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A Time of Gods and Generals - Singleplayer Campaign

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File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 3
# of Cities: 1
Difficulty: Hard
Custom Maps: Yes
The Tang dynasty's wars with the Tubo (ancient Tibet) occurred at various times between the 7th and 9th centuries CE. This campaign is an adaptation of one of the peak periods of that conflict, with a storyline that adds strong fictional fantasy-themed plot elements.

As the 8th century CE draws to a close, the Tubo are reaching their peak of power. The Tang Dynasty's wars to contain the Tubo have only archieved a stalemate. Plans are now being put in motion to escalate the conflict to break the deadlock. The new strategy of both sides is to enlist the aid of the Gods themselves! And so begins the Time of Gods and Generals...

This campaign includes three missions and a player will interact with 8 cities (7 historically accurate). Resources, commodities, and available structures follow the Emperor model for the steel age.

Sabotage by spies has been disallowed for this campaign, although spies may still be used for information gathering.

A new custom map of 'enormous' size and temperate climate was created for this campaign.

An extra file is included in this download. It is a text file named 'ATOGAG_Readme.txt', and contains installation instructions, background information, campaign design notes, general play tips, and mission hints (warning: contains spoilers). Additionally, other hints are available by viewing the album of playtest screenshots in the Emperor Heaven gallery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This campaign is rated 'Hard' and is designed for players of intermediate to advanced skill level. For the best play experience, a player should possess a good understanding of the game's combat and military operations, summoning and using the heroes (gods), monument construction, and empire-map diplomacy.

Missions Teasers: (Note - the first two missions have a time limit.)

M1 - Tilting the Scales of Heaven - 12 years, from 788 CE to 800 CE

M2 - Wrath of the Gods - 8 years, from 800 CE to 808 CE

M3 - Where Generals Dare to Lead, the Gods Will Follow - No time limit, starts in 808 CE
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frut_mut So exciting to playtest it !
File Author
frut_mut, you will recognize many of the design tricks we have discussed.
Map Design5.0

(And sorry for English spelling mistakes.. ;) :

Playability: 5
This campaign allows the exploitation of many aspects of the game : Time to develop your city (M1), Military aspect (Defense AND attack in M2 and M3), reflexion of how cleverly using space on the map, possibility of perfect Feng Shui. Great job !

Balance: 5
I think M1 should be rated "Normal" difficulty level. 12 years to completed the mission is way to much (I finished M1 in 8 years, with 12 military forts to prepare M2).
But in M2 and M3, the difficulty increases, the defense of Yu will be tough, and you'll need severals tries to conquer the tibetans cities.
M2 and M3 are between "Hard" and "Very Hard" difficulty level for me. So a "Hard" difficulty for the campaign in general seems fair to me !

Creativity: 5
The storyline is adapted from real history, and what a story ! Every goals are justified, and connection between gods and monuments is amazing. In M2, I expected to endure more diferents disasters from Buddhist gods like earthquakes or floods, but in this case, it would be a "Very Hard" difficulty campaign definitly.

Map Design: 5
I love "fortress map" ! And this one is one of the best I ever played. You can put archers on the top of a hill during the siege, luring ennemies through the cliffs... A lot of strategies are available. Wonderfull !

Story/Instructions: 5
Skillfully written ! It is supported by scripted events. Without reading the storyline, if think I would never tryed to attack those "6 shields Tibetan cities".. Better betrayed yours Chineses/Viets allies ? ;)

Additional Comments:
I think there is no "Perfect" campaign in this game, but objectively, I can't find any reel defects or problem in "A time of Gods and Generals". Masterpiece from Gweilo ! Congratulation !
File Author
Hello frut_mut, thank you for the review and compliments.

==SPOILER ALERT (Some details revealed below) ===

During the design of this campaign I was tempted many times to tweak different aspects of it to push it up into the "Very Hard" difficulty category. I resisted that temptation, and I have no regrets. I wanted to build a campaign to provide intermediate-level players with a stepping-stone between my "Normal" difficulty military-themed campaigns, and my "Very Hard" military campaigns. It is my hope that "A Time of Gods and Generals" addresses that gap.

In my opinion, as soon as a designer turns off sabotage by spies in a campaign that is military-oriented, that campaign immediately elevates to the "Hard" difficulty. I believe this because sabotage against a rival city's military is just too powerful, and without it players are forced to launch multiple invasions to conquer a rival city. However after the decision is made to disallow sabotage then a designer may still take other steps to tone down the difficulty. Examples of this that I put in this campaign are:

1. A much higher starting treasury in mission 1.
2. A few extra years added to the time limit for mission 1.
3. Recurring gifts to the player from their starting ally.
4. No scripted earthquakes (unless a player misses the window of opportunity to win mission 2).
5. No scripted floods (which would have no effect anyway since the Yu map has no deep water tiles at map level zero).
6. Plenty of food options to maintain a high food quality even during the periods when salt and spices are unavailable.
7. No serious predator points on the Yu map.
8. Adding more time between the scripted invasions so as to provide a player with more time for recovering casualties or raising the treasury (if they want to bribe).

I think the Yu mountain map looks and plays nice and I want to thank you for making all of your incredible maps, because your work inspired me to "up my game" in the area of map-making.

My idea to mate the use of "economic decline" scripted events with a story of god-induced disasters raining down on the different cities did seem to manifest well, especially with the addition of the trade change events that I scripted for those cities soon after their economic decline. I hope players will see this scripting as the analogy to the use of nuclear weapons that I intended it to be. We can find other uses for this scripting in future campaigns.

[Edited on 01/17/22 @ 12:40 PM]

JackVocal holyshxx! Player from China here. I cant believe that there's desiners still updating this game!

[Edited on 05/16/22 @ 07:17 AM]

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