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Power of the Tang

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 5
# of Cities: 3
Difficulty: Normal
Custom Maps: Yes
Current version: 1.0.3

Hi there! My first ever Emperor custom campaign. I do hope you enjoy it! :)

This is a campaign consisting of five missions. Most of the goals are attainable and can be reached, though a couple of missions are considered "Hard".

There is a text file included with this download. It contains SPOILERS about how to play the campaign, the kind of events you'll find and so on. DO NOT READ IT UNLESS YOU ARE STRUGGLING TO COMPLETE A MISSION!

Please note that ALL missions have been thoroughly tested for playability. While some missions are harder than others, a good knowledge of trading and how to balance the cities budget will help in completing the campaign. Novice players should probably avoid this campaign as it includes some advanced strategies that may result in mission failures.

Although I have tested these missions extensively to ensure events are fired as intended and that they can be "won", it is possible that I have either made the missions too difficult or made a mistake in the events. If you've found an issue with a mission, I'd like to know! Post in the comments section with the following:
* Mission you are playing
* Difficulty
* Event/year the issue occurred
* What the issue is

I cannot guarantee I can fix all issues, as some may be introduced as a result of engine limitations, but I'll do my best to tweak missions to ensure they play appropriately for all skill levels!

How to play:

  1. Download the file using the Download File button above
  2. Extract the contents of the DATA folder to the "Campaigns" folder for where your installation of Emperor is installed.
  3. Open up Emperor and select Custom Campaigns, then select "Power of the Tang"
  4. Enjoy!

Please note that the audio files provided in this download are 2 second blanks and contain no speech. This was done to ensure that the required briefing/victory tracks played. They "may" be replaced with voice tracks in a future update.

Any comments/reviews are welcomed! I would really like to get into making campaigns for Emperor across different time lines, knowing how this one played out will help immensely! :D

- Sajuuk

== Changelog ==
This changelog is updated when the campaign has been updated for any reason. It includes information that relates to each change. Only the latest version can be downloaded from the site, this is provided as a form of historical guide of the campaign's formation.
1.0.0: Initial Release

1.0.1: General Campaign Update
- Enemy invasions now trigger earlier in Tamralipti 1
- The Paper Maker has been made available in Daxingcheng 1
- A bridge has been placed in the map area of Daxingcheng
- Yangzhou now purchases Ceramics in Daxingcheng 1 + 2

NOTE: A new map has been designed for Kaicheng, but it has NOT been included in 1.0.1 as it has not been tested.

1.0.2: General Campaign Update
- The Kaicheng map has been overhauled to be more realistic.
- There are more persistent invasions in Kaicheng which get stronger.*
- Trading opportunities have been improved in Daxingcheng 2.**
- The time to complete Tamralipti 2 has been reduced significantly to 10 years.
- The treasury goal in Tamralipti 2 has been reduced to 25000 cash strings.***
- It is now required to have two allies to complete Kaicheng.
- The Yearly Profit goal in Kaicheng has been increased to 2500 cash strings.
- The importation of Wood from Chengdu in Daxingcheng 2 has been improved.
- The importation of Lacquer from Chengdu and Guangzhou in Daxingcheng 2 has been improved.

* The invasions stop after about the 12th game year. I felt it was not necessary to continually hound the player in invasions, given the extreme lack of space to build a massive army.
** Some cities now buy weapons and salt. These are made available in Daxingcheng 2 only through events that trigger in the first two years of the mission start.
*** This change was made to match the change to "completion time".

