Multiplayer Questions

Why can’t I register the user name that I want to?

Only one person can be registered under each name and somebody else may already be using that name somewhere in the Sierra On-Line network.

Does everyone who is playing need to have the MP .pak or just the host?

All players must have the MP campaign .pak file to be able to play. They all also need all the city .map files associated with that campaign.

Why does the game pause by itself when we are playing?

This happens when one or more players get 2 months behind the others. The game will pause to let them catch up. Type of Connection, computer speed and the amount of pausing and off screen play (ie world map, checking messages) that a player does can all cause players to lag behind others.

How do I chat to the other players?

Press Enter on your keyboard then type in what you want to say. Press Enter again to send it.

I sometimes miss what other players say in chat. Is there some way I can find out what was said?

Yes, click on the View Messages icon in the bottom right of the screen, then click on Chat History.

Are Multiplayer games always a competitive style of game?

No, in Emperor as well as competitive games where there is a winner there are also co-operative games where all players work together towards meeting their goals and the mission continues until they all finish.

Can MP games be resumed if somebody loses connection or has to stop playing for a while for some reason?

Yes games can be resumed from a save with all or some of the original players. No new players may be added.

I’m having problems hosting or joining Multiplayer games, what can I do?

The main problem usually turns out to be some kind of protection from outside connections on the computer. Try the suggestions in our Getting Connected article.

I can’t trade with other players in multiplayer. When I build a trading station, it says I can’t sell anything!

Right-click on the trading station, click one of the words “nothing” under exports. That will bring up a list of goods you can sell. Select the one you want to sell. After that, the person “on the other end of the deal” will see the good you selected under the “Imports” header in the Trading Post with your city. Set the quantity you want to sell, and change the word “Not Selling” to “Selling”. You are ready to sell the stuff to the other city.

The player you’re trading with should set the good to “Buying” in their trading station, and the price the player is willing to pay for the good should be higher than your selling price.

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