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Fall of the Song 3 Luo

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Origin: Custom
Score: 3882
Population: 2246
Difficulty: Hard
Missions 2 and 3 of Fall of the Song use Luo, a tricky island archipelago. The upload shows Luo just before victory in mission 3.

PAUSE as soon as you open it, or it will take you forward into mission 4. Probably not the right mission 4 either. When I looked, it took me to the FINISHED mission 4 but with the treasury reset to 7000, as it should be at the start. I can see why this might happen but it feels like a bug in either the game engine or the campaign.

There are 8 scripted invasions in mission 2 (largest 20 troops) and 2 in mission 3 (largest 30 troops). There is no trading in mission 2 so all income must come from tax, mint and money printer. There is some limited trading in mission 3. Mission 2 requires a splendid temple to be built and there are substantial treasury and production goals in mission 3. Other requirements in mission 3 are 5 allies and conquer 1 city. Elite housing can be placed in mission 3 but not in mission 2.

Design notes:
- Feng Shui is perfect.
- I knew I wanted to place a single mixed housing block. This had to go on the big central island. The price paid for this is slow immigration.
- To maximise housing, religion and inspector are placed outside the block. This gave me room for 29 Luxury Apartments and (in mission 3) 4 Heavenly Compounds.
- The "input" road for the religious walkers is extended to provide a road through to the eastern farms. It's the first time I've done this and it worked a treat.
- It made sense to use the north central island for military and administration (being close to the entry/exit point and to the steelworks). There was plenty of space left on the island for the temple.
- Everything else just went where it fitted best.

Mission 2 comments:
- I'm not great at fighting and I knew moving troops around the map would be tough, so I decided to build up my housing to Lux Apt as fast as possible and generate tax income to bribe the invasions, neglecting the military until this was done. I won't give details as they were very similar to what I did in mission 1 (see my upload "Fall of the Song 4 Songzhou").
- The temple was started as soon as I could spare people without delaying my housing evolution.
- I got silk and (later) lacquerware going reasonably goon to provide goods for tributes to the gods.
- Xi Wang Mu was summoned to speed up the temple build and capture animals.
- The mission requires 3 animals, two of which I had to capture (the other I received as a gift in exchange). This was surprisingly difficult. I could not persuade Xi Wang Mu to capture either the alligators or pigs near my palace. She just ignored them and walked toward the tigers on the NW island - even after I already had a tiger in the palace. Eventually I placed a ferry to the piggy island in the south and moved her there, where she finally caught me a pig. I'm glad I saved beforehand, because I forgot to turn off my hunters, who killed the pig before it got back to the palace. Back to the save and repeat!
- With all invasions bribed I had no more problems in the mission. I finished with 9 months remaining and a treasury of 14,924.
- If I played it again I would delay completing the temple so as to build my treasury a bit more, in preparation for mission 3. I would also place the temple further east to allow better placing of the dock in mission 3.
- One thing I did remember to do in preparation for mission 3 was put a couple of towers on the stone island to get ahead with killing the tigers.

Mission 3 comments:
- 4 Elite houses and supporting facilities were placed asap to evolve them rapidly to Heavenly Compounds, maximising tax revenue.
- Guan Yin was summoned for bribes.
- When the invasions were over, Guan Yin was dismissed and Confucius was summoned for tax income.
- The walkthrough suggests 7-8 stoneworks are needed to meet the production goal of 50 stone/year. That's too many if they and their supporting warehouses are placed correctly. I placed 7 stoneworks and got 79 stone in a year!
- Allying with cities was straightforward.
- Late in the mission, once I'd built up my military, I dismissed Confucuius, summoned Sun Tzu, and sent him with my military to capture Chao.
- I made the mistake of sending all 4 of my military units, so Chao immediately rebelled despite being given a large gift of cash. I sent Sun Tzu back with 3 units to quell the rebellion, which ended the game.
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