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Tables and Charts

Buildings and Structures

Availability Timeline A Timeline showing when buildings/goods/industries etc become available in Emperor.

Housing Chart The definitive chart on Housing and its requirements.

Industry Production table The Industry production rates and requirements.

Emperor Structures Charts Everything you ever wanted to know about the costs, risks, desirability and much more of every Emperor building.

Housing Consumption Rates Charts Consumption rates of food and commodities for specific housing types.


Military Forts Requirements and manning times for Military forts.

Military Units (Player's) Which kind of troop will do what you need? Hit, Attack points etc for your Military Units.

Military Units (Enemy) The Xiongu are attacking? Hit, Attack points etc for Enemy Military Units.

Bribe Costs of Military Units (Enemy) Prefer to bribe instead of fight? Find out how much it will cost you.


Animals in Emperor Should you be more scared of Gobi Bears or Tigers? Hit, Attack points etc for animals.

Hero Hit Points Which Hero is best to defend your city or attack your enemies? Hit, Attack points etc for Heroes to help you decide.

Walking Distances How far will your water carrier go? Random walker distance chart.

Walker Speeds How fast will your water carrier go? Random walker speeds chart.