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Sui-Tang A Time of Grandeur

by VitruviusAIA

Like leaves blown aimlessly by the wind, for many hundreds of years the people of this great land have wandered this way and that in search of a wise and strong leader to bind them. Now, a new Mandate from Heaven has been issued! It is not without much struggle and determination that the kingdom of Sui, led by the noble Yang Jian, has finally stepped forward to grab the yoke of all lands between the Yellow and Yangzi rivers. Let the grandeur that was the China of our ancestors be given a new birth.

The Sui-Tang campaign contains eight missions. The main focus is on city building and there are monuments to build in five of the missions. Other requirements include population and housing level goals, months of Heroes in the city, food and goods production goals, development of trade partners and collecting animals for your menagerie.

If you sustain good relations with your neighbors and maintain a minimal defensive presence in your city, you won't see much military activity in this campaign. The only time I saw an invading army in my city was in the last mission, and that army was easily defeated with a couple of forts and assistance from a Hero (playing at Normal Difficulty).

Some of these missions are played at Normal difficulty, and some at Very Hard. Eventually a Very Hard version will replace all the Normal versions.