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Campaigns » The Legacy of Lady Triêu

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The Legacy of Lady Triêu

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Steel
# of Episodes: 6
# of Cities: 3
Difficulty: Normal
Custom Maps: Yes
THE LEGACY OF LADY TRIÊU - Singleplayer Campaign.

"It's been a year since the Vietnamese people of Jiaozhou rebelled against the Wu Chinese. This army is now under the command of the female warrior Bà Triêu. She has already attacked severals chinese commanderies but she's now expecting an act of revenge from Emperor Sun Quan. As her brother, you'll have to help her in this war against the Chinese Opressor."

This campaign is rated 'normal', and is designed to provide a difficulty level equal to the campaigns in the core game.

The events of this campaign are mostly fictional but inspired by historical records from the third century.

There are 3 new custom maps and six missions in this campaign :

1) A Supply Mission for Jiaozhou - begins in 247 CE

2) Challenge in Phú Yên Island - begins in 250 CE

3) A Legend is Born - begins in 255 CE

4) Defense and Rise of a City - begins in 261 CE

5) Heading West - begins in 263 CE

6) The Last Chance of Salvation - begins in 273 CE

For more informations about the maps, please read the "LTT_readme.txt" in the Zip.file.

Sabotage by spies has been disallowed in this campaign, although spies may still be used for information gathering.

I chose to convert cities of Yong and Chengdu from the Shu Kingdom in Tibetan city to vary the fights during the campaign, and have the possibility to fight different types of army. Of course, both cities are Chinese in the storyline.

Note : Sorry if you find grammar and spelling english mistakes in the storyline, English is not my native language..

Don't forget to post a review if you enjoyed this campaign :) !

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Excellent! And congratulations on your first campaign tuned for "normal" difficulty. It will definitely get more downloads! :)
File Author
Thank you Gweilo !

About the "Normal" difficulty, player will notice that :

- Each mission has no real time limit. Sometimes it's just survival time but you can technically continu the mission if the others goals are not achieved.

- Sabotage (especially military) has been disallow because this campaign is not about conquest. The storyline is important, you are involved in a rebellion and there is no way you can directly attack the cities of Wu or Shu kingdom. In Mission 4 and 6, you'll see a "Rule x cities" goal because you must free your Vietnamese brothers, and those cities only have 1 or max 2 shield logos, not really difficult to reconquer.

- The 3 maps are "Enormous Size" and even if the first seems to be a labyrinth (especially to acces the river to the North-east), you'll find plenty of space to build your city as you want.

Have fun !
Map Design5.0

Read further at your own risk because a few spoiler details about the campaign are revealed in my review.

Playability: 5

After 20 years of playing this game, I look for a variety of features in custom campaigns. This campaign delivered ALL my favorites. It is thoroughly challenging and loads of fun for an advanced player, so I am happy to give it top marks for playability.

Balance: 4

frut_mut stated this campaign was designed at the "normal" difficulty level. Even though he did design the missions with more starting treasury and no time limits, I still cannot agree with that difficulty rating. I believe this campaign qualifies for at least "Hard" difficulty, and possibly even "Very Hard" difficulty.

Here is my rationale: I use the "normal" difficulty of the core game as a baseline to compare with all custom campaigns. If a custom campaign deviates too much from the design, goals, and scripting of campaigns in the core game played at "normal" difficulty, then the custom campaign cannot be rated as "normal" difficulty. Here are examples I found of deviation in this campaign:

1. The maps require considerable planning to meet the mission goals, since they have robust terrain features not common to the core game.
2. The mission goals throughout the campaign are clearly more aggressive than mission goals in the core game.
3. The scripted events come at a much faster pace than in the core game. This puts extra pressure on a player, which is not common for the core game.
4. Each mission contains many more scripted events than are common for missions in the core game.
5. There are many more scripted invasions that occur than in the core game, and some are simultaneous invasions.
6. Sabotage by spies has been disallowed, and (in my opinion) this immediately pegs a campaign at "Hard" difficulty, especially if the campaign has heavy military action (as this one does).

My personal experience was that I was able to win all the missions playing at "Very Hard" difficulty, but it was definitely a challenge (mission 6 in particular).

Creativity: 5

This campaign is another masterpiece by frut_mut. His storyline is a fantastic adaptation of actual historical records and legends of the Trieu Rebellion. The three original, custom maps are both challenging and beautiful. Advanced scripting was used for reinforcing the events throughout the missions, and the scripting really enhanced the play experience and storyline.

Map Design: 5

The three maps in this campaign are custom and are some of frut_mut's best work. They offer some "puzzle-like" design features, which allow players to explore the map to discover the best placement for things like bridges, ferries, and irrigation. All the maps support perfect Feng Shui while still offering a variety of different build options. This attention to Feng Shui gets bonus points from me.

