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Qin Dynasty - Very Hard

by Baltic

For many years the once powerful Zhou Dynasty has been disintegrating into a morass of feuding, quarreling cities. Now their strength is at an end and they have lost the favour of Heaven. Meanwhile, we, the people of Qin, have grown mighty. The wisdom of our rulers is keen, and the strength of our iron weapons is all powerful. Destiny beckons for the people of Qin to grab the reins of power and reclaim the Mandate of Heaven.

I can't very well write about this campaign now, since I just started it ... As an introduction, I'll supply a few words about difficulty levels and such. In both Caesar 3 and Pharaoh I played 90% of all missions at Hard difficulty; higher difficulty means less money, and stronger enemy soldiers in these games. There is one big difference in Emperor, and that is diplomacy and its influence on the military events. In C3 & P, the invasions came always at the same time, and the only thing that depended on difficulty setting was the size and strength of invading army. In Emperor, the difficulty setting can influence the attitude of other cities to you - that means, at Very Hard you are attacked while at Normal there is no sign of any invasion. Not even threats and such. I guess I will play at Very Hard all the remaining missions, I like it a lot more when you have to think well and plan your every move. "Hard" is a bit too forgiving for my personal taste.

And a short note about common principles in my cities... I always go for Perfect harmony in Feng Shui, if it does not block me from victory (didn't happen yet). Generally my city has only one mill, and - if possible - one market for 2 blocks. I prefer to build the second block as mixed rather than pure elite (looks better, and I need the extra workers). I don't worry much about going into debt, but most of the time it is easy to avoid it anyway. During first two years I ignore both festivals and heroes, but once the city is running and I can spare the money and/or goods, there is a festival every year, and all heroes receive their share of homage. I use blessings when that helps me (very often I ask Nu Wa to bless fisheries or hunters). I save often and replay from a save when I make some mistake or lose battle. All that is generally true, but it is not a must - sometimes I simply decide that it will be more interesting to do it some other way, and adopt different rules for a particular mission.

Fine, that's it... let's go and build the Canal!