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The Fabulous Story of Li Jie

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 5
# of Cities: 4
Difficulty: Very Hard
Custom Maps: Yes
"The Fabulous Story of Li Jie" is a fictional story, and is not based on any real individual.

Experience the Story of Lie Jie, from his childhood trained by her father until up to the time she'll become a fantastic hero and save China from barbarian invaders.

You will lead each of four cities in the shoes of Chen Zhi and Lie Jie. Restore the peace in China, fight your enemies with courage and show to the world your true power.

This is my first campaign ever created. Four new customs maps have been designed, to "Large" until 'Enormous" size.

Big thanks to Gweilo2 for helping correct a few things and perfecting goals and events !

This campaign is rated "Very Hard". A pak. file, 4 maps files, and a README.txt is available and will show you all the events of all missions.


NEW UPDATE 11/29/2021 : Changes has been made for a better balance and playability :

Mission 4 (Wuzhou part2) :
- Catapult fort is now allowed.
- Survival time reduced : 8 years instead of 10 years.

Mission 5 (Lanzhou) :
- Catapult fort is now disallowed.
- Irrigation pump is now disallowed.


Mission 1 : "Hope for a better world" - 8 years, from 697 CE to the end of 704 CE.

Mission 2 : "The mouth of Yangzi River" - 7 years, from 705 CE to the end of 711 CE.

Mission 3 : "A good day for a warrior's death" - 11 years, from 712 CE to the end of 722 CE.

Mission 4 : "No time to complain" - 8 years, from 723 CE to the end of 730 CE.

Mission 5 : "The siege of Lanzhou" - 9 years, from 731 CE to the end of 739 CE.
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It was a real pleasure to assist you on this campaign, even if it did kick my butt! :P I created the news article we talked about. I look forward to your future releases!

[Edited on 11/10/21 @ 06:59 PM]

Frodon2 Hi frut_mut,
I want to ask about final episode, i'm being stuck in this. I can't make enough food for 2500 people, quality of land is totally bad for agriculture, can't irrigated. So,where am i wrong? Can you give me a hint?
File Author
Hi Frodon2! I hope you had fun with my campaign !

You are in Mission 5 with Lanzhou right?
For this last mission, a good combination of agriculture and trade should be enough to win with the goals of Luxurious and Heavenly compound.

You can grow more cabbage than rice in your city because Suzhou sell 24 rice/year, and the fish (12/year) from Chengdu is also important.

BUT there is an other strategy : You can micromanage the hero Zao Jun, for example in your Heavenly compound block, to rise food quality of every houses until delicious, even if the food shop buyer returns at the market place with bland food.(Strategy with Guan Di offering 32 bean curd per warehouses doesn't work in this campaign, I banished this resource.. sorry..)

An other strategy sometimes I use when a mission is poor in food : If I can, I buy all the food from the other citys, stock them, and wait the next year to buy again and have double. If you repeat this strategy during 3 or 4 years, then you can survive following years until the 9 years victory goal. You can do this with only 1 type of food, in this mission for example Chengdu, collect all the fish you can, and keep it until you'll need it for you heavenly compound block !

Gweilo2, if you have an other strategy, It's always a pleasure to learn about this game ;)

Don't forget to post a review if you enjoyed this first campaign :) !
LOL, frut_mut, I am still planning my strategy for mission 3 (Chengdu). :P

To quote the great Senseisan, "It's a Sweat, Blood, and Tears campaign, very good challenge!"

If (or more positively, "when") I finish this campaign, I will definitely leave a review!

[Edited on 11/24/21 @ 09:13 AM]

File Author
One last thing I forgot to tell you Frodon2 : City of Sabi desapear at the end of the first year, but you have time before to buy them 12 spices and 24 game meat ! Keep them in a warehouse until you build your heavenly compound, it will help ;)

Have a nice game !
Frodon2 Hi frut_mut,
I had through the final mission. Food is heavy problems, my strategy is use "shennong". In total, I used 3 gods.
Can't wait for your next campaigns!
File Author
Hey Frodon2 !

