Emperor 1.0.1 Patch

by Merepatra

The Emperor 1.0.1 Patch is 19.9mb and is available for download (in all released language versions) from here. There are different versions for each language so make sure you download the correct one.

Compatability : Player created Campaigns and saved games from the original Emperor will work in the 1.0.1 version. Campaigns created on 1.0.1 and saved games produced with it will not work in the original version. Because of the major improvements the patch contains Emperor Heaven recommends that all players download the patch and that mission designers use the 1.0.1 version when creating new missions.

Below is an extract from the Emperor 1.0.1 Patch Readme listing the new features and fixes it includes. In a few places further comments have been made by Emperor Heaven staff, these are shown in italics.



The Emperor Jin Wudi bonus campaign, previously available as a separate download, is included.


Twelve new multiplayer scenarios are included, organized into three categories. Here is the list.
More detailed descriptions of each of these missions can be found here

Military Death Match Scenarios:
A Tale of Two Cities (2-player)
The Strongest Dynasty (4 players in 2 teams)

Cooperative Scenarios (all up to 8 players):
Hexi Corridor
Strength Against Oppression

Economic Competitive Scenarios:
Eight Elite Kingdoms (up to 8 players)
Eight Prosperous Kingdoms (up to 8 players)
Naval Trade (up to 8 players)
Securing the Silk Road (up to 8 players)
Spring and Autumn (up to 6 players)
Supporting the Great Wall (up to 8 players)
The Usurper (up to 8 players)

Design Credits:
Anthony Theodorakakos (The Ancient One): Supporting the Great Wall
Dalton Holland Baptista (Lee): Securing the Silk Road
David Stringwell (Stringbags) A Tale of Two Cities
Gloria Jean Carson (JuliaSet) and Vladimir Urazov (vovan): Spring and Autumn
Justin Berka (Windplume): Strength Against Oppression
Kenneth E Finkel (homegrown): Chenhuang
Marvin Roberts (MarvL): Hexi Corridor
Robert Taylor (BobT): Eight Elite Kingdoms, Eight Prosperous Kingdoms, The Strongest Dynasty, The Usurper
Vladimir Urazov (vovan): Naval Trade


1. All monuments other than the Great Wall, Grand Canal, and Underground Vault can now be built in Open Play games.

2. User-created campaigns have been separated from historical campaigns in the interface to start a single-player game.

3. Illustrations can be chosen and assigned to user-created campaigns.

4. Sound files can now be included with custom campaigns. Here is how this is done:

Create audio files in MP3 format.
Place the files in the Campaigns\\Audio folder.
Files should be names as shown here:

Intro briefing without background music
<campaign name>_<miss#>_i.mp3

Victory briefing without background music
<campaign name>_<miss#>_v.mp3

Campaign victory briefing without background music
<campaign name>_C_v.mp3

Intro briefing with background music
<campaign name>_<miss#>_ib.mp3

Victory briefing with background music
<campaign name>_<miss#>_vb.mp3

Campaign victory briefing with background music
<campaign name>_C_vb.mp3

Example: A custom campaign called “The Last Emperor” is created that has two missions. To add voice briefings that are played over top of the default background music, files would be:

  • The Last Emperor_1_ib.mp3
  • The Last Emperor_1_vb.mp3
  • The Last Emperor_2_ib.mp3
  • The Last Emperor_2_vb.mp3
  • The Last Emperor_C_vb.mp3



The ceramics vendor in the market now matches the ceramics buyer.


A crash when a trading station (Lhasa) is placed for a city that either buys or sells no commodities has been fixed.

Crashes in the city of Dunhuang have been fixed.

Crashes using the Break Alliance button are resolved.

Deleting theaters with walkers on the way to a show no longer causes a crash.

Crashes will no longer occur when a fort is destroyed in multiplayer combat.

The game will not crash when a building collapses if the game is at the sprite limit.

A crash during floods associated with ferries has been corrected.


Farm production has been improved to show a better bonus for irrigation, iron plows, and fertile ground.

Fishing quay output is properly synchronized with the position of the fishing raft.


A bug where the controls to two storage yards could be linked has been corrected.

The text is no longer misaligned on the trading station right-click if trading has been terminated.

Trade quantities now reset properly between missions.

The rare situation where the access point for delivery to a trading quay was across the river will no longer occur.

Mills set to Get a commodity should go to the nearest warehouse if possible.

The placement cursor for a marketsquare is now correct over irrigation ditches.

Houses now devolve for poor food quality in all the proper situations.
Prior to the patch once food of a higher quality was delivered to a house the quality would never drop when lower quality food was delivered unless it completely ran out of food. This has been fixed to work as it was always intended to.

Food quality will always go up if the marketplace quality is higher. The degradation of food quality however will depend on the amount of the food being delivered to the houses compared to the amount remaining in the house. It’s not fully averaging, but instead quantizing the ratio into 5 categories.

