Industry Questions

Can raw materials, ie stone, iron, trees etc be depleted?

No, you can’t completely deplete raw materials. No matter how much stone is quarried or iron mined there will always be more. Trees/bamboo are a slight exception, if you cut them down they will regrow but that takes time so on a map without lots of trees/bamboo you can temporarily run out of wood. Also any trees/bamboo that are deleted never regrow so think about how much wood you might need before you delete too many of them.

How can I turn off or on individual buildings?

Right click on the building you wish to turn off and the detail pop up screen appears. On the bottom third of the box you’ll see “working”, click on that to turn the building off and it will show “not working”, click on it again to turn it back on.

However, if you’ve turned the entire industry off on the industry full report screen you can turn an individual building back on but it won’t do anything until you turn the entire industry on in the full report screen.

Some buildings such as market squares, mills, warehouses and trading posts cannot be turned off.

How much can each industry produce each year?

See the Industry Production table for details of this.

My weaver (claypit, kiln, papermaker etc) says production is at 100% but it seems to have stopped, why?

The most likely reason is that the delivery man from that building is still out delivering the last load of goods produced; until he returns and picks up another load nothing else can be produced. Make sure there is a warehouse or industry accepting the goods and with space available within a reasonably close distance. If your delivery man has to walk right across the map to deliver his goods then you will lose production from your industries. If necessary use a getting warehouse to move goods to more distant parts of the map.

Do I need to have housing near industry to provide workers like in Caesar 3 and Pharaoh?

No there are no labour seekers in Emperor. As long as you have enough workers in the city and the buildings are not cut off from the entrance point of the map then your buildings will automatically get workers.

My bronzeware maker doesn’t work, but it has enough bronze. What’s wrong?

You need 1 load of bronze and one load of clay to produce one load of bronzeware. Be sure your bronzeware maker gets clay from either a clay pit or a trading station/quay.

I can’t place a salt mine, where do I have to put them?

You can’t place a salt mine on ‘normal’ land, you need to put them on top of salt marsh: the whitish cracked land you’ll probably find somewhere on your map.

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