Military Questions

Why isn’t my catapult fort building any catapults?

Catapult forts need 4 loads each of weapons and wood delivered before they start building a catapult.

Why isn’t wood being delivered to my forts?

Steel smelters, laquer shops etc have a higher priority for wood delivery. You may need to build more logging sheds or turn off some other industries temporarily.

Which are the strongest troops?

Each type of troops has certain strengths and weaknesses, and you get a different number of them per fort. See the Player Military chart for details of troop hit and attack points etc.

How long does it take to man a fort?

Presuming you have full employment and all required weapons and wood are available close to the fort then it takes 6 months to fully man an infantry fort and 8 months for all other types of forts. Note that catapult forts will only store the wood/weapons that are needed to build one catapult, therefore if when they are finished building it more wood and weapons are not delivered immediately it will take longer than 8 months. Other forts store extra weapons/wood.

Why am I being told I can’t build any more forts?

You cannot build any forts until you have built a staffed Administrative City, at that point you may build 1 fort. A Palace allows a 2nd fort. To build further forts you must have Elite Housing and the number of forts is dependent on the number and type of Elite houses you have. One fort is allowed for each occupied Lavish Siheyuan or Humble Compound, 2 forts are allowed for each occupied Impressive or Heavenly Compound. A maximum of 12 forts may be built in any city.

How do I build a gatehouse in city walls?

Build at least 2 sections of wall either side of a road, place the gatehouse over the road and walls.

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