If there’s a 3:1 ratio (or greater) of shipped food to food-at-house, then the quality of the food at the house will be calculated at (3/4 market quality) + (1/4 house quality)
2:1 – 3:1 ratio of shipped food to food-at-house, the quality is calculated at(2/3 market quality) + (1/3 house quality)
1:2 – 2:1 ratio of shipped food to food-at-house, the quality is calculated at(1/2 market quality) + (1/2 house quality)
1:3 – 1:2 ratio of shipped food to food-at-house, the quality is calculated at 1/3 market quality) + (2/3 house quality)
If the ratio is less than 1:3 the quality is calculated at (1/4 market quality) + (3/4 house quality)


Tax income is boosted in high desirability areas.
Increasing the desirability of the area can increase the amount of taxes that a house will pay. The amount of increase is based on the desirability of the north tile of the residence. For every 10 points higher than the minimum required to maintain the housing level, the basic tax rate is increased 1/2%, up to a maximum increase of 2-1/2%. The desirability tax increase for Elite Housing is limited due to the fact that the maximum desirability value registered for any tile is 100. Full details of how this is calculated can be found in our Taxes and Wages article. Another fix is that tax income is now reduced if the Administrative City has only partial labour.

Scripted cash gifts are now included in the government full report.

There is no longer a sneaky way to build multiple mints/money printers.

Problems with entertainers and military units using ferries have been resolved.

Deletion of a ferry can no longer cause the loss of walkers.


A player’s zodiac selection is no longer affected if a new player is created.

The special New Year’s bonus can no longer be accidentally dismissed.


Problems with two heroes appearing at a time have been fixed.

Sun Tzu’s blessing now works properly.
This blessing now doubles production speed of forts, also forts with only partial labour now work proportionally slower

Mencius’ blessing is now more effective.
Mencius’s blessing now increases the price you receive for goods at blessed Trading Stations/Quays by 30% for 3 months from the time of the blessing (previously it just increased the price for the first good sold after the blessing)

Heroes movement over rubble has been improved.
Heroes will now not get stuck on rubble but their pathing can become erratic when they hit it so this should be watched

Heroes no longer wander to the edge of a map.

Problems with heroes leaving prematurely have been addressed.

Hero blessing auras remain over buildings for the proper duration.


Religious coverage credit is properly awarded in all cases.

Coverage will show as “Not Active” if that religion is not available in a mission.


Problems with monuments being stuck if monument workers are lost have been resolved.

The large palace now properly lists the amount of wood required.

The stone great wall now properly reports the amount of stone used in building this monument.

Graphic corruptions no longer result from rotating the Clock Tower or Pagoda before placement.

Monuments have the proper positive effect on heroes (now matches documentation in the manual).
When a Monument is completed the mood of any Associated Heroes now increases to Exalted and Associated Ancestral Heroes will never fall below Contented.


Rebelling vassals will break off trade (though it can be reestablished if the player befriends them).

On the empire map, flames are now always shown next to a rebelling city.

There is no longer a small time-window (just as a city is started) during which emissaries can not be sent.
You still cannot send emissaries before you place any housing, but they can be sent before the first immigrants arrive.

Defensive aid to an allied non-player city has a better chance of success.


Request for animals can now be satisfied.

The time allocated to send troops in response to a troop request has been increased.

Requests can be satisfied from the city summary.


The error message has been improved if a gatehouse is placed improperly.

The chat font color has been changed to green.

Emissaries now appear even if all messages have been condensed.

Rescue cash from friendly cities appears properly even if messages are turned off.

“Invasion Forces Defeated” message now appears in a condensed form.

The victory goal text is no longer misaligned if the player is a vassal.


Catapults no longer fire at point blank range.

Invaders no longer spend an undue amount of time attacking farms and fields.

Forts properly produce soldiers at a fort that has just been deleted (and then that delete undone).

Enemy units can no longer take shelter inside a smelter.

Destruction of fishing quays by enemy troops no longer corrupts the map.

Military control panel icons appear properly at all screen resolutions.


Spies no longer steal goods in quantities less than 100.


A new help topic for placing gatehouses has been added.


The replay mission feature should now work properly in all cases.

The difficulty level can now be changed when entering a mission that builds on an existing city.

Confucian Academies and/or Elite Housing were added to a few missions to allow Confucian heroes to be gained.

The Buddhist Pagoda was added to the last Han mission.

The use of bronze and steel in the Five Dynasties multiplayer scenario is now correct.

Several problems with elevation changes on individual city maps have been repaired.

A flood is cleared from the map before starting a continuation mission in the same city.


The Open Play system now properly picks up the difficulty setting and applies it properly.


Difficulty levels are now properly synchronized for all players based on the host’s initial setting.

Bridges are now shown on spy maps.

End-of-game scoring for all multiplayer scenarios is properly synchronized between the players.

Boot player works properly and should never cause the game to hang.


Menagerie scoring is now correct.


A list of city maps of arbitrary length is now shown when assigning a city map to a player city.

Campaigns that ship with the game or that are from other users no longer show on the editor’s Open and Save As dialog boxes.

Scripted drought events now work properly.

Survival and time limit campaigns work properly.


The cheat ‘Delian Treasury’ has been removed. ‘Shutime’ should be used instead.

Scores are no longer recorded in the Imperial Record if a player cheated.
If you cheat you will now receive no score in the Victory screen


Right-click on animals no longer makes sound if all sounds have been disabled.

Infections are now cleared from houses in a timely manner.

Feng Shui of houses will not change after placement.

Several minor typos and text corrections were made.