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Download File (1.68 MB)
1.68 MB
Exiles of Yu
An engrossing seven episode campaign of fugitives coming together to form new cities, face unseen challenges, forge alliances, bring peace and shaping the history of China for years to come. You shall be leading them in this story as their savior.
by sampad
5.0 (1)
79 1 8
Download File (376.9 KB)
376.9 KB
The Lost Treasure of Nanyue - Singleplayer Campaign
Emperor Wu Di has sent you into the jungles of the south to find a fabled lost treasure. With only a spy's cryptic riddle and your own skills at your disposal, can you possibly succeed? A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
5.0 (2)
859 1 6
Download File (391.51 KB)
391.51 KB
The Shaman of Yin Oasis - Singleplayer Campaign
In the waning years of the Tang dynasty, your mission is to build a new city at a desert oasis. You must tread lightly to appease the feared Shaman who already dwells there! A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
5.0 (2)
1072 1 8
Download File (300.03 KB)
300.03 KB
The Imperial Forbidden City - Singleplayer Campaign
Undertake the construction of the famous Forbidden City! A fun campaign for builders of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
- 1409 1 4
Download File (658.34 KB)
658.34 KB
The Fall of the Song - Singleplayer Campaign
Historically, Kublia Khan's Yuan armies conquered the Southern Song Dynasty in 1279 CE. This campaign explores an alternate history in which Zhao Bing, the last boy-emperor of the Song, escaped from the Yuan. Designed for advanced players!
by Gweilo2
5.0 (2)
5315 1 3
Download File (815.57 KB)
815.57 KB
Bandit Lord's Destiny - Singleplayer Campaign
Step back into China's bronze age and take command of a bandit gang struggling to survive during the historic final years of the Western Zhou dynasty. If you are cunning enough, you might become the Most Wanted Villian in all the Zhou lands!
by Gweilo2
4.9 (2)
3751 1 4
Download File (433.32 KB)
433.32 KB
Birth of the Trieu Dynasty - Singleplayer Campaign
Relive the career of general Zhao Tuo, who founded the Trieu Dynasty of Nanyue (ancient Vietnam).
by Gweilo2
4.2 (5)
3837 1 12
Download File (1.39 MB)
1.39 MB
The Fabulous Story of Li Jie
Experience the Story of Lie Jie, from his childhood trained by her father until up to the time she'll become a fantastic hero and save China from barbarian invaders. A campaign designed for advanced players.
by frut_mut
4.6 (2)
38 0 9
Download File (641.05 KB)
641.05 KB
Buddha's Time-Traveler - Singleplayer Campaign
Will you join the hero Sun Wu Kong in a series of incredible adventures to save your monastery from future destruction? A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
4.6 (1)
50 0 1
Download File (2.12 MB)
2.12 MB
The Tea Kingdom
An engrossing seven episode campaign of a kingdom rising from a modest hamlet to the pinnacles of power with the blessings of tea! You shall guide your people through the testing times to grow, falter and rise back again to change history.
by sampad
4.6 (2)
46 0 1
Download File (378.11 KB)
378.11 KB
The Shattered Spears of Samhan - Singleplayer Campaign
Strap on your armor, grab your spear, and step into this adaptation of the historic wars on the Korean peninsula in the 7th century CE. A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
4.7 (2)
96 0 3
Download File (430.47 KB)
430.47 KB
The Legend of Xingshan - Singleplayer Campaign
You are invited to become part of the Legend of Xingshan, an original mythical tale told in the style of the great Chinese legends. A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
4.7 (2)
660 0 2
Download File (424.28 KB)
424.28 KB
The Tale of Tongguan - Singleplayer Campaign
Your destiny is bound with the mountains of "Tongguan", or "Tong Pass". Can you write its tale as you navigate the upheaval of the early Three Kingdoms period? A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
4.8 (1)
781 0 11
Download File (404.43 KB)
404.43 KB
The Outcasts of Wu - Singleplayer campaign
The Black Death is ravaging the land, and the Yuan Dynasty has blamed you for it! Can you lead your outcasts to survival while being feared and hated by the entire Middle Kingdom? A sobering campaign inspired by current 21st century events.
by Gweilo2
5.0 (1)
702 0 4
Download File (400.37 KB)
400.37 KB
The Horsemen of Wei Qing - Singleplayer Campaign
Relive the exploits of the famous Han general Wei Qing during the Han-Xiongnu war. A fun campaign designed for players of all skill levels.
by Gweilo2
- 563 0 2
Download File (157.4 KB)
157.4 KB
Twin's Demise: A Family Affair
Highly MODed mission, extra large monument in a tight space
by user3
- 192 0 0
Download File (149.56 KB)
149.56 KB
Liaoyang Battery Park: A Never Ending Story
Highly MODed mission for intermediate and above players
by user3
- 146 0 0
Download File (151.75 KB)
151.75 KB
The search for the Emperor's Penguin
basic housing development(1000 Ornate Apt.) in confined space(bad Feng Shui).
by user3
- 132 0 0
Download File (19.91 MB)
19.91 MB
A New Beginning
A very hard custom campaign
by Melinoe
- 211 0 3
Download File (736.66 KB)
736.66 KB
Xionnot Empire: Easyish Campaign
Build 4 Great Walls and 3 other monuments
by user3
- 218 0 1

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