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Limahong and the Cursed Treasure

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Iron
# of Episodes: 5
# of Cities: 3
Difficulty: Hard
Custom Maps: Yes
"Limahong and the Cursed Treasure" is a fictional story.

Only the character of "Liu Zhao" is based on a real Emperor "Han Hedi" (79 - 106)."Limahong" was actually a real Chinese pirate but during the 16th century.

Prepare yourself for a great adventure into the skin of the pirate Limahong, former general of the Emperor Liu Zhao. Humiliated, disgraced, you will found a mystic place in Hainan island with your fellows, develop a new society, organize a new army and fight back the ruling power. May your vengeance be strong and great !



- Prices of resources has been entirely modified compared to a classic campaign in the core game. Be aware about those prices before establish a strategy in game.
Example : Bronze (which is gold in the storyline) and bronzeware (goldware) are the most expensives resources, when prices of Silk or Carved Jade have dropped.

- A "Readme.txt" is available in the Zip file with some explanations and tips to finished every mission.

- I've rated this campaign "Hard" due to one main thing : Mission 1 and 3 contains many "path-finding" situations you should resolve, and for a player who wouldn't possess an advanced understanding of the game, challenge may seems quite hard. Actually, It's easier than it looks like, and again, you can find some tips in the "LCT_Readme.txt". Apart from that, I truly believe the military, trading, diplomacy and economic management should be rated "Normal".


This campaign includes five missions and three new custom maps :

LCT 1 - Dawenkou - "Skull Island" : Enormous size.
LCT 2 - Shu : Huge size.
LCT 3 - Shanki : Enormous size.

Sabotage by spies has been disallowed in this campaign, although spies may still be used for information gathering.

There is "time limit" goal in Mission 2, 3 and 5.

Mission 1 - Skull Island - 9 years (Not really a time limit, just a survival time goal), begins in 100 CE

Mission 2 - City of Glory - 10 years, begins in 109 CE

Mission 3 - Challenge of clay and gold - 12 years, begins in 119 CE

Mission 4 - "It's time to shine" - begins in 131 CE

Mission 5 - Time to strike back - 8 years, begins in 141 CE

Note : Sorry if you find grammar and spelling english mistakes, it's not my native language..

Enjoy !
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I am really excited about this! I will post a news article for it on the EH site (and Heavengames main) soon.
File Author
Thanks Gweilo2 ! ;)

Enjoy the campaign !
lovekem0702 I don't play any campaign. it said "open play, no mission goal". please help me. thank you
File Author
Hello Lovekem0702 !

If you successfully downloaded the package and unzipped it, you have to :

- Open your "EmperorRotmk" folder (in my case it's just "Emperor - Rise in the middle kingdom" folder in my local disk).

- Open the "Campaigns" folder and place the file "Limahong and the cursed treasure.pak" file inside.

- Open the "Cities" folder and place "LCT_1.map" "LCT_2.map" and "LCT_3.map" inside.

- Start your game in singleplayer mode, select your ruler, and from the menu select "Customs campaigns" (and not "Open play")

- Select "Limahong and the Cursed Treasure" from the list of campaigns.

Normally, it should be worked !

lovekem0702 I tried the same but I don't play campaign
File Author
lovekem0702, I don't know what to say..

I've downloaded again the campaign, it's working for me, and I know it's working for Gweilo2.

Do you have the Emperor'patch ? Is this the first campaign you try to download on this website?
Map Design5.0

Read further at your own risk because a few spoiler details about the campaign are revealed in my review.

Playability: 5

My "fun-meter" was registering its maximum setting throughout this entire campaign. That does not happen very often to me!

Balance: 5

frut_mut states this campaign is designed at the "Hard" difficulty level. I originally felt the various challenges in this campaign might have pushed the difficulty to "Very Hard". However, after completing the campaign, I realized that frut_mut provided a few thousand additional funds to the starting treasury in each mission. This extra cash very cleverly offset the extra difficulties, and therefore I believe this campaign is perfectly balanced at the "Hard" difficulty level.

My personal experience was that I was able to win all the missions playing at "Very Hard" difficulty, and I did find more than adequate challenge for that setting.

Creativity: 5

This campaign earns top marks for creativity. The storyline is original and adapted from real history (which always earns bonus points from me). The maps are originals and play beautifully. The "theme" features on some maps (Skull Island) are very creative and interesting. Advanced scripting was used for events throughout the missions. The combination of both bronze and iron in the same campaign is tricky to pull off, and frut_mut incorporates this concept well throughout the campaign. He also built a customized pricing scheme for commodities to replace the Imperial Standard prices, and his design is both original and logical. Well done!

Map Design: 5

All maps in this campaign are custom and stunningly constructed. Some of them offer interesting "themes" (Skull Island) that display frut_mut's exceptional map-making skills. Some of the maps also provide "puzzle-like" design features, which allow players to explore the map to discover the elusive pathing between separated areas. Best of all (for me), is that all the maps support perfect Feng Shui while still offering a variety of different build options.

Story/Instructions: 4

The storyline is strong and earns points for originality. It has a logical progression and is supported by scripted events. I could not give top marks in this category due to the numerous English grammar and spelling mistakes.

Additional Comments:

Congratulations to frut_mut for another great campaign!
File Author
Thank you so much Gweilo 2 !!

I realise that I have to find someone for correct my
english spelling mistakes before submiting my next campaign ;).

However, I'm really glad for the rating and reading your comments !
Frodon2 Hi Frut_mut, i have through this campaign. i'll write review.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Playability is good. I have a little bit disappointed, the campaign is not actually "hard", the "hard" is mainly from complication.
Balance: 5
I appreciate balance. I through it with "perfect feng shui"

Creativity: 5
Once again, you do very well in creativity. Skull island is great.

Map Design: 4
Map is fine but resources is too far. Maybe someone will not have any problem, i just don't like it

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions is too detail. It make the game became boring.

Additional Comments:

this campaign was not impress me much like previously campaign. I waiting for next creation.
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