The Commerce Ministry

Common Market Square
This Market Square holds 4 shops and is suitable for common housing. Two peddlers head out from here to distribute food and goods to housing and it is also where musicians and acrobats perform.

Grand Market Square
This Market Square holds 6 shops and is suitable for elite housing or larger groups of common housing. It has 3 peddlers and again musicians and acrobats perform at the square.

Food Shop
The food shop gets food from the Mill for your housing

Hemp Shop
The hemp shop buys hemp and uses it to provide clothing to your housing

Ceramics Shop
The ceramics shop provides ceramic jars and pots to houses

Tea Shop
The tea shop provides tea which is needed by the highest level common and elite housing

Silk Shop
The silk shop provides silk clothing to your elite houses only

Bronzeware Shop
The bronzeware shop provides bronzeware items to elite houses only during the Bronze Age

Lacquerware Shop
The lacquerware shop provides lacquerware items to elite houses only during the Iron and Steel Ages

The Mill is where food is stored. The more types of food the higher the quality is.

Trading Quay
Each city that has a water trading route with you requires its own trading quay

Trading Station
Trading stations are required for each city with a land trading route that you wish to trade with.

Warehouses are used to store goods and excess food.

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