Industry Production table

by Merepatra and homegrown

BuildingRequiresUsed ByAnnual Production Yield
Clay PitKilns
Bronzeware Maker
Ceramist Guild
Logging ShedTax Office
Confucian Academy
Lacquerware Maker
Steel Smelters
Carpenters Guild
Varies depending on availability of and distance to trees. Testing under optimum conditions it was possible for one woodcutter to produce 1325 wood from normal trees and 1080 wood from bamboo. Normal trees produce 25 wood per woodcutter’s trip, bamboo produces only 20, but bamboo regrows quicker.
StoneworksMason Guild12
It takes approx 2.5 months for a stone slab to be cut from the ground by the quarryman. It is then taken to the Stoneworks where it is cut into 8 units at the rate of 1 per month. When only 3 are left the quarryman returns to cut a new slab. As long as the Stoneworks are close enough for the quarryman to return to the Stoneworks with the new slab before the last slab is finished then production can be 12 per year.
Bronze SmelterBronzeware Maker
approx 10.6 is possible
This figure presumes that there is sufficient ore close enough to the smelter that it never has less than 100 ore stored and the smelting process never stops.
Iron SmelterWeaponsmithapprox 10.6 is possible
As per Bronze Smelter
Steel Smelter WoodWeaponsmithapprox 10.6 is possible
As per Bronze Smelter
Salt MineMills12
Kiln Clay6
Bronzeware Maker Bronze
Lacquerware Maker Lacquer
Jade Carver Jade6
Paper Maker HempTax Offices
Confucian Academy
Money Printer
Weaver Raw Silk6
MintApprox 10.6 is possible, equivalent to approx. 1066 cash
As per Bronze Smelter
Money Printer Paper6, equivalent to 1200 cash
Weaponsmith Bronze or
Iron or
depending on age

All Annual Production Yields are the maximum and presume a continual supply of any required materials and that all deliveries from the producing building can be made and the delivery man return to his building before the next production cycle completes. If this doesn’t occur production will be decreased.