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Enemy Military Units

by Merepatra

Pecunia has provided additional information on enemies below.

Enemy Military Units in Emperor (at Normal Difficulty)
Unit Hit Points Attack Value Armor Value Armor Vs Missiles Missile Attack Missile Range Missile Rate of Fire Speed
Chinese Infantry15015740008
Chinese Crossbowman1205448121158
Chinese Cavalry21016546910013
Chinese Catapult65026300221505
Xiongnu Infantry130143200010
Xiongnu Cavalry22518326109018
Korean Infantry14012640009
Tibetan Infantry15515960007
Tibetan Cavalry2102064689014
Mongol Infantry160215300010
Mongol Catapult60026300211556

Hit Points - amount of damage a unit can take before it's destroyed
Attack Value - amount of damage this unit does in close range attack
Armor Value - how much attack a unit can withstand at close range before taking damage
Armor vs Missiles - how much attack a unit can withstand from missiles before taking damage
Missile Attack - how much damage this unit can inflict with Missiles
Missile Range - how far its Missiles can travel
Missile Rate of fire - Reloading speed (higher number denotes a slower reloading time)
Speed - how fast a unit can travel (higher number denotes a faster speed)

Note - All Tables on Units Hit Points etc are for Normal Difficulty. For other difficulties the numbers should be modified as follows
Hit Points, Attack Value - Very Easy 60%, Easy 80%, Hard 120%, Very Hard 140%
Missile Attack, Missile Range, Missile Rate of Fire - Very Easy 80%, Easy 90%, Hard 110%, Very Hard 120%


In Emperor, you'll encounter 7 different enemies. Those are the Chinese, Xiongnu, Korean, Viet, Tibetan, Khitan and Mongol.

Every enemy has certain unit types: for example, some of them don't have cavalry, and most of them don't have catapults. In the following table you'll see how many percent of each troop type is in an enemy army when they invade your city:


Enemy Infantry Crossbow Cavalry Catapults
Xiongnu 30% - 70% -
Korean 70% 30% - -
Viet 50% 50% - -
Tibetan 80% - 20% -
Khitan 30% - 60% 10%
Mongol 20% 10% 50% 20%

Chinese armies consist of different forces, depending on the time period:

Chinese Infantry Crossbow Cavalry Chariot Catapults
before 1200 BCE 100% - - - -
1200 BCE - 500 BCE 40% - - 60% -
500 BCE - 350 BCE 30% - 10% 45% 15%
350 BCE - 200 BCE 35% 20% 15% 15% 15%
after 200 BCE 40% 25% 20% - 15%


Xiongnu Xiongnu
These fierce horsemen from the northern plains first appeared during the Shang Dynasty, and were a long-time nemesis of the early Chinese. The typical Xiongnu warrior rides a small steppe pony and is an excellent archer, having been trained with the weapon since childhood. Xiongnu infantry (think of them as "dismounted cavalry") are also available, thus rendering your city's walls and gates vulnerable to assault. Xiongnu can also be used to represent other nomadic horsemen the Chinese clashed with, such as the Turks during the Sui Dynasty.
Korean Korean
The Chinese established settlements in Koguryo (modern day North Korea), and clashed with native forces there. Korean military units have moderate armor, and consist of halberd-armed infantry and foot archers armed with a composite bow.
Viet Viet
During the Qin and Han Dynasties the Chinese moved southwards and established settlements in Annam (modern day southern China and northern Vietnam), and battled with the native Viet population. The lightly armored Viet troops boast sword-armed infantry and foot archers wielding a composite bow.
Tibetan Tibetan
The Tibetans, to the west and southwest of China, were first encountered during the Tang Dynasty. The heavily armored Tibetan military units consist of halberd-armed infantry and deadly bow-armed cavalry.
Khitan Khitan
During the Northern Song bands of fierce Khitan warriors invaded China from the north, conquering several cities. The typical Khitan trooper is a mounted warrior armed with composite bow. The Khitan also have infantry and some siege weapons.
Mongol Mongol
During the latter part of the Northern Song Dynasty the game's most fearsome enemy, the Mongols, will be encountered. The most common Mongol unit is mounted on a sturdy Mongolian pony and armed with a bow for ranged fire and short sword for melee. The Mongol army also boasts siege weapons, sword-armed infantry, and foot archers (the latter two representing dismounted cavalry) so that they can better assault and plunder your city.