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Warlords of Koguryo Mission 3

Author File Description
File Details
Origin: Custom
Score: 2100
Population: 3525
Difficulty: Very Hard
Mission 3 (finished 2 years +7 months)
Perfect Feng Sui - nothing deleted
No damage from invasions (all 3 missions)
5 Cavalry
1 Crossbow
score: 2100
pop: 3525

Started with the Population and Stone (best was 46 from mission 2) goals already fulfilled. 2 allies were still reported (Lo-Lang which had ceased contact and Yanzhou)

I lucked out that the a paper gift to Chang-an (from mission 2) was acknowledged in April. The Chang-an gift was still en-route on mission 2 completion. A previous mission2 wood gift to Jinyang was not acknowledged arriving at Jinyang just before mission 2 completion.

Jinyang and Chang-an both became allied completing that goal.

Jianxi and Xinzheng periodically went to respectful after I fulfilled their requests (plus an extra gift) but quickly went to apathetic. I suspect a scripted favor decrease or a bug maybe related to the Xiongu/Korean invasions or city conquered events. I stopped sending gifts as I couldn't keep/get the favor high enough for ally status. I wasn't too troubled by the situation but it could have made the empire map in mission 4 more interesting if the mission complete scripts didn't changed things.

To handle the tougher invasions I added some more Towers and a gatehouse at important locations. I waited until the invasion was on the map to choose the locations. Invasion points were far enough away from the important locations that I could build and man them before the invasion force got in their area.

Taxation, Mint, paper industry (expanded- export started this mission) and a little silk exports (only one weaver) provided the bulk of my income. The expenditures were minimal after starting the monument. I started this mission with less than 500cash and ended with over 13,000cash.

The monument was the last goal completed. I could have placed it nearer to a suppling warehouse and shortened the construction time a few months. I did NOT use any hero assistance. 3 carpenters, 1 ceramist, 2 Labor camps and added one claypit. Used excess wood from existing 5 timberyards.

Problems caused by me included letting my elite housing devolve due to a lack of ceramics and hemp (forgot to place the vendors). The money lost from the taxation did not hurt a bit.

I did not use any spies for information gathering and did not receive any spies from my neighbors. I did not bother contacting the agressors in any way. I could not tell if any "random invasions" occured. I think the invasions were all scripted.

It was an unorganized mess but I kept my head. I am on my way to becoming china's most exalted warlord. {Stern military hero pose}
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Congratulations, you have completed your work at Liaoyang. Nice recovery from the way mission 2 ended.

You will move on to another city in missions 4 and 5, so your point about what the empire map would have looked like is moot.

Your early speed in the prior missions put you way ahead on the mission 3 goals. During playtesting I tweaked mission 3's goals several times, finally settling on fewer required allies, to balance things out better for the slower players.

Jianxi has no scripted favor adjustments, and is not scripted to be conquered. Xinzheng does not have any scripted favor adjustments, but it does have scripting for 'city becomes rival' events in the month just prior to each of its scripted 'city conquered' events (capturing Chang-an and Jinyang). I found that specific scripting was necessary in order for the player to see the 'conquered' message.

You made good use of 'combat engineer' tactics. This option was one reason I made the map 'enormous' in size - I wanted the players to have time to assess the tactical situation when an invasion(s) arrived on their map, and build defenses accordingly up to the moment the enemy got too close (which seems to be 10-15 tiles, by my guess-timate).

From your writing, I finally get the sense you were challenged a bit in mission 3. I guess by the combat if not the mission goals. I will download this tonight and take a look.

[Edited on 01/30/04 @ 07:39 AM]

File Author
Mission 4 Empire Map will show Kashgar as trading and Liaolang as an ally. The 2 Allies goal is already checked off so I'm assuming that Kashgar is being counted as an ally. Was this scripted?
It is strange that Distant Cities often have the 'make alliance' as an option until trade is opened. Its possible to make them an ally before trade(if you get them agreeable) but I'm doubtful there is any added advantage other then the ally count. Break alliance is an option even when you only open trade. The Demand/Request button and dialogue displays 'Demand' even when they are made/counted as an ally.
I also noticed a military buildup of Kashgar (which I ignored) in mission 2. Being a distant city the military and economic factors arn't part of the game mechanics.
The mission 1 kashgar request/demand for C.Jade was ignored as there is no consequence of displeased trade partners. They would acquess to apathetic in time. The second request/demand in mission 2 was fulfilled as I didn't want to loss the only trading source of income I had.

I had made a save at a point that I could stop the monument from completion (turn off the carpenter guild). The idea was to use the remaining time to buildup my military and conquer a few cities to effect the mission 4 Empire map a bit more. Its was just an idea to have a little more fun with the campaign. Even with scripted 'become rival' events, I may be able to get a 'request for goods' or an 'invasion called off'.

I'll be playing the rest of the campaign from the provided save.

PS: I wouldn't have complained if you had also had 'survive 5 years' and 'treasury' goals. Players have a wide range of experiance and it would have been too much for a novice. I'm enjoying the custom maps and military action. I understand the need for the special scripting to keep the campaign challenging.

Personally, I don't like long drawn out missions(10+ years)/campaigns but I will play them too a point. Legend of Lake Tia (h711's) was one that I enjoyed playing but didn't finish.

[Edited on 01/27/04 @ 03:24 PM]

Ok, I looked at your mission 3 save. Very interesting. I see you did take a bail-out loan from Yangzhou, which is understandable considering the position you were in when mission 2 ended.

It's also interesting you didn't upgrade your elite housing higher than Lavish Siheyuan, especially when you gave lacquerware gifts to other cities. Impressive Compounds would have given more tax revenue. Am I missing something in your strategy?

Now let me tell you what happened as you started mission 4 (I know because I ran this saved game to mission completion, and saw how it started mission 4). You are only supposed to start that mission with Kashgar allied. You got Liaoyang as a 'freebie', because of the loophole you exploited in mission 2 (when you exploited that narrow window of 1 month in which Lo-lang can be allied before it drops inactive). When Lo-lang reactivates as a player-controlled city in mission 4, its previous allied status with Liaoyang is resurrected too! I hope others who are reading this are not counting on the same loophole, since it takes precise timing to pull it off.

Changing the topic now to Distant Cities: they are strange beasts. I've found that when you open trade with them, they automatically become allies. I accounted for this happening in the 'allies' goal in all missions. Although they become allies easily, they are stingy allies - you can't demand goods from them, request military aid, and they won't send bail-out loans when your treasury goes negative.

It's very difficult to pick mission goals that provide an adequate challenge for all skill levels. At one point, very early in testing, mission 3 had a splendid temple instead of a great temple. This pushed the completion time out closer to the time limit. I eventually decided it was too close so I cut back the monument size. One version of mission 3 also had a higher number of required allies, which I also cut back. I eventually decided on mission goals that just rewarded the fast players with a speedy victory, and allowed the slower players more manageable goals, since I knew all the battles would cause some distractions.

Edited: I added commentary on how you got Liaoyang as an ally as mission 4 started.

[Edited on 01/27/04 @ 07:22 PM]

File Author
I bought the wares to use as gifts. I was hoping that I would have enough leftover to upgrade the elite housing. By the time I placed the Confucian Temple supplied with paper and Tasty food the wares were gone and Lo-Lang wasn't trading. Later, I had planned on opening trade and importing Lacquer or wares in mission 2. Eventually, I gave up on the idea as budgeting expenditures was enough to do what I wanted. By mission 3, I had no need for money.
If there was a 'treasury' goal in mission 2, I would have opened a trade route and upgraded the elite.

[Edited on 01/27/04 @ 07:15 PM]

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