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Xia Diary II - M10

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Beijing Tag
File Details
Origin: Custom
Score: 188970
Population: 6600
Difficulty: Very Hard
1 mill, 1750 in Elites and 35 years of game play. Sun Tzu reduces travel time for armies but marauding to the southern cities still takes forever.

A treasury goal of 2 million dictates that building multiple elite blocks is a must. But conquering the 20 cities determined the mission length. Many took two or three bites using 9-10 forts with a couple left at home to re-arm and prevent rebellions. I guess the 20 fort trick would be useful here but it strikes me as a cheesy exploit.

Really enjoyed the first half of the scenario but getting to 2mill/20 vassals became tiresome in the later stages.
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Your city is a beauty! Really impressive to see all that supported by only one mill.

I wondered what you would think about this mission. Not sure if you read my design blog in the forum about this campaign, but it's there if you care to see my commentary. I was also not pleased this mission played so long and did tweak a few things to try to speed it up, such as: changing sea trade routes to land trade routes, scripting military and economic declines for some of the cities further away, and scripting a few cities (like Chao) to be destroyed to lower the 'Rule Cities' mission goal. However, I decided to leave the 2 million treasury mission goal to give players something else to work towards while they waited for their conquering armies to win 20 vassals. I also feel the '20 military unit exploit' is a bit cheesy so I will never design a campaign to require it. So in my playtesting I only had the normal max of 12 military units, and it did take me about 39 game years to win (even using Sun Tzu).

Suffice it to say that this mission scratched my itch to design a finale mission with huge goals, and right now it seems unlikely I'll repeat it (as I hope you find out sometime if you play M10 of AXDIII, which is winnable in under 10 years if you push it).

For now, bask in your glory of completing the biggest one-mission challenge ever designed by me. :)

[Edited on 10/03/17 @ 05:19 AM]

Beijing Tag
File Author
"I suspect your playing with Emperor running on multi-processors which can cause timing issues. I set compatibility to Win98 which forces Emperor to run on processor 0 only."

User3 mentioned the above before, and I bring it up because I had a few very strange occurrences during M10.

a) From about year 30 onwards the vassal annual tribute events started not to fire. Some vassals would and some wouldn't. I think in the last two years I received no tribute (or messages) at all from the 18 or so vassals.

b) A vassal or two became miffed as I failed to honour a famine based request for goods, again this was very late in the mission and I never saw the message.

c) The city was receiving lacquer via water trade, on one run through I started to receive multiple messages saying that the ship had run aground, so my lacquer supply dried up. Thought this was some crafty scripting by Gweilo but it never occurred on a subsequent run through.

d) Siem Reap was last to be conquered - clicked to do so and the menu that pops up to select which troops to send would not open. Took a couple of reloads and going back to earlier saves to get this to fire.

(a), (b) and (d) were definitely bugs and I guess that (c) is as well, unless Gweilo can clarify whether scripted or not. Never encountered these before so wondering if they are due to the reasons User3 mentioned.

[Edited on 10/03/17 @ 04:20 AM]

No, the game doesn't allow the 'ship run aground' message to be scripted, either via normal scripting or bug exploit scripting. The only time I have seen that event fire is when I have accidentally placed a sea trading post in a bad location, i.e., when the trade junks cannot trace unblocked pathing to it from the map's sea entry point going through all 'deep water' tiles.

Do you think it is possible some of the weirdness you encountered later in this mission was due to exceeding the sprite limit? I would think not, but wanted to suggest that possibility.

[Edited on 10/03/17 @ 05:22 AM]

Beijing Tag
File Author
Like you I don't think it is a sprite limit effect. Loaded up the almost completed mission and quickly added a small housing block with market and most facilities. Folk started to arrive and populate the block in the usual way - IIRC when a city hits the sprite limit you can't build anything any more. So looks like user3's suspicion that Emperor may run a little oddly on modern PCs with multicore processors could be the culprit.

If so, then perhaps a sticky in the forums showing how to "...set compatibility to Win98 which forces Emperor to run on processor 0 only" may be an answer. This is beyond my technical know-how!

Gweilo - perhaps move this discussion into the forum if you think it is more appropriate there (and edit as you see fit).

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