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ZoneAlarm Logo The procedure for tuning up your ZoneAlarm to work with Emperor really depends on which version you have. Since the free edition does not contain nearly as much functionality as the ones distributed for pay, the process is easier, but results in greater exposure of the machine to the internet. For those with dial-up connection, or broadband connection, which does not stay open all the time, it doesn't matter too much, as serious attacks would be a rare occurence.

ZoneAlarm Free.

  • Open ZoneAlarm.
  • Click the "Program Control" tab.
  • Make sure that the "Automatic Lock" radio button is set to Off.
  • Start Emperor.
  • Click the Multiplayer Scenarios button.
  • You should now see a popup window from ZoneAlarm titled "New Program". The application listed is "Emepror.exe"
  • Check the "Remember this answer..." checkbox and click Yes.

Alternatively, you can just set the Internet Zone Security slider on the "Firewall" tab to Low. But that might expose your computer to unwanted traffic.

ZoneAlarm Plus.

  • Open ZoneAlarm
  • Click the "Program Control" tab.
  • Make sure that the "Automatic Lock" radio button is set to Off.
  • Click the Programs tab on top of the page.
  • Click the "Add" button.
  • Find Emperor.exe (Located under "C:\Sierra\EmperorRotMK\" by default).
  • Click Open
  • Now, Emperor has been added to the table of programs known to ZoneAlarm. Click on the cells corresponding to the Emperor row, and "Access" and "Server" columns. When the menus pop up, select "Allow". In such manner, change all the "X"s in the Emperor row into checkmarks.

Allow Emperor access to the Internet

  • Now, select the "Firewall" tab on the menu to the left.
  • Under "Internet Zone Security", click "Custom".
  • Scroll to the bottom of the "High security settings for Internet zone" list (not the bottom of the whole list, as it also contains settings for all the other levels of security).
  • Click the "Incoming UDP", and in the textbox below, labeled Ports, type in 25332. (If there are any port numbers there already, separate them with a comma.)
  • Click the "Outgoing UDP", and in the textbox type in 25332.
  • Click on the "Incoming TCP", and in the textbox type in "25332, 25333", without the quotes.
  • Click on the "Outgoing TCP, and in the textbox type in "25332, 25333, 15101, 15200, 15300, 15800, 20941", without the quotes.

Open the ports necessary to play Emperor Multiplayer

  • Click Apply, and then OK.
  • Close ZoneAlarm.
  • Right-click the ZoneAlarm icon in your system tray, and click "Shutdown Zonealarm Plus". (This step is very important, as without shutting down and restarting ZoneAlarm, the settings will not be applied.)

Shut down ZoneAlarm

  • Start ZoneAlarm again.

ZoneAlarm Pro

For this version of the program, you use exactly the same steps as the ones described for ZoneAlarm Plus.

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