Emperor Units

by Merepatra
images courtesy of Norahs2000

Acrobats from an Acrobat School perform at the Market Square or Theatre Pavilion. They are destination walkers.
“Spinning plates, hoops to dive through, tables to balance on, we’ve got it all”

Actors come from Theatre Schools and perform at Theatre Pavilions. They are destination walkers.
“Come watch me at the Pavilion. It’s bound to be another marvelous performance”

Acupuncturists travel around your housing areas providing healthcare to your citizens. They are random walkers.
“The energy flow along this city’s meridians is exquisite”

Announcers travel from your Market Square or Theatre Pavilion announcing what shows are appearing there. As they pass the housing it gets Entertainment coverage for current performances. They are random walkers.
“Lute and flute, gong and sheng. Go, see the performers at the Market Square”

Bandits will rob your citizens and may appear in your city if people are unhappy
“Heaven helps those who help themselves. We will overthrow this repressive government”

Beggars are a symptom of a city with problems.
“This city has so little food that my beggar’s bowl goes empty and my chopsticks have nothing to pick up”

Bronzeware Buyers buy bronze from warehouses and take it back to their shop in the Market Square. They are destination walkers.
“I’m the biggest fan of bronzeware. The nobles are finding it truly collectable”

Buddhist Monks wander your housing areas providing spiritual guidance in Buddhism to the houses they pass. They are random walkers.
“Living in this city is close to Nirvana”

Carpenters work on Monuments in your city.
“Thanks to my handiwork, this monument fits together tight and right”

Cart pushers Cart pushers deliver and collect food and goods between industries/farms/mills/warehouses etc.
“It feels like I’ve been pushing this load uphill all day. The higher I go the harder it gets”

Ceramics buyers purchase pottery from warehouses and return with it to their shop in the Market Square. They are destination walkers.
“Oh, I have suffered great pains paying so much for such ordinary pots”

Ceramists work on Monuments in your city.
“My descendants will be very proud of my work on this Monument”

Confucian scholars teach your nobles about the wisdom of Confucius as they pass Elite houses. They are random walkers.
“A wise and virtuous ruler such as ours will never lose the Mandate of Heaven”

Dao priests bring the teachings of Daoism to your citizens as they pass their houses. They are random walkers.
“To work without effort is the way of the Dao, but how can our people attain the truth of non action when our leader provides no work for them?”

Delivery Carts move goods between industries, warehouses and trading stations.

Diseased walkers come from diseased houses and can infect others. Meeting a herbalist will stop the spread of disease.
“I will welcome a swift painless death”

Diviners passing your housing give it coverage for Ancestor worship. They are random walkers.
“The people have not been paying proper respect to their ancestors. Our city may suffer misfortune”

Emigrants will leave your city when conditions are bad or when there is not enough housing for all.
“The markets have no food to buy. I’ll just move back to the country and raise my own food instead”

Emissaries are sent by your Administrative City to other cities throughout China to negotiate on your behalf.
“Departure time is always exciting. I only hope to return with my head on my shoulders”

Farmers tend the fields and provide food and hemp for your city.
“I hope the harvest ends soon so I can rest”

Ferry Sampans allow people to cross wide rivers.

Fishing boats head to fishing grounds where trained cormorants dive for fish.
“Quite a load of fish today, the cormorants were busy”

Food shop buyers collect food from the Mill for your housing. They are destination walkers.
“Many people are depending on me for high quality meals. I sure hope the Mill has enough supplies to fill my order”

Guards from Watchtowers provide protection against unrest in your city. They can also catch spies and are random walkers.
“You will rue the day you ever set foot in my city, motherless dogs”

Hemp shop buyers buy hemp from a warehouse which is then turned into clothing for your people. They are destination walkers.
“Those folks at the hemp farm are a bit odd, but if they keep me well supplied how can I complain”

Herbalists wander your city, providing herbs and health care to your people. They are random walkers.
“It pains me to see so many people in such ill health”

Hunters seek out prey animals on the map, kill them and bring them back to their hut from where they go to the mill.
“Pheasant, pork, venison, whatever delicacy the Imperial dining room requires I will provide it”

Immigrants arrive in your city to fill housing vacancies.
“I feel uneasy about moving to a new city” “You worry too much, I think we’ll prosper here”

Inspectors pass buildings and provide them with protection from risk of fire or collapse for a while. If fires do occur they can put them out if they arrive in time. They are random walkers.
“I love fires. I was born in the year of the Dragon after all”

Laborers move dirt for the construction of Monuments.
“This project is going to be the death of me”

Loggers cut down trees or bamboo to provide wood for your city.
“One of these days China is going to run out of trees”

Marketboys follow the Food shop buyer, carrying baskets from the mill to the food shop.
“I hate working in the family business. Maybe I should just run off and become an acrobat”

Masons do the stonework on Monuments.
“They wouldn’t know which end of the stone is up without me”

Miners dig up Copper or Iron ore for Smelters and the Mint.
“I know just where to find the richest ore in the district”

Muggers are undesirable citizens, found in cities with unrest.
“It may not be a pretty town but it keeps me busy”

Musicians travel from the Music School to the Market Square or Theatre Pavilion to perform. They are destination walkers.
“You look marvelous in your festival robes my dear” “So you noticed? At least I don’t sing like a rooster with a sore throat”

Nobles live in Elite Housing and can be found idly wandering the streets.
“I don’t know what the lower classes are complaining about” “We’ve got plenty of food in our pantry after all”

Peddlers collect food and goods from all the shops in your Market Square and head out to sell it to your houses. They are random walkers.
“I sell, you buy, you buy”

Silk shop buyers purchase silk from a warehouse for use by your Elite Houses. They are destination walkers.
“Oh the weavers have really outdone themselves this year. I must hurry before there are no more bolts of silk left”

Spies collect information about other cities and can perform acts of sabotage. In Multiplayer they can also gather maps of other cities for you.
“Time for another secret mission for the Master, I shall not fail”

Stone quarriers dig out large blocks of stone which are then taken to the Stoneworks where they are cut into smaller blocks.
“This is hard work, hard as stone”

Tax Collectors travel through your housing areas collecting taxes for the Government. They are random walkers.
“You all know its better to give than to receive, especially to me… I mean to your Government”

Tea shop buyers purchase tea from warehouses which is desired by those living in your best housing. They are destination walkers.
“My customers demand only the finest, hand picked, hand roast Oolong tea”

Traders carry their loads on Camels, Oxen or Donkeys and head to their Trading Station to buy and sell goods.
“Its been a long dusty road but I’ve finally arrived to unpack this heavy load”

Trading Junks arrive at Trading Quays to buy and sell goods.
“The trip up the river was dull, we’re ready to go into town and have a drink”

Water carriers walk past common housing delivering fresh water. They are random walkers.
“I’m not feeling too well. I hope its not something I drank”