Game Hotkeys

Pecunia has provided detailed information on the hotkeys (shortcuts) available during gameplay.

The following hotkeys can be used in the game and they can save you some time and mouse movements.

Ppauses gameHomerotate map to north view
[decrease game speed 10%PgUprotate map clockwise
]increase game speed 10%PgDnrotate map counterclockwise
Rrotate building’s footprintCtrl+F1-F4set bookmark 1-4 on map
Mfreeze building’s footprintF1-F4go to bookmark 1-4
spacetoggle overlay for current tabF5set windowed mode
Alt+Xexit gameF6set resolution to 800×600
Enterstart/send chat message (MP)F7set resolution to 1024×768
arrowsscroll mapF8center window on screen
Ctrl+1-5bookmark company (military)F9open online help
Alt+1-5go to company 1-5  
Tabs (press twice for full report)
1select Housing tab7select Entertainment tab
2select Agriculture tab8select Religion tab
3select Industry tab9select Military tab
4select Commerce tab0select Aesthetics tab
5select Safety tabselect Monument tab
6select Government tab  
SHousing: see suppliesEEntertainment: see all entertainment
KHousing: see walkersLEntertainment: see festivals
GAgriculture: see agricultureNEntertainment: see musicians
TAgriculture: see water tableOEntertainment: see acrobats
IIndustry: see industry;Entertainment: see actors
JCommerce: see distributionAReligion: see Ancestral
WSafety: see waterQReligion: see Daoism
HSafety: see medicineBReligion: see Buddhism
ZSafety: see hazardsCReligion: see Confucian
USafety: see unrestVMilitary: see security
XGovernment: see tax incomeDAesthetics: see desirability
YGovernment: see problemsFAesthetics: see feng shui