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Shaolin Monastery - Singleplayer Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 3
# of Cities: 1
Difficulty: Hard
Custom Maps: Yes
During the 5th and 6th centuries CE, Buddhism spread rapidly throughout the Middle Kingdom. Thousands of temples, monuments, and religious sites were built during this time.

In 495 CE, Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty commissioned the building of a new Buddhist monastery at Mount Song. The woodlands surrounding the mountain were called 'Shaolin' by the locals, meaning 'young forest', and thus the monastery's name was born.

Many years later, a strange Buddhist master arrived at Shaolin. His name was Bodhidharma, and his impact on the monks (and Buddhism itself) was immense. He introduced radical new teachings, which included Chan (Zen) thought and a physical regimen program which evolved into a martial art. Bodhidharma's teachings were like pebbles dropped into a still pond, and the ripples are still felt by Buddhists today.

In this campaign you will assume the role of a young Buddhist administrator, sent by the emperor to establish the monastery. You will find that running a monastery is a different experience than running a city. Monks live a more humble life, and the evolution of their community is guided by their religious beliefs. A determined effort was made to incorporate this aspect into the campaign design.

A player will interact with 7 historically-accurate cities. Resources, commodities, and available structures follow the Emperor model for the Steel Age. Sabotage by spies is prohibited in this campaign, although spies can still be used for information gathering. This campaign features a new custom map of original design, and 'enormous' size. The map was modeled from an actual map of the Mount Song area.

For chronological continuity, this campaign should be played just after concluding the Jin-Wudi campaign, and before starting the Sui-Tang campaign 'A Time of Grandeur'. The historical timeline of 'Shaolin Monastery' falls between those two campaigns.

Five extra files are included in the download package. The first is a text file 'SM_Readme.txt', which contains installation instructions, historical background information, campaign design notes, and mission hints (warning: contains spoilers). The other four files are images called 'Shaolin_map.jpg', 'Bodhidharma1.jpg', 'Bodhidharma2.jpg', and 'Sun_Wu_Kong.gif'. These extra files are included solely for historical reference.

NOTE: This campaign places a heavy emphasis on trade, money management, and empire map diplomacy. A military dimension also exists. It is designed for experienced players with more than a casual knowledge of the game.

Missions Teasers: (note: all missions have a 'time limit' or 'survival' goal)

Mission 1 - 'A Monastery For Mount Song' - 31 years, from 495 CE to the end of 525 CE.

Mission 2 - 'A Master Brings Enlightenment' - 14 years, from 526 CE to the end of 539 CE.

Mission 3 - 'The Warrior Monks of Shaolin' - no time limit, survive 10 years, starts in 540 CE.

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File Author
Hello Meghanajh, and welcome to Emperor Heaven.

I don't know what to say except 'thanks'. I know the effort it takes to make a formal review here, and I appreciate the time you invested to do this.

I tried to go in a different direction with this campaign, and I'm glad you understood and liked it. And you are right, it was a labor of love for me. I hope you like some of my other offerings here... ;)

[Edited on 07/12/04 @ 04:34 PM]

File Author
Hello Centaurus, and welcome to Emperor Heaven. Thanks for taking the time to make a formal review of this campaign.

I'm pleased you enjoyed this campaign, and of course I'm flattered by your ratings. :) I hope you enjoy some of the other custom campaigns here. I have just released a new one called "Challenge at Westlake" which is somewhat similar in scope (if not in substance) to Shaolin Monastery. You may find it as enjoyable.

Custom campaign design is only a hobby for me. It is a way to channel my strong interest in Chinese history, which is why all my campaigns have a historical basis.

[Edited on 11/16/04 @ 06:14 PM]

File Author

It has been several weeks since you posted the review above. I have sent you several emails, which did not bounce, but I have received no replies. I must therefore believe you have decided not to have a private dialogue with me. Thus, I feel the need to respond publicly. Otherwise, more players will be confused by the erroneous parts of your review.

You use the term “glitch”, which indicates a software bug. I assure you there are no trade bugs in this campaign. Many hours of playtesting preceded the release of this campaign, and all such problems would have been reported by my playtesters. Also, this campaign has been released for more than 4 years and none of the issues you wrote about have ever been experienced by other players.

Several players from around the world have uploaded save games from this campaign into the Completed Cities section of the Emperor Heaven downloads. I offer them as proof that the campaign does not contain the problems you noted. For example, the next link shows one such submission:


From time to time a player will report strange problems with some campaigns that no one else has experienced. These problems could be the result of:

1. Not having the game patch installed, or
2. Having a corrupted installation of the campaign.

This might have happened to you. If you do not have the game patch installed, please install it, and you will probably find the issues will be resolved.

