The Ancestral Shrine

Emperor’s History Section

by GillB

The wonderful pictures are courtesy of Jayhawk unless otherwise attributed and portray China and Tibet. Thanks also to Jayhawk for creating most of the maps.

Welcome to Emperor Heaven’s History Section.

On this introductory page there is a table of the Chinese Dynasties. Due to the huge size of the country and its turbulent history, these were complicated and often overlapped. This seemed the best way I could show the Dynasty time-line.

If you click on any of the Dynasties’ names, you will be taken to a brief outline of its history and achievements, together with how it is portrayed in the game (in italics).

The Dynasties of China

Xia Dynasty 2100 BC to 1700 BC
Shang Dynasty 1700 BC to 1027 BC
Western Zhou Dynasty 1027 BC to 771 BC
Eastern Zhou Dynasty 770 BC to 221 BC
Spring and Autumn Period 770 BC to 476 BC
Warring States Period 475 BC to 221 BC
Qin Dynasty 221 BC to 207 BC
Han Dynasty 206 BC to 220 AD
Western Han 206 BC to 9 AD
Xin 9 AD to 24 AD
Eastern Han 25 AD to 220 AD
The Three Kingdoms 220 AD to 280 AD
Wei 220 AD to 265 AD
Shu 221 AD to 263 AD
Wu 229 AD to 280 AD
Western Jin Dynasty 265 AD to 316 AD
Eastern Jin Dynasty 317 AD to 420 AD
Southern and Northern Dynasties 420 AD to 588 AD
Southern Dynasties 420 AD to 588 AD
Song 420 AD to 478 AD
Qi 479 AD to 501 AD
Liang 502 AD to 556 AD
Chen 557 AD to 588 AD
Northern Dynasties 386 AD to 588 AD
Northern Wei 386 AD to 588 AD
Eastern Wei 534 AD to 549 AD
Western Wei 535 AD to 557 AD
Northern Qi 550 AD to 577 AD
Northern Zhou 557 AD to 588 AD
Sui Dynasty 581 AD to 617 AD
Tang Dynasty 618 AD to 907 AD
Five Dynasties
Ten Kingdoms
907 AD to 960 AD
907 AD to 979 AD
Five Dynasties:
Later Liang 907-923; Later Tang 923-936; Later Jin 936-946; Later Han 947-950; Later Zhou 951-960
Ten Kingdoms:
Wu, Southern Tang, Wuyue, Chu, Min, Southern Han, Jinnan, Former Shu, Later Shu, Northern Han.
Northern Song 960 AD to 1127 AD
Southern Song 1127 AD to 1279 AD

There is also a series of articles linked to various items in the Dynasty histories, expanding on things mentioned in passing. This is a list of them to date, together with links: