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The Emperor Editor: Putting it all together

If you have made it this far and do plan on creating a full blown scenario or campaign, now is the time to start looking at assembling all of the work you have done into a playable mission or campaign.

Most of the work from this point on will involve the Empire map view. Assuming that you have created all of the desired city maps you wish to use, or you have selected all of the maps provided within the game that you wish to use, start off by opening your editor and selecting new campaign from the drop down menu. You will be prompted to save the current campaign. As long as you have no work in progress just select NO. Now you will be presented with the familiar campaign window. In here, just type in the name that you wish to give your campaign.

Once this is done, your Empire map will be shown as a completely blank map. I have explained how to place all of the cities you wish to use for your map in the previous section about the Empire map. At this point I would suggest you save your campaign. Click on the file option and then select SAVE AS and enter the name of your new campaign.

Now that you have placed all of the cities you wish to use in your campaign, you may begin to edit all of the city properties. This has been covered in the previous section as well.

With your Empire map and Cities all in place, it is now time to put together the campaign. Going to the top of your Empire map, you will see two icons that will be used for the final construction of the mission or campaign. The first one you will use is the city site properties, and the second one you will use is the Mission list.

Start off by highlighting one of the player cities you will have in your mission. (only using one if it is a SP game, more than one for MP). Once you have the player city highlighted click on the City Properties icon as shown above. A drop down menu will be presented to you. This menu lists all available foods and resources available in the game. Select all items that you wish this city to have available, or that the city may produce should they trade for a needed resource. This list needs to be studied carefully in order for you to present a realistic and fun mission. Once you have determined what will be available for and from that city, move on to any other player cities you have on your map and repeat the process.

Now it is time to enter the Mission list. This is where you will assemble all of the events and goals for your playable mission. This page can become very complex and I will not go into great details here, but I will provide the basics. Click on the Mission list icon as shown above.

When you enter into this screen you will notice that the mission that is highlighted is untitled. This is the first mission of the campaign you have saved. Since you have not given the mission any goals or events you will need to go into the EDIT MISSION area. Here you can add a title to the first mission of your campaign. As you add missions to the list you will also be able to link them all to other missions that have been played in the overall campaign. Because of the vast number of possibilities here, I am not going to go into great detail.

Back into the Campaign screen you will notice that you may add mission goals and events. These goals and events will occur in the MISSION you have highlighted. Set up your events and goals for each mission to provide a complete and fun campaign.

One of the most important selections you should make while on this page is the resources allowed. This will cover all resources allowed throughout the Empire and most items should remain in the game unless you are working within a set time period. An example being paper for taxes etc.

A few things you must prepare and provide for the gamer. Make sure each mission has an intro and victory text. Make sure the campaign has an intro and victory text. Make sure that all events are reasonable. Time disasters early in a mission to make sure that you do not devastate a person's long and hard work. Make sure that your missions and campaigns are thoroughly tested before allowing the public to play them.

The Editor is a very complex tool that has a huge variety of options. Although it may seem to be overwhelming to you, if you spend the time and study the editor manual as well as study and plan out your campaigns, you can provide some pretty exciting games for others to play. Take the time to study all of the documentation provided with the game. Do not publish campaigns that you yourself find uninteresting or poor.