One slight point of interest I discovered on the Lintao map is that there is not a way for a player to get his troops within attack range of the map's invasion entry point. Therefore, this map is open to trigger the "stuck enemy at invasion entry point bug". This bug may occur if an enemy invasion is in retreat, but its last few soldiers/units do not retreat completely off the map, but instead stop at the invasion entry point. Their morale is too low to move again but not low enough to trigger the "Enemy defeated" threshold. Thus, it is up to a player to move military units close enough to these stuck units to administer the coup-de-grace. I was still able to win the mission even with these stuck units on my map, but others may not be able to do this, since it is a matter of timing and what the mission goals are. The biggest problem with this bug is that while the enemy is stuck at the invasion point the battle is still considered in progress, so the game engine will not allow any further immigration until those stuck enemy units are destroyed. I was just lucky this happened at a point in which I did not need further immigrants in my city.

Story/Instructions: 5

I really fell in love with this storyline. It is a very nice adaptation of the history of the Trieu Rebellion, with emphasis on the Legend of Lady Trieu. It is clear that frut_mut researched this history well. I gave huge bonus points because of the way he tied it in so nicely (and historically) to events in the later Three Kingdoms period. The three kingdoms of Wu, Shu, and Wei all have important parts to play in this campaign's story! The storyline of each mission has a logical and interesting progression, and the story is supported by scripted events. There were some English spelling and grammer mistakes, but they were minor and did not cause confusion. I am choosing to overlook them for this category rating, because all other aspects of the storyline were so superbly done.

Additional Comments:

Congratulations to frut_mut for once again sharing an outstanding project with us!

[Edited on 09/06/22 @ 09:40 AM]

File Author

Thank you for your review Gweilo ! But damn, I am this close to have a 5.0 from your part haha !

First of all, thank you so much to ignore spelling mistakes and noticed the historic work. I really want to do that same work on my future campaign and explore all the different dynasties of China !

Now, about balance, I think is relative to each player, and here is why I put "Normal" difficulty for this campaign :

For me, this is how I see the difficulty of each mission ( !! SPOILER ALERT !! ) :

- Lai 1 : Easy. Despite the fact this is the hardest map for city design and house building, there is no time limit, no military action and no real money problem even in Very hard mode.

- Niya 1 : Easy : Same thing with an easier map.

- Lai 2 : Normal : Military attacks begin, but the map design (cliffs and "canyons") help the player to fight well the ennemy.

- Niya 2 : Easy : Military attacks begin but they are not so dangerous.

- Lintao 1 : Hard. Military attacks begin the second year and will continu until the end, but you have a gift of weapons and food on the first year, and using many towers and residential door on the island at the south west is enough to defeat ennemies at least until year 5. The last battle seems really hard but you can win the mission before fight the entire army by slowing down ennemi soldiers on the island, so it's not so hard...
Plus, you have a lot of space to develope housing blocks, monument and a large agriculture.

- Lintao 2 : Hard : There is no time limit, only survival time, and your city is now developed. Taxes and trade gave you a lot of money. If you see to many army arriving at the same time, you have the choice to bribe one and fight the other for exemple. And again, the last battle seems horrible but you can win the mission before the end of the fight.

So for me, the difficulty goes crescendo in the campaign, and if we take every mission in a globality, I think we can put the balance at "Normal".
To finish, I think we have to reconsider the "Normal" difficulty of the campaigns in the core game, because some missions are more difficult than others. I am thinking in particullary of the missions "Hills of Koguryo" or the last mission "Ghenghis at Zhongdu", which for me are definitively on "hard" difficulty.
frut_mut, I understand what you are saying. You and I apply different methodologies for determining an overall balance to a campaign. I see the merits of each methodology. We can agree to disagree on this.

After 20 years of playing, I can say I do not entirely agree with the phrase "A perfectly balanced scenario should provide a challenge for a veteran player.". That sentence comes from the "Review Guidelines/Rating Categories" section of our EH downloads. While I believe that statement is certainly true, I have also come to believe there is more to rating Balance, and that is why I decided upon my methodology of comparisons to the core game.

I will be curious to read the comments/reviews from other players.

Slash210 For some reason, i am not able to proceed to mission 3. After completing mission 2, on the intro screen for mission 3 i can read the story and objectives but when i click "to the city" it takes me to the campaign menu screen. Is this some bug, what am i missing here?
File Author
Hello Slash210.

This is weird, I didn't have that problem during the playtest of my campaign. I'm sûre Gweilo2 either 'cause he finished the campaign. I think it's a problem with your game, I had sometimes crash with some events during others customs campaigns. It's annoying but you can maybe keep your .save from mission 2 in a file, remove the game and install it again..?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Vero very nice It Is not very difficult but very very nice
File Author
Thanks for the review Robyng ! I'm glad you enjoyed playing this campaign !
Slash210 Hello fruit_mut,

I think i found the issue, i completed the 1st mission on my pc and the 2nd mission on my laptop. when i tried to start the 3rd on my latop i guess it was not able to locate the history of the 1st mission as it is a continuation of that same city.

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