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The Government Ministry

Administrative City
The Administrative City is where the bureaucrats who run your city work. It is one of the most important buildings in a city as, without it, you cannot build forts, tax offices, mints or money printers

Bridges of varying sizes can be built to cross rivers and creeks up to a certain width

When a river is too wide for a bridge you may want a ferry to give you access to the other side. Ferry landings must be placed in pairs, one each side of the river.

Miners from mints collect copper ore which is turned into strings of cash and deposited directly into your treasury. There can only be one in a city.

Money Printer
Money printers use paper to produce printed money; again only one is possible in a city and of course they aren't available until paper is.

The Palace is a luxurious building where your city ruler will often live. Palaces can have a menagerie with a collection of up to 9 animals.

Tax Office
Tax Offices produce a walker who collects taxes from houses that he passes. They must be supplied with wood, or in later age missions paper, to function.