Health, Safety and Entertainment Questions

Why do buildings burn down or collapse?

Most buildings need to be inspected by Inspectors’ Towers to avoid fires or collapse. When an Inspector passes the building the risk of fire/collapse decreases but will slowly increase again so you need to make sure they pass the buildings regularly. You can use the Hazards Overlay in the Safety panel to see your risk. The risk of fire/collapse increases at higher difficulty settings.

I have lots of unrest in the city, what can I do?

First, find the cause of the unrest: high taxes, low wages, huge unemployment, you’re in debt, you didn’t hold the New Year’s festival… mostly unrest is caused by a combination of those factors. Reducing unrest instantly can be done by placing watchtowers in your housing blocks: they ‘cure’ unrest by subdueing criminals. Better yet is to prevent unrest: keep your people happy by providing jobs, wages, don’t charge too high taxes, keep yourself out of debt and hold the New Year’s festival.

Which buildings don’t need to be inspected by Inspectors’ Towers?

Those that don’t need to be inspected are all the buildings under the Agriculture Ministry except for fishing wharfs, forts, walls and towers, Monuments, guilds and laborer camps and all Aesthetic structures.

I’ve noticed sometimes Wells, Inspectors’ Towers and Watchtowers look different, what does that mean?

If the surroundings are desirable enough Wells, Inspectors’ Towers and Watchtowers will upgrade. Upgraded Wells deliver cleaner water and help city health, upgraded Towers put out 2 walkers instead of 1.

How do I get rid of the Disease Carriers who are walking around my city?

You need to improve City Health to stop them occurring. Acupuncturists, herbalists, food quality and water quality all contribute to the overall health of the city. The herbalist has the largest impact in combatting disease and also will clear disease carriers off the street it he passes them on his walk.

Do musicians/acrobats etc need to pass my housing like entertainers did in the other Impressions city building games?

No the actual entertainers don’t need to pass your housing instead they put on shows in the Marketplace. An Entertainment Announcer from the Marketplace walks around announcing shows; when he passes your housing they will have access to the shows currently on in the Marketplace.

Why didn’t I get offered gifts for my Zodiac year?

Because you didn’t hold a festival

What benefit does a New Year’s festival have?

A New Year’s festival will make your people happy. If you don’t hold it, they’ll be unhappier with you. Also, if you give a festival in the year of your Zodiac animal, you can choose a bonus.

I find the popup I get every year to ask me if I want to hold a festival annoying, I just want to hold it every year!

There’s a button on the Entertainment tab to hold the festival every year. Standard setting for it is ‘prompt’, which means the game asks you every year if you want to hold the festival. Click on the button to change it to ‘always hold’ and the festival will be held every year.

My elite houses want drama, but I can’t build anything like a theatre?

That’s correct. Drama is introduced only in the last few dynasties. Before that, you can’t build any drama schools or theatres, thus you can’t evolve your elite houses beyond Impressive Compound.

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