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Shaolin Misions 2 & 3

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Origin: Custom
Score: 14000
Population: 2400
Difficulty: Very Hard
In mission 1, I had tapered off most cross trading. For those non-number crunchers the 4% mint profit from cross trading was ~300cash/year (up to 1000cash/year with price increases). I would have liked to have silk available at a 'reasonable' import cost, to cross trade while raw silk imports were interrupted.

Mission2: (monk2.sav -1 month before victory)

The end of the first year, I was low on millet due to getting warehouse/Ghangzhou trade, previous mission timing and previous mission 'New Years Festival' used millet. The result was that some housing devolved and an employment shortage resulted. I cut un-needed industrial capacity and temporarily increased wages to 'Normal'.
Much of this mission is managing warehouse settings (get/accept/numbers) and trade station quantities. I obtained alliances from all cities at one point but there were 'city becomes Rival events'. Loosing alliances and the built up favor was a blow. Cease/change trade events were manageable nuisances.
The scripted requests for tea were easily handled by keeping Bodhidharma in the city. The resulting favor increases became to much, I started requesting silk from anyone that had 'Helpful' listed. Otherwise they go to Philanthropic, offer some small gift and lower their favor to Sympathetic. It required gifting to raise the other allies but by that time I had ~100,000cash and was producing excess. The object was to keep everyone's favor Congenial or Cooperative.
In the later years, there was a very small invasion (obviously scripted) that I fought with borrowed troops. A year later there was a large invasion (22200cash) that I choose to bribe. I am sure the invasion was 'Random', since the invasion was SO LARGE (19 cavalry/ 8 infantry). There must of have been a favor drop scripted (displeased) along with the defenselessness of my city (no troops) which caused the 'random invasion'.
No spy activity was detected by me. I did not use any Info gathering spies.

Bodhidharma's wandering got housing stocked with tea (~150+). If I could place an acrobat school, the (Lux Apart) housing would last several years without a tea vendor. Peeking at the next mission showed the Acrobat will be available. Its actually a negative aspect since I don't see a real need for the added population. I may be deleting some housing, since a higher level of housing is needed to achieve a goal. Turning off the Buddhist temple is an option to limit housing evolution. Any increase in population will mean building an additional food farm.

I placed the monument in the same area as the first monument. I did peek at the next mission and knew there would be another monument. I pre-placed a warehouse in the area that I will be building the next mission monument.

Mission 3: (monk3.sav -6 months before victory)
NOTE: All gifts are excess capacity or imported for gifting. Management of warehouses/trading stations not detailed.
All requests fulfilled by allies are going to be 3 units.

First was military placement. Any invasion from the northern map area could be handled by borrowed troops arriving at the entry point. I wanted my Infantry fort to be able to defend the water trade route, eastern and southern fronts. I would need a warehouse to receive weapons and steel near the infantry fort.

The existing monument area would not allow placement of the Temple Complex without hindering trade caravan pathing. The military warehouse would have lots of space available. I decided to place the TC near the military area and use most of the warehouse for monument materials. The warehouse in question was placed late in mission 2. I used foreknowledge of mission 3 and got a little jump on monument startup (2-3 months).

The gift of steel(4) was nice. I placed 1 weaponsmith being there was not any weapon/steel import capability.
I had ended mission 2 with everyone my ally. Xiongnu and Luoyang at Helpful, Chang-an and Chengdu at Sympathetic, Jiankang and Guangzhou at Philanthropic. I requested weapons from Xiongnu then Luoyang. I sent Large gift of tea to Chang-an and a Large cash gift to Chendu to offset the favor drop from the 2 requests and improve favor if possible.
Xiongnu at Cooperative, Luoyang and Chang-an at Congenial and Chengdu at Sympathetic. I fulfilled Xiongnu's request for cash(2500), sent a Large wood gift to Chendu and medium gift of spice to Chang-an. Made 2 more requested for weapons from Xiongnu.
Xiongnu and Chendu at Congenial, Luoyang and Chang-an at Cooperative. Philanthropic cities usually don't display there actual favor level until they dispatch a gift, favor falls low enough or enough time passes. I won't regularly report their favor until known. A nice job of evening out the favor levels (pats self on back). Got 12 weapons plus the 4 I made from steel (16 weapons- big grin).

