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Players Military Units

by Merepatra
images courtesy of Norahs2000

Players Military Units in Emperor (at Normal Difficulty)
Unit Hit Points Attack Value Armor Value Armor Vs Missiles Missile Attack Missile Range Missile Rate of Fire Speed


Hit Points - amount of damage a unit can take before it's destroyed
Attack Value - amount of damage this unit does in close range attack
Armor Value - how much attack a unit can withstand at close range before taking damage
Armor vs Missiles - how much attack a unit can withstand from missiles before taking damage
Missile Attack - how much damage this unit can inflict with Missiles
Missile Range - how far its Missiles can travel
Missile Rate of fire - Reloading speed (higher number denotes a slower reloading time)
Speed - how fast a unit can travel (higher number denotes a faster speed)

Note - All Tables on Units Hit Points etc are for Normal Difficulty. For other difficulties the numbers should be modified as follows
Hit Points, Attack Value - Very Easy 60%, Easy 80%, Hard 120%, Very Hard 140%
Missile Attack, Missile Range, Missile Rate of Fire - Very Easy 80%, Easy 90%, Hard 110%, Very Hard 120%