Additional Notes

If you feel you have to write a particularly negative review because of glaring errors made by the designer, please be so kind to notify him or her by email first and allow them a decent interval of time to fix the problems before submitting a scathing review. It is appreciated, however, if you put up a comment (i.e., no rating score) that the scenario is seriously flawed.

A rating will be based strictly on the scenario itself. No points should be deducted for missing README files, strange zipping methods or other external factors. Informing the author (by email) of the problems you experienced is appreciated though.

The Emperor Review Guide was based upon similar documents at Stronghold Heaven, Age of Wonders Heaven, Age of Kings Heaven and Empire Earth Heaven. It is not identical to the other documents and can be changed when necessary based on new information at a later date. These guidelines are meant to encourage the highest amount of fairness and usefulness for rating and reviewing scenarios.

last updated 24 Sep 2002