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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Ming General - The Annam Campaign - Singleplayer Campaign

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Ming General - The Annam Campaign - Singleplayer Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 4
# of Cities: 2
Difficulty: Very Hard
Custom Maps: Yes
In the early 15th century CE, the Ming emperor Yongle ordered an invasion of Annam (ancient Vietnam). His goal was nothing less than the full annexation of the territory. The conquest of Annam was completed by 1407 CE, but the fighting was far from over. For the next two decades, relentless opposition from fierce Dai Viet insurgents turned the Ming dream of annexation into a bloody nightmare. The occupation became so costly that shortly after Yongle's death in 1424 CE, the Ming began a full withdrawal from Annam. The withdrawal was completed by 1428, and once more Annam belonged to the Dai Viet.

This bloody chapter in the history of China and Vietnam is the focus of this campaign. You will undertake the role of a Mandarin general tasked with the planning and execution of the initial conquest. Later, your assignments will focus on the occupation and exploitation of the conquered lands. All the while, you must satisfy the needs of the emperor while dealing with stiff resistance from the Dai Viet. As the reality of the doomed occupation begins to draw to its inevitable, ill-fated conclusion, the pressures and dangers will steadily mount. You must rise to meet these challenges - or suffer defeat and humiliation from both the Dai Viet and a wrathful emperor!

A player will interact with 7 historically-accurate cities. Resources, commodities, and available structures follow the Emperor model for the Steel Age. This campaign features two new custom maps of 'enormous' size. Sabotage by spies has been disallowed for this campaign, although spies can still be used for information gathering.

For chronological continuity, this campaign should be played just after concluding the Song-Jin 'Invaders from the North' campaign.

The download zip file contains the two custom maps built for this campaign, as well as another extra file named 'MGTAC_Readme.txt'. This text file contains installation instructions, historical background information, campaign design notes, general play tips, and mission hints (warning: contains spoilers).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This campaign is rated 'Very Hard', and is designed to provide a solid challenge for advanced players. For the best play experience, a player should possess an advanced understanding of the game's military aspect, time-constrained missions, money management, trading, labor allocation, monument construction, summoning and using the Heroes, and empire-map diplomacy.

Missions Teasers (note: the first three missions have a time-limit)

Mission 1 - 'A Daring Plan for Conquest' - 5 years, from 1403 CE to the end of 1407 CE

Mission 2 - 'And So Begins a Deadly Occupation' - 9 years, from 1408 CE to the end of 1416 CE

Mission 3 - 'Rewards of Beauty and Bitterness' - 8 years, from 1417 CE to the end of 1424 CE

Mission 4 - 'Final Withdrawal, Final Greed' - Survive 4 years, starts in 1425 CE
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Beijing Tag
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4

Four missions based on two very large maps. The map sizes allow for a number of build locations and so encourages replayability. A good variety of challenges means the player needs to be well versed in all aspects of the game. City goods requests come early and often which may challenge players with a slow and steady style. Later in the missions some of the goods requests are really steep, "You want how many? Get out of here!"

Balance: 4

The missions provide a good challenge to experienced players. The initial missions (M1 & M2) are excellent and action packed - resource management issues, invasions, requests, natural disasters, predator management etc. The missions where you revisit (M3 & M4) are good, but perhaps not as challenging as the set up missions. But they are still fun.

Creativity: 4

A rational/logical/historical storyline, excellent map design and high incidence of requests/events keep things fresh and original.

Map Design: 5

The M1/M3 map is excellent. A thing of beauty. Very natural looking, great use of islands and mainland. The M2/M4 map is also pretty good with a well designed natural harbour. M2/M4 map also requires multiple invasion point defenses keeping a player on his/her toes. All those active 'gauntlets' suck out manpower.

Story/Instructions: 4

Very good. Up to usual Gweilo standards.

Additional Comments: A lot of fun and a wide variety of challenges. The highlight for me was the M1/M3 map and the variety that it allowed. I tend to overbuild (especially Elites) and this tendency may have blunted the challenge for me on the revisit missions, players with other styles may not experience this.
File Author
BT, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a review! Glad you enjoyed this one.
h711 Oh my goodness, you people are still here and playing this game. I havn't played this game for years. It's good to see there are still people playing.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3 upgrade to 4
Initially challenging but difficult to figure out. Suddenly i'm an absolute rookie. will return to my disc and start with the tutorial again.

I have a flaw, I get too involved in the story and victory without honour is depressing

Balance: 2 upgrade 5
No leeway for mistakes. labour always short. The pause key was friendly but the labour takes too long to arrive. Fall of the Song takes a while for the people to arrive (M2) but this one is shorter distances but more hectic. And then keeping up with tributes is a nightmare.

Pure challenge. Micromanage, micromanage. Seasons, seasons, seasons

Creativity: 5
Stunning, absolute challenge.

Map Design: 3
Multiple levels, trees suck out initial start up capital. City seems messy and cramped (M4).

Story/Instructions: 5
Great story line. Not the Song's return or Sun Wu Kong. Interesting. I get too involved. Depressing to withdraw after the blood sweat and tears.

Additional Comments:
Sorry Gweilo. Not my style. Something just didn't catch me. Think my game play is a little different. Might return to this when i've revisited the Tutorial Campaign.

The battles in M4 are hectic. If anyone can advise i'll appreciate it.

Thanks for the challenge, Gwielo you win again. Drag me in so deep i can't see anything but the next challenge.

[Edited on 10/01/10 @ 03:54 AM]

Gweilo Seaworld, thanks for leaving the review. In some ways, this campaign is probably the toughest one I've built, so congratulations on your victory. Certainly the missions taking place on the Detian Falls map (M1/M3) rank up there with the hardest ones I've designed.

The storyline sticks with true history, including the doomed ending. Still, I tried to leave you (the player) with a feeling of honor as you sailed away from Annam, albeit bittersweet. The Dai Viet sent you the gift of the tiger not to mock you, but rather to honor you as a respected enemy. And I hinted that the new emperor was impressed by your prowess, and had future assignments for you.

I had originally planned on making at least one other campaign as a sequel to this one, as part of a "Ming General" series, but good subject matter just never materialized.
File Author
In the Emperor Heaven Gallery there is an album of screenshots from the playtesting of this campaign. I failed to include a link to it in the campaign download, so you newer players may not know it exists. The screenshots contain spoilers, so view at your own risk! Here's the link:

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Map Design5.0
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