Monument is on the second dirt stage. Treasury ~120,000

The 2nd year:

Grant Xiongnu's request cash (5000). Sent Large gift of tea to Luoyang. Request Weapons from Luoyang and Xiongnu. Sent Large gift of Tea to Chang-an. Request silk from Xiongnu.
Xiongnu and Chendu at congenial, Luoyang at Cooperative and Chang-an at Helpful.
Sent medium gift of paper to Luoyang. Requested silk from Chang-an. Sent large gift of wood to Chendu. Requested silk from Luoyang. Xiongnu at Congenial the other 3 are at Cooperative.
Because of a shortage of wood, a getter only got 3 wood. I build a logging shed in the monument area to make up the difference (1 wood short). I didn't want to waste the time in sending another getter as it may have delayed construction. I am having the getter going for the last stone that the monument will need.
Kashgar(respectful) shuts down trade. Sent emissary to reopen.
Monument is on the last ceramist stage. Treasury ~125,000

The 3rd year:

Sent medium gift of spice to Chang-an. Requested silk from Chang-an. Chang-an briefly went to Helpful. All are Cooperative now.
There appears to be a script order problem. Xiongnu called off invasion then became Rival(scripted-Displeased). Sent Large gift of salt and then spice to Xiongnu.
Sent Large gift of tea to Luoyang. Requested J.Carving of luoyang. Sent large gift of tea to Chang-an. Sent large gift of tea to Xiongnu. Requested J.Carving from Chang-an.
Monument has all stone delivered (June). Deleted the ceramist and replaced with 2nd Mason.
Luoyang requests tea (delaying until exports max out and Xiongnu becomes ally). Requested J.Carving of luoyang. Sent ally emissary to Xiongnu (maybe-respectful with tea on the way). Sent large gift of salt as the tea wasn't enough to get Agreeable. Luoyang and Chendu at Congenial and Chang-an at Cooperative.
Sent ally emmisary to Xiongnu. Sent medium gift of tea to Chengdu (piling up again). Fulfilled old Luoyang tea request (salt arrived Xiongnu at agreeable with ally request on the way). Requested J.Carving of Luoyang(hoping it got off the map before Xiongnu became ally). (Dec) Jiankang finally shows Congenial, Chenhdu also at congenial, the other 3 are at Cooperative.

The monument has 75% of the stone done. Treasury ~135,000

The 4th year:

Large gift of stone to Jiankang. Large gift of wheat to Luoyang. Xiongnu becomes Rival (Agreeable). Sent ally emmissary to Xiongnu. Large gift of Cabbage sent to Chang-an. Requested J.Carving from Luoyang. Requested J.Carving from Chang-an. Xiongnu launches invasion. Xiongnu becomes ally. Chengdu at Congenial, other 4 are Cooperative.
Sent Large gift of tea to Luoyang. Request for J.Carving from Luoyang. Large gift of tea to Chang-an. (June) Xiongnu calls off invasion. Nu Wa arrives (monument completed April -only using 14 stone not 15 as listed -see post patch bug report). Requested J.Carving from Chang-an. Chang-an at Helpful, Chengdu at Congenial, Guangzhou at Philanthropic and the others at Cooperative.
Requested Silk from Chang-an. Large gift of stone to Jiankang. Requested silk from Jiankang. Fulfilled Xiongnu requests for 8000cash. Requested weapons from Xiongnu. Chendu and Chang-an at congenial, Kashgar dropped to Apathetic (acquesed), Guangzhou at Phil and others at Cooperative.
Deleted 2 houses as unemployment was 9% at Low wages. Will use the space to place the Acrobat school sometime in the future. Nu Wa slowly lowered to Happy will start paying homage. Treasury ~140,000.

The 5th year:
Large gift of tea to Chang-an. Xiongnu calls off invasion(?). Large gift of tea to Luoyang. Requested weapons from Luoyang. Requested weapons from Chang-an. Requested weapons from Luoyang. Medium gift of paper to Luoyang. (Sept) 3 Shield showing on all cities[accumulated ~25years in campaign - it seems there is a continuation mission longevity bonus given to non-player cities]. Large gift of tea to luoyang. Requested silk from Luoyang. Large gift of wood to Chengdu. Large gift of tea to Kashgar(its piling up). Large Gift of Tea to Chang-an. Requested silk from Chang-an. Luoyang at Helpful, Kashgar at Agreeable, Ghangzhou at Phil and others at Cooperative. Treasury ~150,000.

