in new directions. I hope it is still providing somewhat of a challenge for you! (Actually it might take until mission 5 for that to happen.)

There must be a timing issue with the sequencing of events at Lo-lang. So let me see if I understand this correctly: First Lo-lang got conquered, then in the next month you got the message that Lo-lang went inactive, then (in that same month) you also got a message that they accepted your alliance? And from then on they appeared in the tally of your allies in the mission goal?

I think my mistake was forgeting that a 'city conquered' event would not reset their favor to 50. If it had done that, Lo-lang would not have accepted your alliance in the month just after it was conquered (regardless of whether it went inactive then or not). It seems you exploited a very narrow window of opportunity to obtain an alliance with Lo-lang that would 'stick' after they went inactive. Moral of story: you can never test a campaign too much! I seem to remember at one point during testing that I noticed favors were not being reset after a city was conquered, but I intentionally left it that way so a player could have an easier time meeting the 'allies' goal within the time limits. Perhaps that decision was a mistake (at least for Lo-lang).

At least I had scripted a 'city becomes rival' event for Chang-an, to fire as a 'mission complete'-timed event in mission 1. You finished the first mission before it became a rival during normal gameplay, and if I had not planned for that contingency you would have started mission 2 with them still allied.

So what are you doing when the invasions arrive? Bribe? Even as fast as you are playing there should be several invasions arriving. I see some red rectangles on your minimap that look like forts...please tell me you are fighting (at least a little bit)!

Edit (now at home): Ok, I've downloaded and looked at your cities. Great job, but I see a dramatic difference in your economic situation between missions 1 and 2. In mission 2 you have run your treasury into the red at -879 cash, you only have one trade partner to export silk and carved jade to (and those stockpiled raw silk are the last you'll get from Lo-lang), and you only have a tax rate of 'normal'. How far were you able to pull your treasury into the black before you completed mission 2? Did you take a bail-out loan when Yangzhou allied? Change taxes to 'outrageous'?

You like to live on the edge, and I love it. VERY gutsy move not to even send emissaries to the 3 enemy cities to keep tabs on their favor and shield levels. Risk is what this campaign is all about!

Don't keep us in suspense long, please upload your mission 3 so we can see how you pulled this out.

[Edited on 01/26/04 @ 07:00 PM]

File Author
Mission 1
I had 2 cavalry forts by the first invasion (7 troops and 5 troops) using the Admin and Palace employed only during 'pause' to place them. The Invasions were small but but the logistics of flag placment (engaging[tiger]/disengaging[turtle] troops) kept things interesting. The second wave Korean invasion tried to skirt my troops and headed for the housing area.

Lack of workers was my major restriction so I was able to keep taxation and wages at Very High. I seldom use Outrageous taxation rate and normally keep wages and taxes on par even if there is a 'worker expect less' event. The exception would be a if starting cash was low which wasn't the case.

Mission 2
Rising unemployment was a problem so I stepped taxation and wages down toward Normal. Controlling unemployment was the driving force in placing the stoneworks and some farms.
I should have placed some of the farms earlier (beginning of 1st year of mission 2) and gotten the paper exports up and running. I ended the mission in Novenber in the black with ~460cash.

[Edited on 01/26/04 @ 08:51 PM]

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