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Campaigns » Raider Lord's Destiny - Singleplayer Campaign

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Raider Lord's Destiny - Singleplayer Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Age: Iron
# of Episodes: 3
# of Cities: 1
Difficulty: Hard
Custom Maps: Yes
The collapse of the Qin dynasty in 206 BCE triggered a period of civil war in the Middle Kingdom. In this time, daring leaders fought to carve out their own kingdoms from the bones of Qin. This campaign is a fictional adaptation of this period, putting you in the role of one of these leaders.

This campaign was designed with two main goals:

1. Encourage a high motivation for replayability. This was done by the randomized timings of scripted events, so that the campaign would never play exactly the same way twice.
2. Incorporate valid rationale to entice players to use the "looting" mechanics of the game engine (referred to in the storyline as "raiding").

This campaign includes three missions and a player will interact with 6 cities (2 historically accurate). Resources, commodities, and available structures follow the Emperor model for the iron age.

A new custom map of 'enormous' size and humid climate was created for this campaign.

An extra file is included in this download. It is a text file named 'RLD_Readme.txt', and contains installation instructions, background information, campaign design notes, general play tips, and mission hints (warning: contains spoilers). Additionally, other hints are available by viewing the album of playtest screenshots in the Emperor Heaven gallery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This campaign is rated 'Hard' and is designed for players of intermediate to advanced skill level. For the best play experience, a player should possess a good understanding of the game's combat and military operations, summoning and using the heroes (gods), monument construction, and empire-map diplomacy.

Missions Teasers: (Note - the first two missions have a time limit.)

Mission 1 - Raider of the Pearl River - 12 years, from 206 BCE to 194 BCE

Mission 2 - From Raider to Ruler - 12 years, from 194 BCE to 182 BCE

Mission 3 - Battle for a Kingdom - No time limit, starts in 182 BCE
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frut_mut Gweilo ! I'm so glad to see you back on this game with a new campaign ! I haven’t played the game in a year but I must admit this new is quit motivating. I have 4 unfinished campaigns in my computer. Playing your new campaign would be the best way to put me back in Emperor !
File Author
Hi frut_mut, I hope you will release more campaigns soon.
Strategic Indian Welcome back! Thank you for submitting a new campaign.
I really enjoy your campaigns and especially the challenging ones!

I have downloaded it and will start playing in the next 15 mins.
Will be posting a review soon.

Looking forward to it!
File Author
Hello Strategic Indian. I look forward to your review.

I also noticed you played (and seemed to like) my older campaign "Sun Tzu - The Art of War". Perhaps you might consider leaving a review of it, too.

Thanks and Happy Gaming!
File Author
Thanks for the feedback. I do understand the points you are making about the difficulty level. Your suggestions are things I did consider, but discarded. I intentionally toned down the M1 victory goals because I want to encourage players of both intermediate and advanced levels to try playing this one. I almost rated this campaign at "normal" difficulty, but the fact that M1 forces players to use either skilled diplomacy or military to obtain appetizing food and silk to meet the mission goals pushed my rating up to "hard" (as compared to the core-game's difficulty baseline).

Also, remember that I hinted about "replayability". Your mission 1 win in only 3 years tells me that you got lucky with the randomization of when the non-player cities appeared. If you care to try it again sometime, you might see a totally different timing of their appearances.

I don't mind if you rate this after playing just the first mission, but please make updates to your review, as you progress. Thanks!

[Edited on 10/10/23 @ 04:46 PM]

frut_mut Hello Gweilo, I have completed your campaign but.. I'll try it again because I think I missed the main point of this campaign. (not having played the game for a year did'nt help me.)

SPOILER ALERT !! (and some question..)

M1 for me was quit difficult with food. I had to micro Nu Wa to get more game meat and when Bo reveals I didn't use the looting game play to get bean curd and salt. I went to the forum and read the article "Systematic Study on Attack Category and Looting System". Thanks to you and Ursan Templar, I'm still learning thinks about this game ;)

Here are my questions :

- In M1, did your army was defeated every time ? It is viable to raid bo and fu when you can to get food and silk and start the elite housing blocks?

- Is there a tutorial to optimize hunting? I built 3 hunters tent in 3 differents localisation (close to the herds of wild pig) but I'm not sure this is the good strategy to optimize the production. Would it be better to build them close to each other and next to the mill? How many tents did you built? Did you summon Nu Wa ?

Thank you !
File Author
Hello frut_mut, thanks for your comments. I will try to answer your questions.

