Hero and Religion Questions

How do I get a hero to my city?

To get a hero to your city, you have to pay homage (in other words, give goods) to that hero until he/she is happy enough to pay your city a little visit. To pay homage, open the Religion tab, click on the big word ‘Religion’ at the top to open the homage screen. Select a hero by clicking on its portrait, then select the type of good you want to give, select how much you’d like to give and click the ‘pay homage’ button. Heroes appreciate more expensive items most. When a hero’s happiness level is at ‘joyful’ or ‘exalted’, he/she will appear in your city in a few months.

What are the moods of the heroes?

The moods are angry, unhappy, neglected, contented, pleased, happy, joyful and exalted. Only Ancestral heroes will ever go below contented.

How do I get the hero to give me a blessing?

Move the hero by placing his/her banner next to the building you want blessed. When the hero arrives at the building click on the bless button. Heroes’ moods drop when you ask for a blessing so use it with care.

Why can’t I give a particular hero homage even though their picture is shown?

You must have coverage for their religion before you can give a hero homage. For Ancestral heroes you must have an Ancestral Shrine, for Confucian heroes you will need a Confucian Academy and Elite houses as Common houses do not get coverage from Confucian scholars. Also you need to have a working Temple (not a shrine) before you can give homage to Dao or Buddhist heroes.

Why under religion does it say I have no Confucian coverage yet I have a working Confucian Academy and can see the scholar walking around?

Confucian religious coverage is only counted for Elite housing; scholars passing common housing don’t count towards it.

What happens if my heroes get unhappy?

If all your Ancestral heroes (Nu Wa, Shen Nong, and Huang Di) in a mission get unhappy then you are likely to have a disaster occur. You need to keep at least one of them at contented or above. The moods of Dao, Buddhist and Confucian heroes never go below contented.

Why did I get a disaster even though my ancestral hero was happy?

Disasters can also be scripted events, put in by the mission designer. In these cases there is nothing you can do to avoid the disaster.

I give large gifts to heroes and it still doesn’t improve their mood. What am I doing wrong?

The effect of homage is determined by the size of the gift, the value of those goods, the Feng Shui of your city and the coverage reported by the Religion Ministry for that hero’s religion.

If I need 12 months of heroes and my hero leaves after 10 months do I have to start counting the time again?

No, the months of heroes is cumulative. If he leaves after 10 months you just need to get 2 more months later.

What exactly does each heroes blessing or benefit do?

For details of the heroes blessings and benefits see the Heroes section

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