Xi Wang Mu – Queen Mother of the West

Xi Wang Mu is the Daoist Chinese goddess of immortality, often refered to as the Queen or Royal Mother of the West and rules over the western paradise of the immortals. Very early stories described her as a terrifying tiger-woman who brought the plague, but under the influence of Daoism she became a benign goddess. Later stories have her as the wife of the Jade Emperor.

She is said to live in a nine storey palace of jade in the mythical Kun-lun mountains, near the Lake of Jewels. It is surrounded by a wall over a thousand miles long and constructed of pure gold. The male immortals live in the right wing and the female immortals in the left wing of this palace. In her garden she cultivates the peach of immortality. This peach tree forms only one peach every three thousand years, which then takes another three thousand years to ripen. When it is ripe, Xi Wang Mu invites the immortals to a feast to celebrate their birthday and to partake of the miraculous peach which bestows another lease of immortality.


You must have a Daoist Temple (not just a shrine) in your city to call a Daoist Hero


Jade Carver
Blesses 1 Jade Carver at a time and fills it with raw jade (up to 4 units). This can be an extremely lucrative blessing if you are in need of cash and can sell carved jade at its standard price of 230 or even more, particularly in situations where raw jade isn’t otherwise available or is in short supply.


Daoist Priest


Guilds– Carpenter, Mason and Ceramist
Jade Carver






Speeds up Monument Construction
This works whenever Xi Wang Mu is in the city, she doesn’t need to bless the Monument or be near it. As an approximate the construction time for most monuments will be reduced by about 1/4 to 1/3rd.
She increases the maximum number of workers that can work on a monument at one time, speeds up their work slightly and increases the amount of work they are able to do before they return to their guild.
More details on the effect she has on Monument Construction can be found here.


Grand Temple Complex
Underground Vault

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