The Industrial Ministry

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Bronze Smelter
Miners go out from here to dig up copper ore and bring it back to the smelter to be turned into bronze.

Bronzeware Maker
Bronze and clay are used in this workshop to produce Bronzeware which is highly desired by elite housing dwellers in Bronze Age missions

Clay Pit
Claypits must go in areas with a high water table. Clay is dug out and used to produce ceramics, in making bronzeware, and by some monuments.

Iron Smelter
Miners from here collect iron ore and return to the smelter where it is smelted into iron bars.

Jade Carvers Studio
Imported jade is carved into expensive jade objects in these workshops.

Kilns fire clay into ceramics, a basic item needed by most housing.

Lacquerware Maker
Lacquer and wood are needed by these workshops to produce lacquerware, which is used by elite housing in place of bronzeware in the Iron and Steel Ages.

Logging Shed
Woodcutters go out from here to cut trees or bamboo for wood which is required by lacquerware workshops, steel smelters, some types of forts, early tax offices and Confucian academies and most monuments

Paper Maker
Hemp is used to produce paper which from the beginning of the Steel Age starts being used by tax collectors and Confucian academies.

Salt Mine
Salt mines must be built on salt marshes from which they extract salt. It is used in Mills to improve food quality.

Steel Furnace
Miners from here collect Iron Ore which is processed into steel. Wood must also be provided to keep the furnace hot enough.

A quarry worker from here will go and cut out a large stone block which is brought back to the stoneworks where it can produce 10 stones. Stone is used in some monuments.

Raw Silk is woven into the fine silk cloth that is wanted by elite housing dwellers in this workshop.

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