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Walker Speeds

Pecunia has provided detailed information on walker speeds.

While trying to convert the walker speed values from EmperorFiguresModels.txt for every walker in the city I came across something odd. Most walkers have speed '8', which seems to be the 'international standard speed' in Emperor (equivalent to 54.4 tiles/month = standard speed in every Impressions citybuilder to date). So has the diviner, according to the file. However, I noticed in the game that a diviner is slower than the rest of the walkers in my housing block, such as guards, inspectors and water carriers. I will post the table here, but I cannot guarantee all numbers are right, since the data seems to be hardcoded in the game, and not in separate models.

Speed conversion table:

Value in
the models
0 0
1 10.2
2 13.6
3 20.4
4 27.2
5 30.6
6 40.8
7 51.0
8 54.4
9 61.2
10 68.0
11 71.4
12 81.6
13 91.8
14 95.2
15 102.0
16 108.8
17 112.2
18 122.4

Following table with the speed of all walkers is taken directly from the models, please don't fully trust it, as I said, at least the religious walkers are listed wrong.

Walker Speed Walker Speed Walker Speed
Immigrant 8Acrobat 8Sentry (stands in tower) 7
Emmigrant 8Actor 8Friendly Infantry 8
Homeless 7Musician 8Friendly Crossbowman 8
Beggar 6Diviner/Scholar/Priest/Monk 8??Friendly Cavalry 15
Muggar 9Announcer 8Friendly Chariot 13
Thief 10Festival Performer 8Friendly Catapult 5
Bandit 9Elite Couple 8Gobi Bear 8
Disease Carrier 6Inspector 8Bearded Vulture 12
Wheelbarrow pusher 8Hunter 8Panda Bear 6
Deliveryman 8Logger 8Giant Salamander 5
Peddler 8Miner/Quarryman 8Tiger 10
Market buyer 8Spy 8Chinese Alligator 7
Buyer's Servant 8Emissary 8Wild Pig 9
Farmer/Tender 8Traders 8Pheasant 11
Tax Official 8Trading Junk 7Saiga Antelope 9
Water Carrier 8Trader Crew 8 Laborer 8
Watchtower Guard 8Ferry Sampan 7Carpenter 8
Herbalist 8Fishing raft 5Ceramist 8
Acupuncturist 8Sentry (patrols wall) 7Stone Mason 8