Desirability and Feng Shui Questions

What do the different colored footprints when I go to place a building mean?

A green footprint means you can build there and the Feng Shui is favorable. A yellow footprint means you can build but the Feng Shui is unfavorable. A red footprint means you cannot place the building there, generally because the land is not clear.

What kind of terrain is best for each type of building’s Feng Shui?

You can find out details about this in our Feng Shui – Building in Harmony article.

Why should I bother to have good Feng Shui?

Your city’s Feng Shui rating affects a number of things in your city. Firstly it affects your popularity with your people, a harmonious city increases your popularity, an inauspicious city decreases it. This is only one of a number of factors that affect your popularity though.

In addition, your city’s Feng Shui rating affects homage offerings you make to heroes. The better your city’s Feng Shui the more effective your homage offerings are in pleasing the Heroes.

Thirdly if your Feng Shui rating is lower than your City Health rating then it will increase the chances of a disease outbreak.

My housing won’t evolve until I make the surroundings more desirable. How do I know which buildings are the most desirable?

You can get a rough idea of the desirability of buildings from the Desirability overlay under the Aesthetics panel. More exact numbers can be found by looking at the Emperor Building Models file or on our Structures Charts

How do I get fancy roads?

Single tile width roads will automatically improve from dirt to paved as desirability around them improves. You can also, in many missions, lay Grand Ways (2 tile width roads) or Imperial Ways (3 tile width roads) available under the Aesthetics tab. These need to be placed over a single road with clear space at the side(s) by clicking and dragging, you must lay at least 2 sections at a time.

Do residential walls block desirable effects or only undesirable?

Residential walls only block undesirable effects such as industry, they do not block the effects of desirable structures such as gardens, sculpture, parks etc.

If I alter the Feng Shui of an area by removing trees does that affect the Feng Shui of buildings already placed?

No, the Feng Shui of existing buildings remains the same, only new buildings will be affected.

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