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Game Hotkeys

Pecunia has provided detailed information on the hotkeys (shortcuts) available during gameplay.

The following hotkeys can be used in the game and they can save you some time and mouse movements.


Hotkey Description Hotkey Description
P pauses game Home rotate map to north view
[ decrease game speed 10% PgUp rotate map clockwise
] increase game speed 10% PgDn rotate map counterclockwise
R rotate building's footprint Ctrl+F1-F4 set bookmark 1-4 on map
M freeze building's footprint F1-F4 go to bookmark 1-4
space toggle overlay for current tab F5 set windowed mode
Alt+X exit game F6 set resolution to 800x600
Enter start/send chat message (MP) F7 set resolution to 1024x768
arrows scroll map F8 center window on screen
Ctrl+1-5 bookmark company (military) F9 open online help
Alt+1-5 go to company 1-5    
Tabs (press twice for full report)
1 select Housing tab 7 select Entertainment tab
2 select Agriculture tab 8 select Religion tab
3 select Industry tab 9 select Military tab
4 select Commerce tab 0 select Aesthetics tab
5 select Safety tab - select Monument tab
6 select Government tab    
S Housing: see supplies E Entertainment: see all entertainment
K Housing: see walkers L Entertainment: see festivals
G Agriculture: see agriculture N Entertainment: see musicians
T Agriculture: see water table O Entertainment: see acrobats
I Industry: see industry ; Entertainment: see actors
J Commerce: see distribution A Religion: see Ancestral
W Safety: see water Q Religion: see Daoism
H Safety: see medicine B Religion: see Buddhism
Z Safety: see hazards C Religion: see Confucian
U Safety: see unrest V Military: see security
X Government: see tax income D Aesthetics: see desirability
Y Government: see problems F Aesthetics: see feng shui