Emperor Review Guide

This review guide contains the rules and guidelines for all scenario reviews and comments submitted to the Emperor Heaven Downloads Section. It is intended to offer reviewers (and scenario designers) some helpful advice and factors to consider when rating a scenario and writing a critical review about it.

When you submit a review, it will be assumed you have read and agree with these Review Guidelines. Whenever a review is deemed to fall short of these review standards, the reviewer will be contacted by our Reeve of the Reviews, GillB. She will ask you to update/explain your rating or you will run the risk of having it removed. You will have about one week to comply.

Please note that a Review consists of a rated score along with a written review about a scenario. A Comment does not rate a scenario and offers only a short general commentary.

Table of Contents


Let’s start with explaining some basic premises about reviewing in general.

What are Reviews?

Reviews are a way of voicing your opinion on someone’s work. They consist of two parts: (1) rating a scenario by assigning a score of 1-5 to five categories and (2) written comments. Reviews not only provide valuable feedback to a designer, but also help others in deciding whether or not to download and play the scenario.

Why write a Review?

Scenario designers like to get feedback on their work. Reviews are meant to encourage the quality of scenario design in general and push it to the next level. Writing a review forces oneself to carefully examine another’s work and either learn from the techniques used in its creation, or to offer advice to the designer so that he or she avoids similar mistakes in the
future, as well was anyone reading the review.

General Review Guidelines