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Glyphy Legend

Population Ministry & Misc.
h Common Housing 2x2 H Elite Housing 4x4
= Road 1x1 + Roadblock 1x1
. Blank Space 1x1  
Agricultural Ministry
V Farm House 3x3 v Hemp Farm 2x2
Cabbage Field 1x1 Hemp Field 1x1 (Not Supported)
Millet Field 1x1 r Lacquer Refinery 2x2
Soybean Field 1x1 Not Supported s Silk Worm Shed 2x2
w Wheat Field 1x1 Tea Curing Shed 2x2
Rice Paddy 1x1 o Tree or Bush 1x1
I Irrigation Pump 2x2 n Hunter's Tent 2x2
_ Irrigation Ditch 1x1
f Fishing Quay (E) 3x2 f Fishing Quay (W) 3x2 (See Notes)
F Fishing Quay (S) 2x3 F Fishing Quay (N) 2x3 (See Notes)
Industrial Ministry
b Bronze/Iron Smelter 3x3 i Steel Furnace 3x3
B Bronzeware Maker 2x2 l Logging Shed 2x2
C Clay Pit 2x2 N Paper Maker 2x2
j Jade Carver 2x2 L Lacquerware Maker 2x2
k Kiln 2x2 Salt Mine 3x3
X Stoneworks 2x2 Weaver 2x2
Commerce Ministry
[ Common Market (H) 4x3 { Grand Market (H) 6x3
] Common Market (V) 3x4 } Grand Market (V) 3x6
0 Empty Shop 2x2 4 Ceramics Shop 2x2
1 Food Shop 2x2 5 Wares Shop 2x2
2 Hemp Shop 2x2 6 Tea Shop 2x2
3 Silk Shop 2x2 8 Warehouse 3x3
7 Mill 5x5 9 Trading Station 4x4
` Trading Quay (E) 7x4 ` Trading Quay (W) 7x4 (See Notes)
~ Trading Quay (N) 4x7 ~ Trading Quay (S) 7x4 (See Notes)
Safety Ministry
Q Acupuncture Clinic 2x2 K Inspector's Tower 2x2
q Herbalist's Stall 2x2 J Watchtower 2x2
W Well 2x2
Terrain Types
Arid Land 1x1 Grass 1x1
Rocks & Cliffs 1x1 Ore Rocks 1x1
o Trees / Bamboo 1x1 Water 1x1
Stone Quarry 1x1 (Not Supported) Salt Marsh 1x1 (Not Supported)
Beach / Dunes 1x1 (Not Supported)
Government Ministry
a Administrative City (H) 8x4 p Palace (H) 10x5
A Administrative City (V) 4x8 P Palace (V) 5x10
m Mint 3x3 M Money Printer 3x3
x Tax Office 2x2 = Bridge (same as road) 1x1
e Ferry (E) 3x2 e Ferry (W) 3x2 (See Notes)
E Ferry (S) 2x3 E Ferry (N) 2x3 (See Notes)
Entertainment Ministry
R Acrobat School 3x3 O Drama School 3x3
u Music School 2x2 S Theatre Pavilion 4x4
Religion Ministry
c Ancestral Shrine 2x2 U Confucian Academy 3x3
g Buddhist Shrine 2x2 d Daoist Shrine 2x2
G Buddhist Pagoda 4x4 D Daoist Temple 4x4
Note: For Fishing Quays, Ferries and Trading Quays, glyphs are provided for two orientations. The opposite orientations can be obtained by physically changing the last letter of the images name in the HTML code. (Example: Change the "e" to a "w". Case sensitive: use lower case letters.)
Military Ministry
t City Wall 1x1 T Tower 2x2
City Gate (H) 5x3 Fort (H) 6x4
City Gate (V) 3x5 Fort (V) 4x6
Weaponsmith 2x2
Aesthetics Ministry
! Garden 1x1 * Aesthetic Tree 1x1
@ Garden 2x2 ^ Small Sculpture 1x1
# Garden 3x3 & Large Sculpture 2x2
- Residential Wall 1x1 Residential Gate (H) 1x1
Residential Gate (V) 1x1
: Grand Way (E) 2x1 Grand Way (W) 2x1
; Grand Way (S) 1x2 Grand Way (N) 1x2
( Imperial Way (V) 1x3 ) Imperial Way (H) 3x1
% Wayside Pavilion 2x2 $ Pond 3x3
\ T'ai Chi Park 4x4 | Private Garden 5x5
Monument Ministry
y Mason's Guild 2x2 Y Ceramists' Guild 2x2
z Carpenter's Guild 2x2 Z Laborers' Camp 4x4
Table by VitruviusAIA based on glyphs created by Angel Jayhawk. Angel Jayhawk modified the script from the original Glyphy 1.1 by Crassus Pauper.