The Agriculture Ministry

Farmhouse – Food
The food Farmhouse employs farmers who tend the fields around it up to 3 tiles away in any direction. There are 5 possible crops, soybean, cabbage, millet, rice and wheat.

Farmhouse – Hemp
The hemp Farmhouse also tends fields up to 3 tiles away in any direction and of course grows hemp, which is used by housing and also to make paper in some missions

Fishing Quay
Fishermen head out from here in their fishing boats and use tethered cormorant birds to catch the fish.

Hunter’s Tent
The hunters search for prey animals on the map and bring the game meat to your Mill. The prey varies according to climate, it can be antelopes, pheasants or wild pigs.

Irrigation Pump
Water is pumped from rivers or creeks and sent down irrigation ditches to bring water to farms and increase their fertility. Irrigation affects crops within 5 tiles of a filled ditch.

Lacquer Refinery
Here the sap from lacquer trees is processed into lacquer which is later used for making lacquerware, a good highly desired by elite housing dwellers. Lacquer trees may be placed anywhere within 3 tiles of a lacquer refinery.

Silk Worm Shed
Workers hand pick the leaves of mulberry trees which are then fed to silkworms who spin raw silk which is later used by weavers to produce silk. Mulberry trees also must be within 3 tiles of their silk worm shed.

Tea Curing Shed
Tea bushes must again be placed within 3 tiles of a tea curing shed. Tea leaves are then harvested and sent to a storeyard for exporting or purchase by a tea shop buyer.

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