SPOILER ALERT! (some campaign details are revealed below)

1. Mission 1 attacks on non-player cities:

During my playtesting of mission 1, I certainly did have some of my attacks on the non-player cities fail. Some of these failures were outright defeats, and other times the failure was due to the target city bribing my army. I found my attacks would fail more often if I only sent 1 military unit, and if that unit was less than full strength. So eventually I would wait until I had two military units and Huang Di in my city, then send him with 1 full-strength military unit to make the attack. This strategy resulted in successfully conquering about 50-60% of the time. Of course, I always left the other military unit in my city during these attacks, so that the target city would not immediately rebel if I conquered it. (I was never as lucky as Strategic Indian, in avoiding an immediate rebellion if I sent my entire military in the assault.)

I believe there are at least two more factors that influence the success of attacks in mission 1. They are:

a) The difficulty level you play at (i.e., "Very hard" is more difficult to win an attack than "Normal")
b) How long it takes for the non-player city to appear on the empire map. My playtesting evidence seemed to indicate that if the city took longer to appear, it had a slightly stronger military, making it a bit harder to defeat. This would make sense, as we know the game engine will slowly increase the military of a non-player city, as game-years progress.

2. Will "raiding" attacks work to get loot? Why attack when I can trade for food and silk? (I think that is what you were asking.)

My playtesting found it will work, provided you target the correct category in the attack ("food" or "industry"). However, I found it did NOT ALWAYS work, or if it did work, the amount of loot obtained might not be much (the exception being raiding Bo for food, which seemed to consistently return almost a full warehouse full of soy beans). For the attacks in which I did receive loot, I found it did not matter if I won the battle or lost it (as UrsanTemplar reported).

In terms of the amount of loot returned after a battle, I suspect the game's looting mechanism is influenced by:

a) The economic strength (icons) the target city has at the time it is attacked (the more icons, the more loot).
b) The size of a player's attacking army (more troops = more loot).

However, those two factors were not studied in the loot-testing shared with us by UrsanTemplar (see his forum post).

For the second part of this "Why attack when I can trade?" The answer is that the non-player cities will be either "hostile" or "displeased" when they appear, and there is scripting that will occur after they appear to reset them to "hostile" and stop trade. It's not a perfect solution to prevent a player from trading (or making a "goods request" for a commodity), but the scripting was the best compromise I could find to discourage trade while still adhering to a design that fostered replayability. I did consider disallowing trade stations completely in mission 1, which would have removed the trade option completely, but I eventually decided against this. I felt that disallowing trade stations would have been too restrictive on players (and definitely increased the difficulty).

3. Is there a tutorial for hunting? I cannot remember a specific "tutorial" forum post about hunting for game meat, but here are some suggestions I can share:

a) Do not place too many hunting tents, or else your hunters will compete with each other for food, lowering overall output of game meat.
b) If possible, place the hunting tents as close to the spawn points of the prey as possible.
c) If possible, place the hunting tents as close to the mill as possible (reduces delivery time).
d) Watch how your hunters move towards the prey, and place bridges as necessary to give them better pathing to reach the prey. Also, be careful not to place structures that interfere with your hunters path to reach the prey, since forcing the hunters to take detours around structures increases their hunting time, thus lowering output.
e) Use the hero Nu Wa to bless the hunting tents, which morphs 1 load of game meat into 4 loads.

For this campaign, my playtesting indicated 4 hunting tents were optimal, placed together near the center of the map (which puts them all approximately equidistant from the 4 prey spawn points). Doing this will provide a good supply of game meat without the need to summon Nu Wa - provided that you have not overbuilt the housing in your city.

I am glad you were able to complete the campaign, and let me know if I did not answer everything you wanted to know (the README file may also be helpful in answering questions).

Your comments, combined with Strategic Indian's, reinforces my belief that the campaign does achieve my goal for good replayability.

[Edited on 10/12/23 @ 09:09 PM]

frut_mut Thank you for your answer ;)

For the moment, Pa and Bo both had bribe my army, so no silk and no beancurd and salt for the moment.. We'll see with the next attack if I'm more lucky !

I managed better game meat and know It's way easier than my first try !

File Author
frut_mut, thanks for the update. I know you are an expert player, yet your gameplay experience appears to be quite different from what Strategic Indian shared with us. This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for - a design that could play quite differently each time.
File Author
frut_mut, thank you for the review! As a veteran campaign designer yourself, I am sure you saw the "experimental" nature of the design I tried here. I appreciate your clear eyes, and understanding.

I hope you will complete your remaining campaigns and share them with us!

[Edited on 10/13/23 @ 04:45 PM]

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