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Power of the Tang

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 5
# of Cities: 3
Difficulty: Normal
Custom Maps: Yes
Current version: 1.0.3

Hi there! My first ever Emperor custom campaign. I do hope you enjoy it! :)

This is a campaign consisting of five missions. Most of the goals are attainable and can be reached, though a couple of missions are considered "Hard".

There is a text file included with this download. It contains SPOILERS about how to play the campaign, the kind of events you'll find and so on. DO NOT READ IT UNLESS YOU ARE STRUGGLING TO COMPLETE A MISSION!

Please note that ALL missions have been thoroughly tested for playability. While some missions are harder than others, a good knowledge of trading and how to balance the cities budget will help in completing the campaign. Novice players should probably avoid this campaign as it includes some advanced strategies that may result in mission failures.

Although I have tested these missions extensively to ensure events are fired as intended and that they can be "won", it is possible that I have either made the missions too difficult or made a mistake in the events. If you've found an issue with a mission, I'd like to know! Post in the comments section with the following:
* Mission you are playing
* Difficulty
* Event/year the issue occurred
* What the issue is

I cannot guarantee I can fix all issues, as some may be introduced as a result of engine limitations, but I'll do my best to tweak missions to ensure they play appropriately for all skill levels!

How to play:

  1. Download the file using the Download File button above
  2. Extract the contents of the DATA folder to the "Campaigns" folder for where your installation of Emperor is installed.
  3. Open up Emperor and select Custom Campaigns, then select "Power of the Tang"
  4. Enjoy!

Please note that the audio files provided in this download are 2 second blanks and contain no speech. This was done to ensure that the required briefing/victory tracks played. They "may" be replaced with voice tracks in a future update.

Any comments/reviews are welcomed! I would really like to get into making campaigns for Emperor across different time lines, knowing how this one played out will help immensely! :D

- Sajuuk

== Changelog ==
This changelog is updated when the campaign has been updated for any reason. It includes information that relates to each change. Only the latest version can be downloaded from the site, this is provided as a form of historical guide of the campaign's formation.
1.0.0: Initial Release

1.0.1: General Campaign Update
- Enemy invasions now trigger earlier in Tamralipti 1
- The Paper Maker has been made available in Daxingcheng 1
- A bridge has been placed in the map area of Daxingcheng
- Yangzhou now purchases Ceramics in Daxingcheng 1 + 2

NOTE: A new map has been designed for Kaicheng, but it has NOT been included in 1.0.1 as it has not been tested.

1.0.2: General Campaign Update
- The Kaicheng map has been overhauled to be more realistic.
- There are more persistent invasions in Kaicheng which get stronger.*
- Trading opportunities have been improved in Daxingcheng 2.**
- The time to complete Tamralipti 2 has been reduced significantly to 10 years.
- The treasury goal in Tamralipti 2 has been reduced to 25000 cash strings.***
- It is now required to have two allies to complete Kaicheng.
- The Yearly Profit goal in Kaicheng has been increased to 2500 cash strings.
- The importation of Wood from Chengdu in Daxingcheng 2 has been improved.
- The importation of Lacquer from Chengdu and Guangzhou in Daxingcheng 2 has been improved.

* The invasions stop after about the 12th game year. I felt it was not necessary to continually hound the player in invasions, given the extreme lack of space to build a massive army.
** Some cities now buy weapons and salt. These are made available in Daxingcheng 2 only through events that trigger in the first two years of the mission start.
*** This change was made to match the change to "completion time".

1.0.3: Balance Update
All of the Balance changes in this update focus on Kaicheng, no other mission is affected. Thanks to Gwelio for the feedback relating to this mission!
- The starting funds in Kaicheng have been increased to be more in line with the other missions
- Raw Silk cannot be imported from Tamralipti as the associated buildings are now disabled
- The requests in Kaicheng to Daxingcheng, Yangzhou and Changzhou now trigger a little later into the mission*
- The Fishing Points in Kaicheng have been removed, as they could result in confusion to the player
- Wheat can now be grown, as Game Meat + Salt + Millet isn't stable enough early on
- The beach has been scaled back somewhat to provide more space
- Ferries can now be constructed to allow quicker travel around the lake edges
- Some trees surrounding single rocks have been placed to provide the Water Feng Shui element
- There are now more trees on the map

* There have been no changes to the scripted invasions
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This campaign definitely provides a quality gaming experience. Its 'fun-factor' is well above average. The campaign provides a good sampling of most aspects of this game.

Balance: 4
There is a good level of balance, but I do think the campaign should have been self-rated at the 'Hard' category, instead of 'Normal'. In my opinion it does provide more challenge than the core game, which is widely accepted as being developed at the 'normal' category. For me, this campaign rated above-average in balance because I found good challenge when I played it at the 'Very Hard' difficulty setting. The only questionable items I found related to balance were being able to complete mission 1 before any invasions occurred, and completing mission 5 without fighting any battles (which did make it seem tedious for those 10 years). Mission 3 can also be won quite quickly. However, these were more of "decisions left up to the player" rather than real balance issues.

Creativity: 4
I found very good creativity, especially for a first-time campaign designer. The maps were originals (as far as I could tell). There was a decent amount of scripted events spread throughout the missions, but perhaps they might have been spaced out a little more. The mission introduction and completion texts were logical and provided a consistent story. The inclusion of audio files to provide theme music while reading the texts was a nice touch, as was the hints file.

Map Design: 4
The maps are originals and are interesting. They are well-mated to the missions - and (most importantly) to the mission goals. They were all playable and allowed perfect Feng Shui to be attained (although it was a challenge sometimes). I would have preferred all the maps to have more 1x1 rocks surrounded by a sprinkling of 1x1 trees, which would have provided more flexibility to build while still achieving perfect Feng Shui. Including these would have greatly boosted the replay value of the maps. The Kaicheng map is definitely the most difficult in the campaign. One observation about the Daxingcheng map is that all the salt deposits outside the great wall can be totally ignored by a player, since salt deposits do exist in side the great wall footprint, near where the player will build the city. It would have been more challenging to only provide the salt deposits outside the great wall. I also would have liked to have seen more invasion points on the maps.

The empire map design was good too, but some of the cities were set with climates that are not geographically accurate for their location in China. There were also Koreans at Barygaza (ancient India). However, both those are minor items on the empire map that do not detract from playability. Most of the trade routes looked accurate but at least one was a simple straight line between the cities (default setting).

Story/Instructions: 4
Although fiction, the story is above-average and maintains a consistent plot. I would have liked to have read a little more in the mission victory texts. Also, I would have liked to have had an explanation in the Mission 5 intro text as to why my treasury had been lowered so drastically from its prior level (this was explained in the mission 3 intro text when it happened there, so I wished for the same consistency).

Additional Comments: I heartily recommend this campaign for players of intermediate to advanced levels. It may be a bit too much for beginners. I want to congratulate Sajuuk for putting together such a playable and fun campaign on his first try. It was a pleasure to assist him.

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Map Design4.0
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