1.0.3: Balance Update
All of the Balance changes in this update focus on Kaicheng, no other mission is affected. Thanks to Gwelio for the feedback relating to this mission!
- The starting funds in Kaicheng have been increased to be more in line with the other missions
- Raw Silk cannot be imported from Tamralipti as the associated buildings are now disabled
- The requests in Kaicheng to Daxingcheng, Yangzhou and Changzhou now trigger a little later into the mission*
- The Fishing Points in Kaicheng have been removed, as they could result in confusion to the player
- Wheat can now be grown, as Game Meat + Salt + Millet isn't stable enough early on
- The beach has been scaled back somewhat to provide more space
- Ferries can now be constructed to allow quicker travel around the lake edges
- Some trees surrounding single rocks have been placed to provide the Water Feng Shui element
- There are now more trees on the map

* There have been no changes to the scripted invasions
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
After testing the campaign further, I noticed that a couple of events in the second mission wouldn't trigger as they were set as "Demand increase" events, rather than "Supply increase".

This error does not effect completion of the mission in any way so I won't update the file with the fixed events until I perform a general update of the campaign when the map gets a review at some point :)

EDIT: There's a minor unfixable bug in the final mission: if you reload a save game taken during that final mission, the tail ends (aka the section not built by the player) of the Great Wall will appear as though the wall is an Earthen Great Wall section, even though the "player built" section is all Stone Wall.

This is most likely an engine bug caused by reloading, so I can only advise that you avoid reloading any saves taken during this final mission. However, this does not cause any problems with the game and is purely an aesthetic bug.

[Edited on 11/15/15 @ 02:34 PM]

Senseisan Done whith perfect feng-shui and VH level .
A good campaign , well balanced .
The only concern was a bug in last city , loading a saved game made the wall looking as beeing unbuilt , crashing the game . As the bug is a graphic one , I skipped it just by avoiding to have any part of the wall on screen...
File Author
Hi Senseisan, thanks for the comment! As mentioned above, the bug in the final mission is unavoidable due to engine limitations. The monument did crash for me once before, but I fixed that bug as it was caused by a date issue in the mission scripting.

I hope you keep an eye on this campaign in the future, as there's a planned update to some missions and I'll hope that, when said update is published, you'll leave a formal review :)
Senseisan I never leave formal reviews , as I use some technics as forced walkers , secondary squadrons , transparent overtaxing etc in case of need , my experience of a campaign may be too different from these of other players ...
File Author
@Senseisan: Even though you might use more advanced techniques, you can still leave a formal review, though I respect your decision to not leave a review. :)

The review does not take into account things like advanced techniques, it just asks for a rating based on the following:
* Playability (eg do the missions actually work?)
* Balance (eg are the goals reasonable? is there enough time to meet the goals? is there a balance of requests/military action etc?)
* Creativity (eg did the map author take the time to make the campaign "unique"?)
* Map Design (are the maps unique or are they just reused from the provided selection? are they realistic or not?)
* Story/Instructions (eg are the provided instructions and goals suitable, do they match the intended story?)

Hope that helps to explain reviews, there's a good guide on the Emperor Heaven about leaving reviews if you wish to read it: http://emperor.heavengames.com/dl/guidelines

Glad to hear you enjoyed the campaign though! :)

[Edited on 12/08/15 @ 10:30 AM]

He's never left a formal review of one of my campaigns, so if he leaves one for you, I'll be jealous. :P
Mazeppa Still, Senseisan is a god when it comes to these city-building games. I really respect his views and I treat his opinions as holy. :)

Getting a compliment from him is like getting a blessing from the Gods. It's divine. ;)

EDIT: And I'm also quite glad I'm not the only one who knew that adding blank audio files (or even any file, even a 0kb notepad file) would allow the intro and end music tracks to be played. :) You could also do that in Zeus as far as I can remember. But glad to see someone do this. :)

[Edited on 12/09/15 @ 02:36 AM]

Mazeppa I totally agree with your comments about Senseisan. We're lucky to have him participating and giving input to all the CB games.

I'm also glad we can still attract experienced players like Sajuuk to our CB games.
File Author
@Gwelio2 Thanks for that compliment, it's nice to be seen as "experienced" :D

@Mazeppa Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I do agree Senseisan is like the ultimate god of CB games. :D
Sajuuk, I looked through all the gaming uploads you have put on Youtube before making that comment. Well done.
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