Single Player Cheats in Emperor

To use the cheat codes click on Ctrl/Alt/C at the same time then type in the cheat code as shown below. They must be typed exactly as shown with correct capitalization and spacing.

Cheat CodeEffect
ShutimeAdd 5000 cash to treasury
Gimme GoodsGet free goods in warehouse/mill
IgnoreDesireHouses evolve without needing desirability
I win againWin mission at end of month
Uncle SamTax collectors change into Uncle Sam
Glub GlubFlood
Great HeatDrought
Shake ShakeEarthquake
Black DeathKills all military units
Kill Enemy UnitsKills all enemy military units
Kill Loan UnitsKills all loaned military units
CeramicsForEliteEvery Elite house gets 100 units of ceramics
FunForEliteElite houses evolve without entertainment
HempForEliteEvery Elite house gets 100 units of hemp
SilkForEliteEvery Elite house gets 100 units of silk
TeaForEliteEvery Elite house gets 100 units of tea
WaresForEliteEvery Elite house gets 100 units of bronzeware/lacquerware
Bad WallpaperAll buildings become inauspicious, ie yellow feng shui footprint
Chinese FluOne house becomes infected with disease
SpawnMuggerOne mugger is spawned
SpawnBanditOne bandit is spawned