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Miscellaneous Files » TuShaWuJin's Minimaps HTML documents

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TuShaWuJin's Minimaps HTML documents

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(id: shaun1)
File Details
Category: Document
The collection of minimap descriptions is presented in 4 ways.
-1. Alphanumeric: Complete listing of all MAPs in the "cities" folder of version
-2. SinglePlayer Campaigns: Listing of MAPs by Standard Version Campaigns with mission cityname and order indicated.
-3. Multiplayer: Listing of MAPs by Standard Version Campaigns with cityname indicated.
-4. Custom Campaign & Open Play MAPs: Listings added describing all of the Singleplayer Custom Campaigns and Open Play Maps available in the HG download sections.

Mousing over any MAP image will indicate all the Campaigns that use it.

The extra data included for each MAP description include
-1. Map size and climate type
-2. Resources present(Copper, Iron, Salt, Stone)
-----Tree type, Canal or Great Walls can be discerned from the image.
-3. Water Trade indicates that both water entry/exit points present.
-4. Number of Fish and Prey points
-5. Number and type of Predators points
Unzip the package folder to a convenient location. I suggest 'My Documents' Folder, but it doesn't matter as the files are all self contained in the 'TuShaWuJins HTML' Folder and should work no matter where you move the 'TuShaWuJin' Folder.
"corealpha.htm" is the main entry point, which can be bookmarked. You can more easily find the htm files in the Folder by right clicking inside 'TuShaWuJin HTML' Folder and choose 'Arrange Icons by Type'.

As a far future side project, I have thought of making all the minimap images linkable to a large image that shows the entry/exit points for land and water, and perhaps showing the prey/predator/fish points. This is where I would provide linkage to each Campaign that uses it(quick clickability); sort of an expansion on the mouseover text idea.

Please: Download > Look it over > Discuss
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
I think this is a great project and the only reason I'm not leaving a 5-star review is that I suspect you are not finished with it yet!

This is a great way to show off the maps that come delivered in the core game.

As far as revealing information about the campaigns and missions, I don't think that really is an issue at this point in the game's lifecycle. Players who are still discovering this game and want to be surprised during gameplay can just choose to not look at that part of your html.

For reasons that are somewhat selfish, I would like to see a future expansion of this that includes the maps from custom campaigns.

[Edited on 07/07/09 @ 07:24 AM]

(id: shaun1)
File Author
I could start next week on your earlier campaigns, but I don't know how to handle the more recent campaigns that didn't include '?.map'. I was under the impression that the MAPs you released were altered somewhat, from what was used in the campaign, to make them more playable under 'Open Play'.
Gweilo I don't quite understand what you typed. Apologies. Are you saying you need the map files that were actually used to generate the pak files? I think I did include them in the downloads for my campaigns. If I didn't, I can get them to you.
(id: shaun1)
File Author
I dont 'need' the MAP files, but the purpose of the MAP description's is to give a little informatin about a MAP file. I imagine that an alphanumic listing would be most useful for 'Open Play'.

Some of your campaign downloads didnt include MAPs, since the PAKs dont need them. Some of the MAP downloads you provided might of been altered from the original custom campaign.

The question in provide for these situations to provide a description based on the PAKs use,
- *asterisk* the '?.map' naming for the campaign listing,
- leave out the unavailable MAP file from the Gweilo MAPs alphanumeric listing since the MAP isnt available for 'Open Play',
- and provide in the alphanumeric listing the later released MAPs available for download with no title mouseover pointing to a campaign, but rather a MAP download name.

That is how I see doing it in those situations for now.

[Edited on 07/08/09 @ 09:33 PM]

Gweilo Ok.

If you decide you need descriptions of my map files, just let me know. If I didn't include actual map files in the campaign downloads, I still have them on my hard drive. Also, if I released an open play version of the map, I was careful to clone it under a different name, so the original one used in the pak file is still available. Thanks.
(id: shaun1)
File Author
I have updated the 'Example' HTML to include the polished Xia and Shang Dynasties. Let me know if the format needs more polishing and if you want the 'event number' included. I ordered the events chronologically, rather then the chaos of event number. Shang Dynasty provides a nice example that could spark a discussion of how some events are handled by the game.
(id: shaun1)
File Author
-Big Update-
Added 100 new minimap images of all the Singleplayer Campaigns and Open Play MAPs.
267 minimap images in all.
Hyperlinking to the download location of 79 custom MAPs, plus several Campaigns that dont have MAPs available.
Rating: 5

This is a fantastic tool to preview the delivered and custom campaigns and maps for this game. I can see many uses for it, such as tutoring newer players, helping some players see hints to overcome especially-troublesome campaigns/missions, and to give designers ideas on how and why certain maps are designed and mated into specific missions in campaigns. The ability to see the scripted events is also quite remarkable, and useful.

Additional Comments:

Bravo! Thanks for this tremendous contribution to Emperor.
Rating: 5
The mini-map and campaign info for those maps is excellent. With these documents, one can analyze every map to find the best place to build their housing block and other structures,m without entering the game. It's also great for creating campaigns, because the delivered maps are good for player cities in campaigns.

Additional Comments:
Great job. I look forward to its further completion!
(id: shaun1)
File Author
Final Update:
Added Multiplayer Campaigns and Maps
- Now displays 121 Custom MAPs from HG Emperor download sections.
- Has 167 standard MAPs that come with the game.
Orginized for an 'Open Play' MAP search or a sneak peek at the Campaigns

Moved the Detailed "Spoiler" Xia, Shang, Zhou & Qin Dynasty Campaign descriptions to links in their respective Campaign Minimap listing.
These 4 Campaigns seem to have the most questions, which could be answered with the spoiler info. It is enough to spark a discussion on scripting and campaign creation if there is an interest.

This project FINISHED!

[Edited on 08/05/09 @ 04:20 PM]

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