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McAfee Firewall

McAfee Firewall Logo McAfee Personal Firewall works by analyzing the traffic to the Internet from programs on your computer.  It will then ask if you want to allow these programs to have access to the Internet or receive data from the Internet.  You can allow or deny this access. You have to allow it for Emperor. If there is no popup message, follow these steps to configure the firewall:

  • Open McAfee Firewall.
  • From the McAfee Firewall Home window, click "Pick a task..." in the lower-left portion of the window.
  • Select "Manage the programs that you trust to access the Internet", to open the "Select a Program to Control" window.
  • If Emperor is already listed among other programs, highlight it and select the "Allow this program to have full, unfiltered access to the Internet" radio button below the list.
  • Otherwise, you need to add it to the list, and then complete the previous step. To add Emperor to the list of known programs, click "Browse to add a program to the list", find Emperor.exe, which is located under "C:\Sierra\EmperorRotMK\" by default, and click Open.
  • That should be enough to allow Emperor sufficient privileges. If MP stilll does not work, in the same "Program Control" screen highlight Emperor and click "Customize". There, add the following rules:
    • Port 25332; Both outbound and incoming
    • Port 25333; Both outbound and incoming
    • Port 15101; Outbound only
    • Port 15200; Outbound only
    • Port 15300; Outbound only
    • Port 15800; Outbound only
    • Port 20941; Outbound only
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