Availability Timeline

by Merepatra

Newly Introduced Industries etcNewly Introduced MilitaryNewly Introduced AestheticsNewly Introduced MonumentsNewly Introduced Heroes
2100 BCEXia Infantry FortGardens Nu Wa
Shen Nong
Huang Di
1600 BCEShangAcupuncturist
Rice Cultivation
  Temple Monuments 
1500 BCE   Flowering Trees
Wayside Pavilions
Small Sculptures
1300 BCE Bronzeware Maker and Shop    
1200 BCE  Chariot Fort Tumulus 
1045Western ZhouIrrigation Large Sculptures  
770 BCESpring & Autumn Crossbow Fort Temple Complexes 
750 BCE Soybean cultivation    
700 BCE Mint    
500 BCE Confucian Academy
Daoist Shrines and Temples
Sun Tzu
Xi Wang Mu
480 BCEWarring States Catapult Fort
Cavalry Fort
Chariot Forts no longer available
350 BCE    Great Wall Monuments 
320 BCE     Mencius
300 BCE Iron Smelter
Iron Weaponsmith
Iron Plough farm bonus
Lacquer Refinery
Lacquerware Maker and Shop
Lacquerware replaces Bronzeware
260 BCE    Grand Canal 
221 BCEQin  Ponds
Imperial Way
Underground Vault
Grand Tumuli
Grand Palace
206 BCEWestern Han     
9 CEXin     
25 CEEastern Han  Tai Chi Park  
100 CE Paper Maker
Confucian Academy and Tax Office now need paper not wood
Steel Furnace
Steel Weaponsmith
Steel replaces Iron
142 CE     Zao Jun
166 CE Buddhist Shrines and Temples   Guan Yin
220 CEThree Kingdoms    Guan Di
250 CE Tea Shed and Shop    
265 CEJin     
350 CE Theatre Pavilion
Drama School
420 CELiu Song     
479 CEQi     
502 CELiang     
520 CE     Bodhidharma
557 CEChen     
581 CESui     
618 CETang     
629 CE     Sun Wu Kong
650 CE   Private Gardens  
900 CE Money Printer    
907Five Dynasties     
960 CENorthern Song     
1088    Clock Tower 
1127 CEJurchen Kin