You're right, Shen Nong was a solution too ! I'm glad you've finished the campaign, you can leave a review if you want ;)

My next campaign will be uploaded probably in early december !
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This campaigns is very unique, really challenge. To through it, must to know very little detail of the game

Balance: 3
In single map, it always have a problem (Food, Feng shui, military). So, can't continue play a episode after through it.

Creativity: 5
So creativity.

Map Design: 5
The map very good. Fist look, it look normal but i have to rebuild second time because no room for any mistake. Farm, house, industry, have to find right location.

Story/Instructions: 5
Pretty important, follow the story is the key.

Additional Comments:
You have created a great campaign
File Author
Thanks for the review Frondon2 !

I will reupload the campaign in a few days with some corrections, thanks to Gweilo2 ! Balance will be better I hope, I'll submit a comment to detail all changes I mades !
Map Design5.0

Read further at your own risk because a few spoiler details about the campaign are revealed in my review.

Playability: 5

The Playability category is the most subjective one for reviewers. The reason for that is simply because it equates to the "fun factor" we each felt while playing.

I am an advanced player who has been playing this game since its release. Over those many years, I have built a mental list of things I like to experience while playing Emperor. This campaign checked all the "fun" boxes on my list. Having stated that, however, I acknowledge that what is fun for me may not be fun for you, and vice-versa. In that context, I would not recommend this campaign to anyone who is not an expert in advance game techniques, such as micromanagement of the labor force, buildings, resources, and heroes. Without that skill-set you most likely will struggle, with a direct impact to you level of fun.

Balance: 5

The designer clearly states that this campaign is rated at the "Very Hard" difficulty level. I wholeheartedly agree with that. This campaign is difficult (and will mostly remain so, regardless of the in-game difficulty level you select for playing). However, if a player has an advanced understanding of this game then he/she will see that the design does provide a way to win each mission. Sometimes just barely enough to win, but it is there - and without using any cheats or bugged exploits.

My personal experience is that I was able to win all the missions playing at "Very Hard" difficulty with perfect Feng Shui. So for advanced players, I feel this campaign is balanced perfectly.

Creativity: 4

This campaign has an excellent level of creativity. The original storyline sets the stage for gameplay on some of the most beautiful maps that I have seen in a long time. A few things prevented me from giving top marks in this category:

1. The storyline had a few minor weaknesses (see Story/Instructions rating below).
2. Both Hangzhou and Yanjing only have one commodity for export, and it would have been more creative to have them sell at least one other commodity.

Map Design: 5

The four maps in this campaign are fantastic. Each one includes stunning detail which really enhances the feeling of immersion during game-play. Some of the maps also provide "puzzle-like" design features,
which encourage players to hunt for the elusive pathing between separated areas on the maps.

However, my favorite aspect of these maps is that the designer built them with a keen understanding of Feng Shui, and how its game mechanic is integrated into the terrain of game maps. Each of these maps will allow flexible builds for a city while still maintaining perfect Feng Shui. This attention to Feng Shui gets HUGE bonus points from me in the Map Design category.

The design of the empire map was also great; cities were placed in their correct historical geographic locations with the correct regional climates.

Story/Instructions: 4

The fictional storyline is strong. It has a logical progression and is supported by scripted events. I could not quite give top marks for a few reasons.

1. The mission victory screens consisted of only a few sentences. I would have enjoyed reading more detail about the story on those screens.
2. Some of the story, mission goals, and scripted events seemed slightly disjointed (or left out) from the storyline. Nothing glaring, but enough to lower the rating a bit in this category. One example is the challenge of obtaining upgraded food quality, which is a prevalent theme throughout the campaign, but not mentioned in the story.
3. The storyline had numerous grammar and spelling mistakes (mostly forgiven since I believe English is not the designer's native language).

Additional Comments:

I want to reiterate: this campaign is designed for advanced players. If you are one, and have not challenged yourself in awhile, this campaign is your ticket.

My congratulations to frut_mut for an astounding debut here as a campaign designer. Formidable!

[Edited on 11/29/21 @ 02:12 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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