The 6th Year:
Requested weapons from luoyang. Large gift of tea to Chang-an. Requested weapons from Chang-an. Acrobat school turned on. Added a 4th Farm for food stock safety. Raised wages to normal. Xiongnu launches invasion (allied=called off in a few months). Large gift of tea to Luoyang. requested weapons from Luoyang. Started to trim excess housing. Fulfill cabbage request by Luoyang(Shen Nong). Requested weapons from Luoyang. Large gift of tea to Chang-an. Large gift of Wood to Chengdu. -----------
There may be an export shortage of Lacquerware next year. I have 7 on hand for sale next year but no Lacquer imports. After Lacquerware J.Carving may have a shortfall in the 8th year unless Jade is importable. Weapons are a good backup when a surplus exist all around.

I think people have gotten the idea of ally gifts/requests by exchanging excess for sellable shortages. Treasury of ~160,000. If there are no surprises then '10 year survival' will be the last goal achieved.

By keeping a 'journal' its easy to keep track of what was already done and projecting your next series of actions. Remember, it is possible to have your gifts refused or count for very little.

Ghangzhou went to congenial early in the 7th year.

No military action occurred in the mission. However, there were threats.

If anyone chooses to continue play after mission completes you will need to remove a food vendor and add a tea vendor. Tea will start running out after a year.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Another wonderful journal, thanks. I'll fill in some of the question marks for others reading this.

Mission 2~

You really pushed the diplomacy to the edge. Requesting goods from your allies to sell for more profit is definitely a good strategy. I especially like your commentary about the benefit of making a goods request when an allies' favor is at 'philanthropic'. That is a great tip!

The first invasion is scripted. It is designed to be small enough to defeat just with one of the martial heroes (it's fun to see Bodhidharma's combat animation in action).
The second invasion was indeed unscripted, and resulted because the Xiongnu's favor had fallen to 'hostile' (scripted) while you were playing at 'very hard' difficulty.

Mission 3~

There is only one trick you missed(or perhaps chose not to do). I hinted at it in the mission 3 intro splash screen, and with the early gift of the 4 steel bars. It has to do with Sun Wu Kong. It is a pretty big spoiler so I won't say more, except that during this mission it is much more profitable to ask for 'goods requests' of steel from your allies.

As you saw, there are a series of attacks that the Xiongnu bandits will launch. Not all of the scripted 'city becomes rival' and 'set favor' events are set to fire at the same time as these invasions. This was done to make appeasement a valid strategy for a player. You used this strategy to perfection with your constant gifts. Did you pay the larger cash demands the Xiongnu demanded in the later years? It appears your treasury was large enough to do so without hurting your treasury goal. Just curious.

Once again, thanks for the detailed feedback.

[Edited on 02/21/04 @ 11:22 AM]

File Author
Mission 2:
I want to stress that a Philanthropic Ally is not a good thing. Request the goods at Helpful before they go to Philanthropic is the point I was trying to make. Philanthroptic is the the result of sustained high favor (Helpful(81-100]: 90-100+ favor points). Its creates a 'false' sense of favor as they can stay that way while there 'real' favor level erodes to Apathetic. Philanthropic hides the 'true' Favor level which makes it difficult to manage. Someone that has a good grasp of the favor system can guess-ta-mate until enough time passes and 'real' favor level is displayed.

Mission 3:
I had considered Sun Wu Kong for the first 3 years. I knew Nu Wa would enter the city after monument completion(4th year) and stick around about a year. Any large food or ceramics request would bring in Shen Nong(used) or Huang Di(not used).
I only needed 5 years of heroes and survive 10. I choose to keep a hero in the city after Nu Wa's expected arrival unless some situation called for a hero. Fully explaining my entire reasoning would spoil the decision process(research) for others. I will say that I probably gave up 1000-2000/year potential profit for the sake of workload management.

I had a profit margin of ~9,000/year. I started the mission with ~120,000cash. I was able to handle all of Xiongnu requests. I would have refused if the requests would of endangered lowering the treasure much below 150,000. I usuallly had salt & spice stocked in the buying trading stations for emergency gifts to Xiongnu.

[Edited on 02/08/04 @ 11:45 PM]

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