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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Voices of the Pinfei - Singleplayer Campaign

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Voices of the Pinfei - Singleplayer Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 5
# of Cities: 4
Difficulty: Normal
Custom Maps: Yes
Emperor Yongle of the Ming dynasty is remembered for his construction of the Forbidden City in Beijing. However, there is a dark stain on this event that is known by few today. This story is best told by those it affected. They are the "Pinfei", the imperial concubines. The storyline of this campaign is comprised of personal diary entries of the pinfei, each with its own voice. Be forewarned that as these voices spin the tale, a horrible and tragic climax will be revealed.

This campaign includes five missions and a player will interact with 7 cities (4 historically accurate). Resources, commodities, and available structures follow the Emperor model for the steel age.

Four new custom maps were created for this campaign. Three are 'medium' size and one (the Forbidden City map shown here) is 'large' size.

An extra file is included in this download. It is a text file named 'VOTP_Readme.txt', and contains installation instructions, background information, campaign design notes, general play tips, and mission hints (warning: contains spoilers). Additionally, other hints are available by viewing the album of playtest screenshots in the Emperor Heaven gallery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This campaign is rated 'normal' and will provide a difficulty level similar to the campaigns in the core game.

Missions Teasers: (Note - there are no time limits on any missions in this campaign)

M1 - Lady Xiao, Mistress of the Potter's Wheel - begins in 1390 CE.

M2 - Concubine Lu, Weaver of Words - begins in 1395 CE.

M3 - The Secrets of Consort Yu - begins in 1400 CE.

M4 - Noble Consort Zhao of the Forbidden City - begins in 1406 CE.

M5 - Screams of the Pinfei - begins in 1421 CE.
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Nightmeercat I haven't been able to play this campaign, maybe you can help? I opened MyPC - Sierra - EmperorRotMK - Campaigns, then I copied the Voices of the Pinfei.pak to the campaign folder. Yet when I open the game, its not listed in the custom campaign folder. I haven't downloaded a game from here before, so its a distinct possibility I'm missing something obvious, can you help? I think its great you made this, and I'd love to try it out.
File Author
Hi Nightmeercat, check for these things:

1. If you copied the 'Voices of the Pinfei' zip folder from the download into the 'Campaigns' folder on your PC, you still have to open it and copy the file 'Voices of the Pinfei.pak' up into the 'Campaigns' folder too, you cannot just leave it sitting in the folder 'Voices of the Pinfei'.

2. Do you have alot of custom campaigns in your 'Campaigns' folder on your PC? If you do, you may need to delete a few before this one will show up in the list. (It doesn't sound like this is your problem but I wanted to bring that up).

3. Do you have the game patch installed? If not, you need to install it.

[Edited on 06/25/19 @ 05:15 AM]

Nightmeercat I saw that I didn't extract it, rookie mistake, so I did that, then pasted the extracted file to the campaigns folder, still nothing.

I only have 1 other campaign, X Emperor Jin Wudi, I don't know when I added it, but it was awhile ago.

I downloaded the game through GOG, so I'm guessing I don't need the patch, but if I do, can I get that through GOG as well?
File Author
The version of the game from GOG is already patched, so that part is ok.

Let's recap: when you start the game and select your ruler name, the next menu that appears should let you choose between Historical Campaigns, Custom Campaigns, and Open Play. To confirm, you are clicking on the button for Custom Campaigns, correct? If so, do you see the one 'X Emperor Jin Wudi' campaign available there? Anything else? If the installation is correct you should see 'Voices of the Pinfei' appear there as well.
Udunie Hello! I just registered for this forum, just to thank you for all your wonderful campaigns! I had a lot of fun playing this, thank you so much for all your hard work!
File Author
Hi Udunie, I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your kind words.
File Author
user3: Thanks for the review! Very nice to get top marks from a player of your caliber.

Udunie: Thank you so much for registering just to provide feedback and a nice review for this campaign. I appreciate your feedback immensely!

Here are a few more of my thoughts on this campaign that I didn't put in the Design Blog forum post.

I wanted to try a design that mimicked the Zeus model of 'parent' and 'colony' missions, at least as much as was possible in Emperor. So that is why the first three missions are short and straight forward in terms of goals. These early missions are the set up for mission 4. Beginning then, you see these prior 'colonies' providing their tribute gifts to the 'parent' Forbidden city (which cannot produce them).

Without a doubt, writing the storyline of this campaign was my favorite part. I've built many campaigns over the years and this one ranks up there in the top 3 for my favorite storyline. The story almost wrote itself, using a historical event as a catalyst and packaged in dialogue gleaned from over 100 hours of watching Chinese 'gong dou' TV shows.

Based on my involvement at the Emperor Facebook page, I've noticed there are still many new players to this game. So I am beginning to gear my campaigns more towards them, and keep the difficulty level on par with the core game.

[Edited on 07/02/19 @ 07:57 AM]

user3 "caliber"= addicted to exploits ;)

Nowadays, I much like the more relaxed campaigns; where I can explore personal options in replay, rather then planning for challenging events.
user3 M3 prey point on NW island is bugged, assuming this is intentional.

PS-upload 571? available for completed cities

[Edited on 07/07/19 @ 03:06 AM]

andyblast Looks good, esp the non-time-limited part. Will try as soon as reach Steel age on game-missions for refreshing the play-style.
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