If you still experience issues, you might have a corrupted installation of the campaign. Try reinstalling it and see if the problems go away.

However, I suspect that what you are calling glitches are in reality the scripted events I put into the missions, which you might not be used to encountering. I put some scripted events in Shaolin Monastery which appear only rarely in the core game’s campaigns.

For example, you state the spices are not available, when in fact they ARE available – by importation. I'm sorry you missed that. There are periods during the missions when you can't import spices, but later you will be able to import them again. This is due to the scripted events firing. Did you play the missions long enough to see this pattern? This trade pattern is also true for other commodities. I understand that you might not like this design feature, and that’s fine, but please realize it is not a glitch.

So you didn’t like the map. To each their own, but I submit that your rating is far too harsh, when you consider our rating guidelines.

Your comments about the housing level are also unwarranted. Housing evolution in this campaign is based on the model of an ancient Buddhist monastery. Common housing will evolve all the way to luxurious apartment, the highest common level the game allows, so I don’t understand why you say it is restricted. Elite housing is not allowed for historical accuracy, because Buddhist monks lived a more humble lifestyle.

I am curious, did you read any of the information in the SM_Readme.txt file (which came in the download) before you posted this review? What I wrote in that file explains much about the design of this campaign, and reveals information directly related to some of the points you brought up in your review.

In retrospect, I am left with the overall suspicion that you might not have played Shaolin Monastery long enough to uncover the fact that it is stable and bug-free, nor did you stick with it long enough to uncover its nuances and strategies.

In the event you read these comments sometime, I would appreciate it if you would revise your ratings to comply with the guidelines we use here. I understand you didn’t like this campaign, and your ratings can certainly reflect that, but the marks you have currently given are simply not justified.

If you visit this next link, you can read our guidelines for how review ratings should be given:


Thank You,
File Author
Hello Seaworld. Thanks for taking the time to understand the different immersion in city-building that this campaign offers. Thanks for leaving the concise review.
tennyson98 This is a very interesting map. I felt the Heroes didnt need to be so long. The trading is right on the edge of making enough money. On the second mission other cities kept asking for Tea and it kept getting higher and higher then it just stopped. I really ramped up tea production to keep up with demand and it just stopped. Having a Palace would have been a real nice addition with a tax office, this would have helped when trading stopped for while.

I really liked all the hills with the trees everywhere.

All in all I really liked this map. I would give it an overall rating of 4.5/5.

This is a must download and play.

To the creator, the time you took to have other cities change there trading demand was really nice. Added a different challenge.

[Edited on 11/20/13 @ 12:56 PM]

File Author
Hello tennyson98, thanks for your comment. You are allowed to leave a review for this campaign, where you can put in your rating. Click on the 'post review' button at the top of the page. I wasn't sure you knew you could do that.

[Edited on 11/20/13 @ 04:27 PM]

Gweilo tennyson98, thanks for leaving your review. Did you notice the 'readme' text file that was included in the download zip file? If you open it, you will have the answers to many of the things you mentioned in your review.
File Author
Hello Marconi, thank you for leaving the review.
File Author
Has it really been almost 17 years since I built this campaign? This was one of my early designs, but it stands out in my memory because:

1. It was the first time I built a custom map that I adapted from the terrain of the actual area (which you may have noticed from looking at the image of the Shaolin Monastery tourist map that I included in the zip file). This was also the first map I ever built which included the pinnacle with the shrine sitting on top of it, which I fell in love with (and still am).

2. I discovered I could use the mission text to do a variety of things, such as: tell a historically-accurate story, generate an overall tone for the entire story (the beginnings of Chan Buddhism), and to provide hints to a player to achieve success.

3. This was my first attempt to use extensive scripted events to influence the game play. I remember spending hours charting out the timing of the scripted events on graph paper to make sure the play balance from these events remained fair and did not become too restrictive. In hindsight, I think the scripting holds up well in this campaign.

4. This was my first foray into a design that required a player to use the special capabilities and blessings of certain heroes in order to find a path to victory.

zhoudynasty, thanks for leaving your review. I invite you to try my other monastery-themed campaign, "Hero of Wudang Mountain". It immerses you in Daoism while requiring you to protect your monastery. It is more difficult than this one!

[Edited on 11/05/20 @ 10:05 AM]

zhoudynasty Gweilo2, it is so nice to see that you still remember in details despite this being created many years ago! I was actually shocked and surprised to see you replying to my reviews as most of the campaigns are created ranging few years ago to long ago.

Your other monastery-themed campaign, "Hero of Wudang Mountain", is a very different gameplay and strategy from this campaign "Shaolin Monastery". I am still trying to get pass Mission 1.

[Edited on 11/06/20 @ 07:05 AM]

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